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Website Review: House M.D. Guide

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I’m a spoiler junkie.

There, I said it and I’m not ashamed of it. I never buy a book without reading the end (yes, even whodunnits and romantic triangles) and I never flinch from the words “spoiler” and “alert.” I don’t usually inflict it on other people, although I have been known to occasionally get my jollies that way, especially when a certain best friend is involved. What can I say? I’m sick.

If, upon reading the above, you –

  • Shrank back in horror
  • Have no sympathy, much less understanding
  • Lack a variation of my obsessive gene

this might be a good time to exit this page. If, on the other hand, you understand the urge to –

  • See what’s next
  • Know how it all turns out

and most importantly,

  • Love the show House

then this is precisely where you ought to be.

Set up by the same folks who created the West Wing Continuity Guide, a repository of all things The West Wing, comes the House M.D. Guide.

Unlike the boring House page on Fox’s website, which could learn a thing or two about keeping fans happy from ABC, the House M.D. Guide has all the things that a good show site should have and what it doesn’t possess, it is perfectly willing link to.

In the matter of an Episode Guide, for example, they can hardly better Fox’s blow by blow summary. Instead, they couple a barebones version with links to trivia, alternative episode summaries on other sites, and quotes.

Taking the innovative spirit a step further, they use quotes to explain each character and his/her relationship to House in addition to brief bios. If there is something more you wish to know, there is a FAQ section as well as a Search section.

Fun stuff includes a short comparison of Gregory House with Sherlock Holmes [the parallel which inspired the owners to create the site], little known factoids about the show and its cast [did you know Hugh Laurie wrote a book?], and real world timelines. In merchandise, you can buy the first season for 30% off and no shipping charge – an offer that doesn’t seem to have overwhelmed the visitors to the site by all accounts. Not to forget the Spoiler section which is my favorite part.

It also taught me a few things about terminology amongst the House obsessed. The three junior doctors, for example, are referred to as “cottages” because they are “little houses.” This leads to interesting lines such as, “House is missing a cottage here because in this episode, the cottage is the POTW.” A POTW, by the way, is not a “Prisoner Of The War” as my puzzled brain suggested. It stands for Patient Of The Week. One more thing about the dear little cottages – they are sometimes known as “the ducklings.” Why? Because they follow House around like a little troupe after the Mama Duck.

And in case you get lost in the vast world of the Guide, look up their Recommendations and they’ll tell you just what to look out for. Still not satisfied? Why not join the forum or help them out by writing a blog about the things that still remain unanswered on their site? They have a list and they want you. In fact, they have just about everything but the one thing that the Fox website lacks as well – some of those cunning little teasers one has become accustomed to on ABC while trying to get a little Lost or Grey’s Anatomy fix.

With The West Wing going off the air in May, I can only be happy that my new obsession found favor in the eyes of the people responsible for so many spoiler happy moments in my life.

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  • Diane Kristine

    It is a good site even for those of us who don’t want to be spoiled – it always warns before you’re heading into spoiler territory, and it’s always a click away so you can avoid if you want. I use it to easily find the list of episode writers, so I can tell that the same guy who wrote Sex Kills did Humpty Dumpty, for example. The Fox official site is terrible for that – their news releases and site don’t even mention the writers.

    By the way, “ducklings” was a name given early on to House’s team by a doctor who posted on the Television Without Pity boards, while “cottages” is what the TWoP recapper decided to call them.

  • Thanks Diane, I came to House late and i’m still discovering stuff. I dont know why so many sites look down on writers. Someone pointed out the other day that you can’t search on netflix, for example, by writers. Television without Pity’s great too!

  • house fan

    i am mad when web sites have the name of the up comingshow and then have no info on it tell the day it’s on that does not help a house crazed fan like me you know what i am saying?thanks for having a GOOD web site thanks a bunch