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Weezer, the Muppets, and Inter-species Sexuality

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Note: this post originally appeared at stevesilver.blogspot.com on 9/5/’02. The original post can be accessed here.

Back in one of my college film classes the professor, a noted expert on the period known as “Pre-Code Hollywood,” brushed off a silly description someone had given of some forgotten B-movie by stating that “inter-species sexuality is something that the Hollywood Production Code probably would’ve frowned on.”

Upon hearing this I immediately thought of the 1985 film “The Muppets Take Manhattan”- yes, it ends with an historic frog-pig wedding (likely the first and only in motion-picture history), but what really struck me was the subplot involving the endearing but ultimately unconsummated flirtation between Kermit the Frog and “Jenny” (a human female), and Miss Piggy’s bitterness and jealousy over the matter. While of course the Hollywood Production Code was long gone by the ’80s, I can understand why Henson & Co. would be skittish about human-frog intercourse – though why is it considered acceptable for Kermit and Miss Piggy (who are of two species just as different from one another as frogs and humans) to not only romance each other for decades, but eventually join in holy matrimony?

Fast forward to 2002. The sex-between-humans-and-talking-animal-puppets taboo has been shattered numerous times on television and in movies, most notably on the now-canceled series “Greg the Bunny” and in numerous bits involving Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (just tonight, Triumph was seen in a music video violating J.C. Chasez of ‘N Sync).

There’s even something called the “furry” movement that’s starting to creep out of fetish circles and into the mainstream (at least, among those who read Savage Love.) I’d like to think, though, that even after Jim Henson’s death we can still count on the Muppets to maintain their innocence, and not go off screwing around with people. But I guess I counted wrong because now even the Muppets have been corrupted.

In the new video for the Weezer song “Keep Fishin’,” the band has graduated from “Happy Days” to a performance on “The Muppet Show” – until drummer Pat Wilson is kidnapped by Miss Piggy and tied up in the back, apparently as a prelude to some kind of sexual assault.

This is highly problematic for several obvious reasons: Miss Piggy is not only committing those crimes in addition to kidnapping, but she’s also committing adultery, as she is presumably still married to Kermit. And worst of all, human-muppet sexual contact is hinted at, until Wilson thankfully escapes and rejoins the band (replacing Animal, who had sat in on drums). I’ve always been strongly against censorship in entertainment, but such a thing is a good argument for the return of the Production Code. Hell, if there’s ever a Lieberman Administration, you can count on it.

More on Weezer here, and here.

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  • You’re obviously not supposed to think of such muppet activity in that way.

  • zh

    well, uhm, yeah. . .
    weezer.com is kind of pissed at you for this
    come on, its a freaking music video, theres no need to get your knickers in a twist. i dont think any of that went into consideration before filming the video; that’s pretty in-depth.
    i think it was just an idea that mr siega had, i dont think he was sitting in darkened rooms, rocking back and forth methodically, thinking, “i’m gonna freak out some people with inter-species sexuality. . .heh heh.”


  • cait

    dude pat was kidnapped by ms.piggy and u better not be dissin =w=!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seven




  • JT

    Here’s a great example of someone trying to overintellectualise a subject to impress all his friends. If you’re really worried about inter-species relations, the Island in the Sun video would be of much greater interest.
    And don’t knock the Weez.

  • Andrew

    Come on dudes, this is a joke. And weezer.com was surely more amused than offended.

  • mymommasmasonjar

    Thank God, Andrew. I sure hope that most other Weezer fans have a better sense of humor than those who’ve posted. This is a joke, people.

  • WzrColeman2

    Hahahaaha. This was one funny ass article! Why would someone waste their time? Oh well….

    Rock on

    Coleman from the boardz….

  • realmeanmotorscutor

    Wow you guys are idiots. This is a joke for Christ’s sake. Thank the ever lovin’ Lord someone else understands that.

  • definitely a joke. plus, the symbolism of pat using the lampshade was far more subversive to our culture’s foundation than mrs. piggy. The intentional “blinding” of oneself to avoid the emotional trauma of sexual abuse is a real problem. plus, where was rolf on some keyboards? are we racist against the brown dog? is it because he is darker than the rest of the muppets? plus, because he plays piano as opposed to guitar, he is obviously gay, another apparent reason for his exclusion.

    as we can clearly see, bestiality is the least of our problems here.

