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Website Review: Hobnox Beta

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Hobnox is a flash-based online entertainment/media creation and publishing platform. The site offers tools that allow you to create and publish your own media content, all online and for free. Particularly noteworthy is the audiotool, which is a virtual music studio. The audiotool gives you access to a mixer, 3 synths (including drum machine and bass), and 14 effects pedals. If you don’t know your way around this equipment, there’s a video demonstration that’s infinitely more helpful than any written manual. Currently there is no way to save what you create (aside from going through your computer’s sound card), but that feature is on the way. Once you’ve created something (and have the ability to save it), you can store it on Hobnox, or publish and license it.

Then there’s the livetool, which lets you broadcast video. Once you’re a member, you also get your own blog and access to the community library that consists of sounds, videos, and images that you can remix and use in your own creations. The (currently largely German) community and the ability to list in and check the events calendar are also worth noting. You can watch and listen to media created by other members (and partner sites) in the Channels area.

Hobnox is special in that it levels the playing field, giving those who wouldn’t normally have access to this kind of equipment the tools they need to both create and publish their creative works. It’s still too early to tell exactly how far the site will go, but if it continues on as it is now, it could become a large presence in media creation and publishing, and will certainly be an invaluable resource to many.

Hobnox is currently in closed beta, but you can still sign up to receive an invite.

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About Angie Pardue

  • Angie, thanks a lot for the nice review of hobnox. We really appreciate. As you said, we’re still all busy working on numerous features – some of them being critical and some of them being ‘standard’, but I guess you can tell in which direction this is going. Feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to have more detailed information. Cheers, David/Hobnox

  • Thanks, David! I’d love more details. Contact info?

  • Hey there Angie. Hope this finds you well, it’s been a while. Just wanted to give you the heads up that the new version of the Audiotool is online now, recording your tracks is finally possible.

    We recommend the Drum n Bass preset
    All the details about the new version in our blog.

    Hope you’ll enjoy…

    We’ve got a lot more going on, let me know if you want me to send you an email…

    Cheers, David