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Weezer’s Make Believe: A Review As It Happens

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I am listening to the entire Weezer album here, and reviewing it as I listen to it for the first time (this is being written on the fly, so pardon any writing errors).

Beverly Hills – You’ve all heard/seen this by now. Rivers’ ode to being the odd man out. I think many, many Weezer fans can identify with the sentiment within. That the band managed to make the song infectious and fill the video with babes will make this one a chart topper.

Perfect Situation – good song, catchy, but almost expected, in a weird way.

This Is Such a Pity – bleh. Not liking it. Leaving me feeling dead inside, like I’d rather be washing my hair or digging crumbs out of the couch, anything but sitting here listening to this.

Hold Me – melancholy, yet pretty in the way Only In Dreams was.

Peace – right now this is my favorite. It’s sweeping and emotional and plaintive and I imagine a million teenagers will be singing this one with their headphones on in their darkened bedrooms, little emo tears running down their cheeks.

We Are All on Drugs – this is the next single. made for radio. Read into that what you may.

The Damage in Your Heart – it’s just…Weezer. Can’t explain it further than that. It’s a typical Weezer song and when you listen to it you think that Rivers is the world’s oldest teenager.

Pardon Me – I’m getting bored with the album now. I imagine that if one were to listen to the album several times in a row, the songs would all just blend into each other. The beauty of the Blue Album and Pinkerton was that each song seemed different than the next and not just a continuation of the one before it. I’m not feeling that here, nor am I feeling the fun that was on the Green Album and Maladroit. Ok, I like the end of this song, the way it builds up and lets go.

My Best FriendYou’re my best friend and I love you. Gack. Insert finger in throat. I will not be singing this one in my car with the windows down. Despite the fun guitar in the middle of the song, it makes me feel way too Partridge Family to enjoy it. I wonder if he’s singing to himself. After reading the Rolling Stone interview with Rivers, I can only conclude that he is his own best (and only) friend.

The Other Way There’s hand clapping in this one. I hate hand clapping in songs. I’m bored with this one, too. On its own, it may be catchy and peppy and hit radio friendly, but when listened to as part of this album, well, it’s like looking at one of those hidden pictures things in Highlights Magazine. Is that a tiger? No, it’s a leaf. Wait, it’s the tiger!

Freak Me out – I like this one. Oh, yikes, there’s a harmonica. I think I just like the idea of singing, man, you really freak me out, man you really freak me out….it’s got a surreal feel to it. Much better than the pop fest of most of the other songs. This will be one of my favorites.

Haunt You Every Day Weezer really knows how to end an album. This one is going to be my favorite. I swear, it’s this one. The words are good and Rivers sings them with the strange passion that made Say it Ain’t So and Only in Dreams give me chills. This is the one that will not make it to radio, but will be the one that older Weezer fans hit Repeat on.

So, I like about half the album. It’s no Blue Album, but nothing in the history of rock, past or present, will be. It’s just OK, on first listen. I think Make Believe is going to be one of those discs that grows on me after several listens, but it’s also going to be skippable, meaning there will be several songs that will get the NEXT button treatment.

As an aside, I think Rivers should give it up. It feels like he doesn’t want to do it anymore and rather than be the Rickey Henderson of the music world, he should just go into seclusion now. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes an eccentric recluse, anyhow. Why not get an early start?

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  • Weezer’s performance at Coachella was a lot like your review of this record – it started out kinda cool, they were solid, no doubt – but about halfway through, it started getting dull. Everything’s too humorous or distant, or something. I got bored.

    The little emo kids were going nuts, though, and the girls were screaming “Oh, Rivers!” Maybe I’m just too old for it?

  • I like this record. It could have easily been a couple songs shorter but I think it’s still a fairly solid release. Their 3rd best in my book…

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  • Forgot to mention got it on the day before release date, so yeah.

  • Britts

    I am poor so I am currently downloading the album song by song. I have three left. I am uncertatin about it. It is better than Maladroit though. I will give it that. The more I listen to Maladroit the more that I really like it. I think it will be the same with Make Believe. Individually though it is pretty good and long awaited. I am not as dissapointed as I was with Maladroit. I love Perfect Situation and Freak me out. They are fresh and catchy. I do agree with My Best Friend. What horrible lyrics. The music is fine but come on now. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up in another Mary-Kate and Ashly movie. The Damage in your Heart is a classic Weezer-like song. I want to blow my brains out while listening to This is Such a Pity!! That song sucks too. So yeah. Overall it will probably be number three on my Weezer ranking.

  • el travos

    This record is a huge disapointment. I will admit that it will likely grow on me over time. But I really feel like it is one of those albums that I will not listen to in a couple of years. They hit their artistic peak on Pinkerton and didn’t even know it.