  • aznrockstar

    dot com boards rulez

  • gravy

    heh heh , i like muppets. heh hehe

  • janet Ponce

    Muppets are made out of fabric…from someone’s imagination. They’re not real-
    =w= on’

  • gravy

    heh heh , i like muppets. theyre yummy. heh heh

  • Tighler the Great

    um, speaking of fag…

    quit it dude.

  • Eric Olsen

    You guys crack me up.

  • Ally – beet red sinner on the .com boards…

    cool! amusing article, dude. im so stoked. heh heh. i agree about the whole rolf thing – do we have some racism and homophobia goin on down? its also true that the island in the sun video is extremely relevant to this discussion. have you *seen* rivers kissing that chimp? and brians practically humping his for chrissake… those cute, dirty dirty =w= boyz…

    =smsms= sexy mofos support muppet sex

  • πŸ˜€

  • Hey everyone, check out this site, it’s got some really cool stuff on it as well a few things Weezer. Don’t forget to sign the guestbook…

    Charlie Page

  • By the eay, the link is http://www.itsthego.vze.com

    Stay cool!


    Charlie Page

  • i had a good laugh!


  • nicole

    “Pat Wilson is kidnapped by Miss Piggy and tied up in the back, apparently as a prelude to some kind of sexual assault.”
    “And worst of all, human-muppet sexual contact is hinted at”



  • um…you are the only man in this world that thought that video has sexual content. for the most part, people are smart enough to realize the difference between a Muppet and a human. for one thing, im pretty sure muppets dont have sexual organs, and if they do, im sure they dont fit in/on/around ours. another thing is, the Muppets are puppets, they already have some ones hand up their butt controlling them, if anything has sex, its the muppeteers own actions. last, the Muppets are purely and nothing less than a children show, sex would never be tied into them except in your sick perverted mind. loser

  • Spencer

    I’m glad there are still some Weezer fans out there who have an intelligent sense of humor. All of you loyal Weezer fans who immediatly went defensive and jumped to Weezer’s aid need to develop a sense of irony. Satire is a lost art in this society. =W=. rock on.

  • um…you are the only man in this world that thought that video has sexual content. for the most part, people are smart enough to realize the difference between a Muppet and a human. for one thing, im pretty sure muppets dont have sexual organs, and if they do, im sure they dont fit in/on/around ours. another thing is, the Muppets are puppets, they already have some ones hand up their butt controlling them, if anything has sex, its the muppeteers own actions. last, the Muppets are purely and nothing less than a children show, sex would never be tied into them except in your sick perverted mind. loser

  • andi23

    not only is miss piggy married to kermit, pat is married too. lol. this is funny. besides though, kermit looked like he was making moves on rivers. haha i crack myself up.

  • caitlin

    chill out freaks.it was just a video.it wasn’t an ‘adult’ video.

  • Katie


    You seriously have problems.
    What’s next, Barney is a petifile?
    Bert and Ernie are gay? Elmo and Grover are in a Gang? It’s a f@#$*ng puppet!!!
    No, it doesn’t really f@#$ like you might be thinking. You see, it is an inatimate object.

  • Mike

    Ok, lets all admit, we’ve wanted to boink a muppet a few times in our lives. There was something somewhere where some guy was confessing to being sexually attracted to the female hippie muppet, Jordan was the name i think. Where the hell did I see that? Long story short, wanting to have sex with inanimate animal puppets its a natural and healthy way of life. But use a condom with Rolf. That dog is a whore. I don’t care what he tells you, he’s been around everybody’s block a few times. (ps I’m joking..except somewhere that thing about some guy saying he was hot for the muppet Jordan did happen, but I am 95% sure that was a comedy or something..someone tell me what it was from).

  • zaneta

    some of you people that posted replies to this need to chill out. this article was obviously a joke, but the seriousness with which you read it reflects society very well – they/you take everything too seriously.
    and yes, weezer.com was definately more amused than offended. karl and the band do have a sense of humor. they aren’t going to be frazzled by some joke-article on the internet. kudos to the person who wrote this article.
    rock on

  • agasef

    mike is completely right chill the fuck out. how can people be so fuckin NOT-open minded. dont jump to fuckin hostile conclusions fuckin retards. its a fucking joke and the guy is right. piggy is a polygomous bitch. do u think this guy wants to start some national movement against muppets.

  • Weezinese

    I love how Agasef tells eveyone who responded to the article to not be hostile and narrow minded and then procedes to call us all “fucking retards” and Ms. Piggy, a made up character for a comedy show, a “polygomous bitch”. Very humorous. Who did you say needed to “chill the fuck out” again? The article is a joke, continue laughing at it if you will, but please dont take it too serisouly, and don’t chastize others who do if you don’t. It is possible to comment on something or share your opinion with out being a total ass. πŸ™‚

    =w=eez out

  • bwahahahahhahahahaaha.

