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Website Review: SecurityManagement.com

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SecurityManagement.com has long been a resource to security personnel in many countries, and for a number of reasons. Their news updates and articles cover a wide field, but has been spared of the one-sided IT security focus that seems to prevail on most other security sites. Despite its name, its content is geared towards both management and ground level security people, which has made it available not just to the "pencil-pushers", but to the uniformed guard at the door as well.

Fact is that Security Management is a publication by ASIS, one of the world's largest associations for security professionals, making the weight of the publication and the website increase significantly.

When taking a second look, however, does it really do any good? Is the information it presents really useful, or is it simply rehashing topics we already know about and don't need more information about?

The answer seems to be that there is never enough information, plain and simply, and no knowledge is useless knowledge. Some topics in security are difficult to stay on top of, and some topics simply slide off the radar as it is shoved into the background by new technology, new hypes and new methods. SecurityManagement.com seemingly tries to get a handle on this problem, but let's start with the basics first.

The first impression is good, but rather dull. It's a simple web page, without any heavy flash applications like those that have become so popular in recent times. There are no CPU- and bandwidth-straining videos on the front page, though there are quite a number of commercials. These are tolerable, however, since they are relevant and mildly interesting.

The daily headlines and morning news brief features are very visible, and will provide the daily reader a good update if it's actually there — some days it seems to be missing, for some reason or other. The fact that it's actually not even there some days makes you wonder a bit about the seriousness of the whole thing, but when it pops up, it does a good job of informing quckly, which is what a "brief" should do.

The overall first impression is a simple, on-topic website that is somewhat cluttered and inconsistent. The information is there, but it's not always easy to find, since the search function has a number of filters that are not easily applied, and the unfiltered results can be somewhat confusing. Maybe it just takes some practice – I don't know.

The site is divided into several sections, among them a largely neglected forum, which with more PR could have become a formidable resource to security professionals and laymen alike.

The conclusion is, for now, that SecurityManagement.com is a well operated site that could use some pushing from ASIS, with noteworthy news and reporting but a cluttered and somewhat messy impression. For security professionals, however, this site is recommended daily reading — that goes for both the guard at the door or reception desk to the manager in his 14th floor office.

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