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Website Review: Godiva Chocolatier

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Godiva Chocolatier is the extraordinaire of quality fine chocolate. Godiva chocolates are made from fine, high-quality cocoa beans that give Godiva chocolate the smooth, creamy, and satisfying chocolate heaven that we have all come to love.

Godiva is the premier chocolate lovers place to browse and shop for quality chocolate and provides a chocolate guide to Godiva’s signature chocolates, chocolate Godiva recipes, business gifts ideas for chocolate lovers, and information on Chocolatier Magazine.

Easter is Here at Godiva

Easter is April 8th, 2007 and Godiva Chocolatier has your entire Easter basket gift giving needs.  New for Easter at Godiva Chocolatier are the “New Easter Delights Easter Basket”, the “Chocolate Spring Lollipops,” and the “New Enchanted Easter Basket.” The “New Easter Delights Easter Basket” features a cute little bunny rabbit with floppy ears surrounded by delicious Godiva chocolate. 

The “New Enchanted Easter Basket” is simply enchanted with a rich and creamy chocolate bunny that comes with a butterfly gift box filled with chocolate. The “Chocolate Spring Lollipops” are uniquely shaped into flowers with your choice of dark or milk Godiva chocolate that will simply melt in your mouth. Godiva offers expedited and overnight shipping to service all you last minute shoppers, so hurry before all of the chocolate bunnies are gone.

What’s New at Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier features three delectable chocolate delights. My favorites are the “Dark Chocolate Mint Chocolixir,” “Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels,” and the “Temptation Truffles.” The “Dark Chocolate Mint Chocolixir” is a minted, limited edition of dark mint chocolate pieces combined with a rich dark chocolate flavor. This wonderfully chocolate drink can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

The “New Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels” are crunchy salted pretzels smothered in dreamy dark or luscious milk Godiva chocolate that makes this combination of salt and sweet mixture a delicious treat. The “Temptation Truffles” are smooth chocolate truffles with two of the most scrumptious new flavors – Milk Chocolate Mousse covered with Milk Chocolate and Black Cherry covered in Dark Chocolate. I cannot wait to sink my teeth in both of these cocoa delights.

Godiva Chocolatier is full of information on the history of Godiva as well as an opportunity to create a recipe box so you can save and rediscover these chocolate pleasures in your own kitchen. Be sure to check out their feature recipe – “Fluffy Milk Chocolate Ganache Strawberry Charlotte.

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  • Godiva ain’t bad, but stack it up against Leonidas from Belgium, and I’m afraid it falls over, unstacked…whatever that means.

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  • I love this cookbook. It has some of the best things in it.