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Weekly BlogScan: Michael Jackson Trial, Blog’s-Eye View

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You’ve got to admire a man who makes a decision and sticks to it. Prometheus 6 asked himself months ago, “Should I say something about the Michael Jackson trial?” His answer: Nope. But elsewhere in the blogosphere, others have not been so restrained.

The popular Ken Frost über-blog has a single-topic focus on the trial. Ken Frost’s commentary is fairly even-handed, but it seems obvious that he’s digesting the nuances from other writers’ Jacko-postings. Paige McDermott of The Michael Jackson Case Blog, on the other hand, posts her own emotional reactions to the news of the day:

So all that I have gathered from all this “adult material” evidence is that Michael Jackson likes smut. OK, but that’s not what he’s on trial for. Let’s get back to what the trial is SUPPOSED to be about: child molestation. I’m still waiting for the prosecution to “blow (me) away” with some overwhelming evidence of Jackson’s guilt.

At News Hounds, where they ” watch FOX so you don’t have to,” they decry the fact that Fox’s Big Story spent five minutes on the Jackson trial and none on Tom Delay. Fair enough, since of 29 comments to the post, only four mention Jackson&#8212mostly to quote approvingly the opinion, “Many of us stopped caring about Michael Jackson when the 80’s ended, so his value as a distraction is low…” That’s not the case at Julie’s Place, where we learn that her friend Morgan dragooned her grandmother to take her to the courthouse so she could get some pictures for her blog. Michael drove in too far away, so she didn’t get the snapshots she wanted&#8212but she did meet four fans, three of whom “flew in from Europe!”

Saddam Hussein on witness stand.
  Hussein to testify. Photo: Llanelli Scar.

Under the posted hazard sign “Danger: Caustic” at Llanelli Scar‘s blog, I found the scoop of the month: a surprise witness who had known Jackson for years, and visited him regularly at Neverland during the 80s. “I even knew him when he was black and had a nose.” This witness’ testimony is expected to be a setback for the prosecution, since he is on record saying, “At no time did I see my great friend, Michael, sexually assault any boy that visited him. I did see some boys being fed to the guard dogs because they had been naughty, but that is normal behaviour, where I come from”

The Mail & Guardian Online. “Africa’s first online newspaper”, weighed in with fashion and makeup commentary a few weeks ago, noting Jackson’s English regimental medals, rainbow of armbands, and other oddities of dress,

…culminating in the wardrobe malfunction to beat all others: “Pyjama Thursday”… Jackson had left home without fixing his face. His skin, lacking the usual white pancake, had an orange hue. Unexpectedly, it made him look more normal than usual.

A really unique look at Jackson himself comes From the Desk of Dion C. Detterer: Michael is a “Fi” type in the personality-test range of “Fe Fi Fo Fum.”

Putting aside current allegations and controversies, Michael Jackson is an obvious Fi type. He doesn’t want to accommodate the community’s attitudes&#8212no, his vision is a lot bigger than that: he wants to “Heal the World” itself!
Pushed to the limit, Fi denies the reality and/or positive utility of any concept that distinguishes people based on innate traits. We aren’t men and women, but only humans… This is in direct contrast to extreme Fe and its tendency towards drawing up the map into “us” and “them.” To Fi types, there is no “them” — just artificial constructs that need to be removed. [Emphasis mine.]

The Breaking News blog’s Michael Jackson Trial Watch reminds us that Ms. Rowe is not the only witness to have stymied the prosecution’s expectations. Flight attendant Cynthia Bell and Jesus Salas, the pop star’s former house manager, were both due to testify that they had seen boys given wine; each then testified under oath that they had not seen any such thing.

My “Amen, brothers!” final word goes to Gordon Smith of American Samizdat, whose OJPTSD* reaction to trial coverage rang an instant accord in me. Smith gives a link to the media contact list, and urges us to write. His own brief note is a fitting comment on the circus in Santa Maria.

While our fighting men and women risk their lives daily, while great injustices are perpetrated by governments and economic entities, while ordinary citizens are doing extraordinary things every day – your news organization is devoting and preparing to devote an absurd amount of time and energy in covering the trial of a former pop star.

I urge you to offer news that will help us to grow as a nation. Act as if you were offering a public service. We’ll watch. If you wallow in sleaze, you’ll be ridiculed and less relevant in the serious debate about America’s future.

OJPTSD: OJ [Simpson] Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, right, Gordon?

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  • nick

    Bob Jones was also supposed to say he had seen some head licking, but he said such a thing never happened !

  • Eric Olsen

    VERY interesting, thanks DrPat!

  • I was totally surprised by how many blogs were NOT talking about MJ. This topic draws more “drive-by comments” than reasoned (or emotional) posts.

    Many more blogs have sidebars with links to the news-service stories; but few have their own original writing on the subject.