  • life and construction

    you’re not special…all you bloggers are thr same in that way. i rest my case

  • karl selm

    weezinese, just calm down, quit quoting swear words,
    you need to realize that you need some serious help, just close your face.
    take a deep breath and close every hole in your face.
    keep it together, and chill out. everyone, just cool out

  • chrispy88

    Do you think you’re better than me?!

  • c


  • RiversiswatchingU

    Haha! That’s great. Some of you people are taking it waaaaay to seriously. It made me laugh, it made you laugh, and I’m sure it made Karl laugh.


  • =w=


  • LOL!! This post is so old… n ppl are still commenting on it!!

  • I love Rivers!

    haha! That article was so hilarious, but it’s true,only a sexual person would talk and think sexually about damn muppets. And they do already have a whole hand up their ass.haha!


  • Gonzo’s Girl

    No! No! Gonzo don’t listen to them….Our relationship IS real!

  • Well, going further than the other enlightened posts that realize this article is “a joke,” I’d like to say that it is also a classic and wonderfully written piece of satire. You learn to spot and appreciate things like this in college literature classes.

  • cardhandy

    oh shut up weezer.com is not pissed.

  • Pacman

    HAHAHAHAHA WOW!!!! and maybe the tital “keep fishing” is some sort of sublimanal message and when played backwords premotes inter racial mumpit sexiality. HAHAHA I have to congradulate this guy for a haleriosly funy article that was of the weezer and just incase he was for real what a messed up loser!. hahahahah man that dude must really like weezer alot to watch the video alot for that to pop into his head gggg that was great HAHAHA. Yo and =weezer is my favorite band. (hmmm this could make a preety funy hidden track on the 5th album)

    this was off the weezer and =w= is to

  • Shinji Ikari

    Woooooooo! That made my night. Very great humouressness. It may sound to be echoing a lot of other ppl, but yeah guys settle down.

    To quote David Bowie:
    “She tore down Paris on the tail of Thom Paine
    But the left wing’s broken, the right’s insane”

    Gotta find a middle ground ppl. Though I’m more inclined to go with the left on this one and say that it was a great joke and its great to see that satire is still alive and kicking, even if spike milligan is dead.

  • David Bowie freaks the crap out of me.

  • Tony

    I understand that its a joke and all but come one!! Its this kind of shit and overanalyzing that actually happen in real-life and start some pretty fucked-up “revolutions”. Why can’t we just lay back and take it for what its worth and enjoy the art of art, and not the “art of satire”?? O well, I just only pray that this was a joke. And if it is real, dude, you really need to get a life and stop overanalyzing stuff (Hopefully you dont analyze this hard after you take a shit).

  • =W=MeLiSsA=W= B.

    That article was hilarious…gave me a good laugh. I mean, Kermit, having a frog to human relationship, thats funny stuff. And of course the mention of weez made it all the better. Weezer rocks my socks…


  • Flossie

    woop woop!

    anyhoo, i think the muppet/ human relations between pat and miss piggy should not be any business of ours. what they do in private is their own business πŸ˜›

  • vespertine

    some joke….not even a good one….and you guys are just a bunch of assholes who like to pick on people anonomously(may be spelled wrong, may be spelled right….really who gives a damn)…you suck. =w=

  • Josh Forman

    Dude, Bert and Ernie ARE gay. They tell me these things on CNN.

    And what about that muppet with AIDS? That was the result of your Barney romping the closet with that muppet.

    Jim Hensen created a literal and figurative mad-house, while Weezer jumped the bandwagon of promiscuosity con Muppets.

    I agree 100% with this article, I love this article, and I love all you. Please, join me in putting socks over our [hands] and pretending to give them a voice!


    Josh Forman.

  • Josh Forman

    Elmo is in the “Cut off arms tank-top” gang.

    Aka, The wifebeaters club. Essayyyy.

  • “I understand that its a joke and all but come one!! Its this kind of shit and overanalyzing that actually happen in real-life and start some pretty fucked-up “revolutions”. Why can’t we just lay back and take it for what its worth and enjoy the art of art, and not the “art of satire”?? O well, I just only pray that this was a joke. And if it is real, dude, you really need to get a life and stop overanalyzing stuff (Hopefully you dont analyze this hard after you take a shit).”


