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Website Review: Jazzy Models

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There are few places on the web for black models. A few years ago, there were even fewer. Tommy McInnis of Colorado made it happen, and thus the website Jazzy Models was born.

The process to get in is rather simple. You submit a photo to Tommy, who, if he approves, provides a small page with a few choice photos. Any additional information (Yahoo groups, email, web pages) will be placed below those photos as sort of a nice business card.

The key to the website’s success is that it’s not over-designed. Its design is simple enough to navigate for the average user and is much easier for industry contacts to browse through. Should the model in question wish to meet industry contacts and/or just introduce him- or herself to potential viewers, there is a message board called Jazzyville.

As part of Jazzy Models, the message board serves as a place for Tommy and industry contacts, as well as regular folks, to mix and mingle with models. This interaction breaks down the “don’t talk to me” attitude that most seem to have about models. You can also acquire a job by visiting the posting section.

Give the site a look and check it out for yourself. It might look average, but the low-key design and overall friendliness of the message board more than make up for it. Besides, where else can you conduct business with pretty girls and talk with them about the basketball game at the same time?

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  • One of the models is called Envy – cute name for a model :->