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Weezer bin album…

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CMU reports that Weezer are not happy with end of results of recording for their next album.

Weezer have scrapped all the recordings they have been working on with producer Rick Rubin. The band went into the studio in Dec to start making their fifth album. But according to Rolling Stone the band have now started afresh with engineer Chad Bamford, with Rubin acting as an adviser. Despite the set back, the band still hope to have the album out before frontman Rivers Cuomo heads back to Harvard University to resume his studies in English Literature next month.

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  • This isn’t meant to be a critique of your post, but I find it funny how all the news feeds are reporting this as being some very recent development. Even Pitchfork (which is generally pretty good about their news items) just reported this yesterday, despite the personnel change being announced on August 17th on the band’s own website.

  • Matthew Johnson

    Also, the album isn’t going to be “out” before Rivers heads back to Harvard. They are hoping to complete the album work before he goes back with a release sometime in the new year. A quick read through weezer.com would have told you that.