    Beautiful response. Beautiful meaning, “you just proved yourself to be the moron you set out to be.”

    You could’ve just said, “Stop..saying..stuff” to make your point stand. Thanks.

  • Michael

    JEEZ… Weezer are a bunch of geeks (God bless them). Sexuality?! No… but maybe you’re just a sexualist… so uh… THERE.

    =\ /\ /=
    \/ \/

  • I wrote this. Yes, it was a joke. And yes, I am a Weezer fan. Thanks for reading.

  • Eric

    I was looking for some way to weed out the ‘green album generation’ of fans from those of us who stuck with the band through years of Smash Mouth and Dave Matthews Band. However, I go to bed empty tonight knowing that there are people in this world stupid enough to believe that Mr. Silver was actually concerned about Muppet-Human relations. These are the same kids that buy clothes at Hot Topic. Wow, when did I become such an ass?

  • Homeless BOB

    i support the guy that wrote the article, it sure takes some thinking to see all that madness.i salute you. all the people who wrote in replies are idiots, go outside and play some sports instead of reading things like this, you kids are such jerks…..go get some love…i can’t do any of that because i am a 390 pound 41 year old man that isn’t allowed toleave my house because my mother won’t let me. she has me on a short leash..
    i’m a loser…you don’t have to be…but you are.
    fuckin lame ass pillow biters you all are… i wish i was…….. :^(–( )

  • Eric Olsen

    This just gets more and more interesting.

  • I hope to god you’re kidding… I’ve heard everything from bling-bling womanizing to drug and alcohol content to violence listed as a reason for censorship… but I never thought I’d ever hear anyone calling for censorship based on the frickin’ muppets… seriously, dude, check your meds. I think you need to up the dosage.

  • Steve, I’d like to problematize this issue further. The degree of transparency in most Muppet TV and Film texts is rather low, that is, the audience is aware that the Muppets are, indeed puppets, rather than animals themselves. I believe Jim Henson productions has made no attempt to disguise the fact that Miss Piggy, et al, are not flesh-and-blood, but foam rubber-and-fabric. I’d go so far as to suggest that part of the appeal of the Muppets is that they signify “pig” or “frog” without looking like the actual critters themselves.

    This creates a certain degree of semiological intedeterminacy: when viewers watch this “Weezer” video, do they percieve Miss Piggy as a real member of the porcine family or as merely a puppet representation of a pig? I’d suggest the latter, which leads me to suggest that this video is not a depiction of bestiality or “inter-species intercourse,” but a manifestation of plushophilia, the sexual attraction to plush stuffed animals. Obviously this video is wish fulfillment on the part of its auteur, since plush animals lack the agency to tie up and otherwise molest human beings.

    The agency of puppets is purely an illusion, as puppets cannot act without a human’s hand shoved up their backside or other tools of manipulation such as strings, wires, or sticks. Perhaps the scene of Miss Piggy tying up the “Weezer” is particularly disturbing since it inverts the traditional power relationships between humans and puppets; the puppet is controlling the human rather than the human controlling the puppet. I assume that a muppet did not direct this video, since, as I mentioned before, muppets lack agency, so I wonder if this is a clever masking of the hegemony of humans in human-muppet relations, perpetuating the myth that the power humans hold is somehow legitimate.

    I suspect much of the negative feedback that you are receiving to your essay is a conservative reaction on the part of your readers. When readers say things like, “You’re obviously not supposed to think of such muppet activity in that way,” they are perhaps denying the force that humans exert when relating to muppets.

    I would like to further explore the phallic consequences of shoving one’s hand up the back of a Muppet, but I have a term paper on another topic to write.

  • casey

    i hope you are happy you asshole. the muppets are an addition to the video to make it a better experience. Its way better than all the other lame ass videos out there. It takes a person with no life and no sence of decency and sence of humor to write an article like this. Why do you have to read into it soooo much? You must ahve spent a few days conjuring up this peice of shit story. Thats a few days out of your life that you are going to want back someday. You could have been doing something productive, but you had to deface the good nature of a great band. People will read this and think less of them and t will be all of your fault. You should be ashamed of this piece of trash you call writing and you should be fired.

  • aphrodite

    Wow this definately made my day……
    Not only waz the article funny, but the comments definately are hilarious!!! People who this is a serious matter, CHILL OUT!!! wow

    But this could seriously offend someone.. what if they were ACTUALLY in a relationship with a muppet?? that would be scary!! whatever

    =w= forever

    ROCK ON!

