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Weiland gets his own label

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CMU reports:

Former Stone Temple Pilots’ frontman Scott Weiland is a busy man. In between fronting Velvet Revolver, the band that brings together much of the original Guns ‘n’ Roses lineup, working on a second solo album and compiling a greatest hits album for the Pilots, Weiland has found time to launch a new record label.

A joint venture with Interscope the new label, Softdrive Records, will officially arrive on 14 Oct with the release of a new album from the reunited LA rock act Campfire Girls. Weiland encouraged the Campfire Girls to reunite in late 2000 and produced their new recordings at Burbank, the recording facility Weiland shares with collaborator Douglas Grean.

Talking about Weiland’s record label venture Grean says it has been set up “in an effort to find and nurture great new artists.”

The Stone Temple Pilots best of will be released in the US on 11 Nov via Warner label Atlantic. The debut release from Velvet Revolver is due in the New Year via BMG label RCA.

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About Marty Dodge

  • Scott Weiland is a man with many lives. He has been given the opportunities that most rock and rollers dreams. He has gone from being Eddie Vedder’s lap dog to be in position to be the greatest frontman of his generation. What Scott needs to do is to focus and accomplish these endeavors and make them last and be fruitful. Velvet Revolver is a last chance at greatness, a redemption of broken promises left behind by both STP and G’N’R and the like. A good chance at some real rock and roll for a change. The kind we are used to. Not this sidestep music by talented bands that are annointed to be successful by us ‘the fans’ only to turn their backs and shrivel at the first sight of success(ie. Pearl Jam and Radiohead).The kind that all the majors are wondering where to find after it’s let their back catalogs die. The kind that that the majors and now some independents are letting drift because of the refusal to develop artists properly. The promotion machine for Velvet Revolver is on full throttle right now and is much anticipated. Even if he doesn’t see it; Scott has alot riding on this one. Best of Luck….