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Website Review: Minti.com

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Minti is a new website, basically meant to be a repository for parenting advice, by parents for parents. I don’t know of any other website that tries to cater to this “parental advice” segment and so it’s refreshing to see the first of its kind with this sole purpose.

The website has a very “minti” fresh look. You need only register if you want to post articles, but you can read them all without signing up. Registration is a breeze, though, and takes less than a minute. One can write an article, assign tags, comment on articles written by other parents, rate articles, print them, and e-mail them to anybody that you think might find them useful. Every article you write gets you points, and you are given a rank in the Minti world and a certain number of votes (on the articles you write) gets you a virtual medal.

There are different categories by which you can find the most popular advice, most searched advice/tags, basic statistics on the site (number of members, most popular advice, etc.), all of which is very helpful.

I looked up a few articles and most were written by the founders as the site (still in beta) is only a couple of days old. With more participation from other folks, this should grow.

Improvements needed (in my humble opinion): 1) Providing an RSS feed would be very helpful; 2) categories for advice would be needed once the database of articles grows. Using tags, one can achieve this, but what if I don’t know what a ‘tag’ is? 3) It would be really neat to take some of these advice articles, print them in a nice template, and give that as a gift to expectant parents. So, templates would be helpful. I did not see any mention of legal problems around doing this.

Bottom line:

  • If I were looking for some particular advice, I would simply Google for it. Unless there is some added value in going to Minti, why should I?

  • I would not dismiss Minti so easily. I would keep an eye on them and if it gets to the point that they start to provide more value than a simple search on Google, I would start to use them.
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  • Thanks for reveiwing Minti 🙂
    We have added RSS, categories are not far away, and we may consider some type of print edition in future.
    — Clay Cook
    Minti Co-Founder

  • jess

    This review was written ages ago… And I would just like to say as a Minti Member I love it… It is addictive…

    I have found a lot of advice that has helped me and my son over the first couple or years since he has been born and I am sure that there is still plenty more that will help me in the future..

    Also you get to meet some great people and all the advice comes from personal experience. So you could always find some one who has been there before you.. And if not then you can write up advice yourself and maybe you can help some one else…

    It is a fun place to be, and very informative…