  • Yea…..Id have to say, If you take this seriously, it like your trying to suck up to weezer. And its not like weezer is reading your post. Plus, your being attacked by weezer fans for your post. What a waste. Just don’t say anything….

  • Just because your having some problems in your life doesn’t mean you have to go searching for your confusing thoughts on music vidoes and targeting innocent bands that have no threat towards society but to entertain and express themselves. Get a life or better class report.

    =w=Fan for life

  • kevin

    fuck this, weezer are the best fuckin band in the world. there is not one song of theirs’ that isn’t good. so fuck this article!

  • CORPORATE ROCK STILL SUCKS!!!!!!!! All you Muppet-humpers need to get out, get some old Pavement and Superchunk records, and listen to the music Weezer ripped off, instead of this bland, derivative crap the music-industrial complex is narcotizing you with. Stinkin’ corporate whores gettin’ upset about Weezer. Sheesh.

  • Eric

    Pavement is shitty. Superchunk… also shitty. If you’re so anti-corporate, which computer are you using? Which web browser? What about your stupid clothes and the lame care you drive? YOU are a corporate whore just like the rest of us. Stop this elitist bullshit and come to terms with the fact that Pavement just rips off Rod Stewart and REO Speedwagon. Rock over London. Rock on Phoenix. G.E. – We bring good things to life.

  • Malli

    Leave Weezer alone. They rule! πŸ˜€

  • me

    i think all of this is the stupidest, sickest, thing i have ever read…to the people who thought it was funny and the people who freaked out about it…i love weezer, and this…this is just dumb

  • Baa Baa Black Sheep .comz

    I like Weezer.

  • As I remember it, in the movie “The Muppets Take Manhatten”, Miss Piggy and Kermit were only married during their broadway show… therefore Pat and Miss Piggy would not have to worry about adultery.

  • Shinji Ikari

    David Bowie is the man(Or woman, depending on how you remember him)! How can he freak you out Adam? Are you……conservative?

  • Rusty

    The Muppets aren’t real, kids. In fact they are far less real than they used to be, since the Jim Henson Company is on the brink of bankruptcy. Read the EW story about its sad, sad decline. As for Miss Piggy, she was a fun character once but the dimwits than ruined – sorry, run – the JH Co. are now using her for the same sad lame stupid sexist man-hungry woman jokes that had whiskers when my great-grandfather first heard them. As for a “frog-human” romance, this too is evidence of how desperate the JH Co. now is to grab a grown-up audience. They actually think it’s “cutting edge” and “adult” to try to imply that Kermit’s bonking a human. Why this is stomach-turning while a frog/pig romance is endearing – Dude!!! Kermit and Piggy are both animals. Fantasy animals that represent human types. People have never been bothered with them hooking up, in fact most people WANT it to happen. Don’t you kids cry about Weezer. The band’s not the one on the run.

  • Charity

    I heart Tighler the Great.

  • Duckman

    WOW. Let’s hope this guy never makes into the Christian Coalalition huh?
    There just muppets and Weezer is just a band having fun.

  • You know, in 1729, this guy named Jonathan Swift proposed that the Irish eat their babies to keep from starving or further burdening the dwindling resources of the country. I think the majority of you Weezer fans upset by this 9 month old joke need to give it a thorough reading.

    Scary, the lack of comprehension.

  • Spriggit D. Fingerpig

    Goodness me! This topic has certainly generated some heated discussion.

    I think everyone has missed the most critical point entirely, though. There is something here that needs to be considered, thoughtfully, carefully, and thoroughly. What is that something, I hear you ask?


    Yes, scurge of mupppet-humpers everywhere. Foam may squash well, but rubbing against it for protracted periods of time leads to a horrendous case of foam-burn. It’s like carpet-burn, but more insidious; it lets you think everything is hunky-dory, but then after fifteen minutes of porking miss Piggy or rogering Rolf, bam! Foreskin like slice of ripe tomato in your Whopper. It’s raw, it burns, and it makes you wish like hell you had used the J-lube, or at least a condom. If you think getting a regular pig wet is hard, just you wait until you try miss foamy-twat Piggy.

    Even Kermit laments this; needless to say, only 99% of our frog friend is green. The remaining 1% is red, and raw, and bleeding. He’s been mistaken for Jewish on numerous occasions as a result.

    So, remember girls and boys: Foam-burn. The silent scourge.

  • Eric Olsen

    SDF, hilarious if vile, I won’t ask how you know these things

    Steve Silver, where are you?