    Maybe it is because Michael Jackson, as the King of Pop, is not a subject…

  • I haven’t got one word on the Jackson trial on my blog. As I see it, it’s already overexposed enough. I did do one article on the Peterson trial, though.

    But hey, if MJ will drive traffic to my blog maybe I should spew out a bit of lunacy on the subject.


  • My speciality blog, “The Michael Jackson Trial” is written from firsthand coverage of the trial on location in Santa Maria for KNX Newsradio, Los Angeles. It’s at http://knx.typepad.com.

    Since cameras aren’t allowed, I’ve cut a deal to use on courtroom art by Bill Robles along with photos I take of the fans and goings-on outside. And on big days, I stream audio of the legal analysts who are here covering the trial and some of the production pieces I make for KNX.

    There’s a lot of detail that going down that wire service accounts can’t get to. That’s what I’m after. It compliments the 15 stories a day I file for KNX, live from the trial.

  • I still have the K-N-X 10-70 News Ray-dee-o-oh jingle stuck in my head from years of commuting between Santa Ana and El Lay…

    My blogscans are never all-inclusive, and we have plenty MJ-focused readers here, so thanks for posting your blog link.

  • Well, giving in to the pressure to be popular I have now written my one and only Michael Jackson article and put it on my blog and here on BC. Enjoy it if you dare – What Circle of Hell is Reserved for Michael Jackson?


  • -E

    I haven’t mentioned the Jackson trial once on the internet before now. Why? Because honestly it is none of my business. It is only in the media because he is famous. I think there are much much more important things to be focusing on. And quite honestly his case is none of my business and as far as I care the court can decide his guilt or innocence and that’s that.

  • nick

    That is a very wise comment 🙂

  • Eric Olsen

    Michael L, now that you are a member we’d love to get any of your reports here as well.

  • Mihos

    “We see what we are capable of seeing. This trial isn’t about the person, but about the ideas he represented. This trial is about culture and the views it allows.

    Satisfied with the entertainment he provided, We never commented on those ideas. Because we never saw the value of those ideas, we now can’t see the bigger picture and the steps taken to control our view of that bigger picture.

    This case starts in ’90 and continued in
    ’92. This case merely builds on the impression created then.”

    Acme made a very good point here.
    The latest testimony appears highly damaging to the defense notion that Jackson is innocent.

    I wonder how many people have really thought about that notion. Im pondering
    this from a human understanding context.
    If possible, can we please leave hyperbole out of the dialogue?
    I will refrain from returning a flurry of bigot posts. My contention remains that the prosecutor Sneddon and COurt TV cabal suffer from prejudice of the racist form.
    Most bloggers are innocent perpetuators of presuppositional bias for or against.
    Now I would like to travel to the realm of equal as in attempt to enter into the
    realm of objective perspective from a human understanding position.

  • No, man, this trial is really about whether or not Jackson did the things he is accused of doing. All the cultural, racist, MJ-hatist (or -apologist) stuff is interpretation, and it has value in this forum.

    It has none in the trial, however, and we all would do well to remember that. Doing otherwise leads to profound depression if the jury’s verdict differs from your own opinion.

  • apple

    I am deeply hurt that society thinks that Michael Jackson couldn’t possibly be a child molester just for the simple fact that he is a great entertainer and he has lots of money…to me that is even more reason for myself to believe that he could be the child predator that they say he is… he has the means to get what he wants and the means to pay for the continued stupidity of his entourage. I, for one am not blinded enough by his stardom to believe that he didn’t do it. I have worked for Chris Tucker, Neil Smith of the formerly Denver Broncos, been on tour with Savion Glover who is in fact a wonderful guy who deserves everything good that was ever put before him, I have seen an innocent Brandy chase Wanya of Boys to Men around a California music studio while her parents were there but pretending not to see what was going on, been to numerous parties and the swankiest night clubs and hot spots from the East to West Coast and have been in close cahoots with P-Diddy peeps when he was Puffy and the list goes on and on I have been on drug deliveries for stars and delivered women to stars. My point being is these people are people. They do things and their entourages cover up for them for fame and fortune and sometimes for the simple pleasure of being seen with them. I do not feel sorry for Michael Jackson one bit. He should burn in hell for stealing the innocence of young boys just like Brandy’s mom should have put a stop to whatever was going on with her young daughter and Wanya, she could have taken some lessons from Aliyah’s parents. To the parents of the children whom Michael Jackson did molest, pimping of children should be an equally serious crime as child molestation. I may seem angry because I am. I have been raped when I was four years old. Everyday of my life I have to convince myself that what happened to me wasn’t my fault (this mantra I still use in adult life) and that I am worthy of love that is non-sexual and love that does not contain abuse and ill-feelings. And thank the God in heaven that I have learned right from wrong or it could very well have been me that is sitting on trial because of a sick gift that was passed on to me from a sick man like Michael Jackson. That seems to be the forgotten point here in this trial. The real victims. The children. The real victims.