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Wedding Party vs Evanescence

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When I first listened through the new Evanescence cd, “Fallen”, they reminded me of someone. All of the comparisons I’ve read have been to Linkin Park because of that one song where there a guest rap vocals. But Evanescence never reminded me of Linkin Park. It had to be someone else. Everyone said Evanescence didn’t sound like anyone else.

They were wrong.

Evanescence has some goth-sounding undertones to their music. Strengthen those goth sounds, have better percussion, and add another main vocalist who’s male and you have Wedding Party.

Wedding Party would make a good soundtrack to the Lord of the Rings trillogy. They have that symphonic sound with thundering, marching percussion perfect for the war scenes. Then they have “simpler” songs where it’s just a piano or guitar and a female voice singing.

Wedding Party would not appeal, however, to the mainstream culture the way Evanescence does. The more extreme music would be too challenging for a market that wants everything sugary and poppy. Personally, I like Wedding Party better than Evanescence.

Most people will not have to make a choice, though. Wedding Party’s only cd came out in 1998 and is unavailable now. But if you run across some mp3s somewhere, please check them out.


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  • The Evanesense song on the radio is way overrated. Some people are cumming in their pants over it…save it kids. There are better bands.

  • Ironhorse

    Just so you know… Wedding Party’s “Anthems” is available for sale at http://www.hismusicplace.com for $15.99. Check it out!

  • espero que te guste

  • Russ

    As someone who grew up listening to all the different types of bands from the 60’s, Evanescence fills some of the void that I am missing. They do not need a lead male vocalist, Heart made it great with female vocals only and many other bands did too. They have a great flow of music in their songs, not the constant repetition of many other groups. Many of us do not need an overpowering booming bass to make our license plate holders rattle! They remind me of The Moody Blues in the flow of the music. There aren’t many groups out there anymore who can have many of their songs played from just one of their albums. That is why Carol King and Elton John and the Mama’s and the Papa’s, to name a few, have lasted so long. Some of these artists don’t get played much anymore, but are still a big influence on writers of good music of today. Oh well, I guess I am to old to understand why Outkast won instead of Evanescence, all I know is what I like.

  • Hi… My name is Rodrigo Mallackart, I’m brasilian and I’m crazy about Wedding Party.

    But there are only 3 lyrics at the CD and I can’t find the others on net!

    Could you help me out?

    Thanks, anyway!


  • Chris

    I just listened to Anthems again (Wedding Party’s 1st and only CD). There are a lot of similarities, but nearly all ‘light to medium’ goth bands sound alike to me. No band is completely original. Except maybe Primus.

    Wedding Party sounds like a cross between nearly any goth band and Rush.

    Their sound is also unrefined, not knocking them, they just could have used a good producer / engineer. Too bad they didn’t go any further as a group.

  • darin


  • Lily

    Evanescence all the way for me!!! Like the best 3 songs are evrybodys fool sweat sacerfice or hello, but bring me back to life is realy good to so they rock!!!!!!!!!