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Website Review: FoodNetwork.com Martini Party — Martini Anyone?

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FoodNetwork.com features everything you need in order to give the ultimate throwback Martini Party on their "Party Ideas" tab. The popularity of the martini was boosted most by the ever-so-dashing and debonair James Bond and is probably the most famous drink in the world. FoodNetwork.com introduces various party tips and martini recipes to make your cocktail get-together the talk of the town.

What would a party be without the original drink of choice? FoodNetwork.com presents original martini recipes that will get any party started right. The “Classic Gin Martini,” “Classic Vodka Martini,” and the popular “Dirty Martini,” are featured to top the party list. They are shaken and served to perfection. The exotic martini recipes get honorable mention and can be included in the party mix for added appeal. My personal favorites are the “Passion Fruit Martini,” “Frozen Mango Martini,” and “The Crantini.” These recipes are martinis with a twist and can be served shaken or stirred. The “Passion Fruit Martini” is a delightful mix of cranberry, passion fruit, and cherry juice with just the right amount of vodka to create a very sweet, smooth, and tasty fruity drink. The “Frozen Mango Martini” is deliciously wonderful served in a martini glass that gives a yummy kick to your usual martini.

Foodnetwork.com suggests scrumptious finger foods and tempting bite size hors d’eouvres to be served at your Martini Party, known as “lounge snacks.” The “Kicked up Stuffed Olives” and the “Spicy Cocktail Nuts” are some of the favorites that FoodNetwork.com offers that will sure to get praise, or you can make a meal with the numerous “toasts” and “handheld/one-biters” recipes. My favorites are “Cheese Quesadillas with Fresh Guacamole” (anything topped with fresh guacamole will have me coming back for more) and the mouth-watering spicy Cajun “Louisiana Crab Cakes with Corn Relish.”

Whether you are entertaining for a crowd or just a few close friends, FoodNetwork.com has got you covered. Throwing a Martini Party could add a new, interesting, and different twist to the same old cocktail party idea.

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