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Website Review: Client Revolution

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The Client Revolution blog is written by Jay Shepherd, principal of the Shepherd Law Group (SLG), a firm that has successfully abandoned hourly billing. The information provided here is designed to assist law firms, their clients, perspective clients, and associated businesses interested in restructuring standard legal industry billing practices.

He explains that, historically, there has been a conflict between law firms and their clients that is built into a cost-plus pricing model. In this new era of legal firm marketing, perspective clients are actually going to let you know when they are ready to engage by initiating the call. When they do call, the conversation won’t be way down the road. They’re going to be ready to enlist your services. You aren’t going to have to win them over.

Shepherd states that the main reason lawyers are different is because they believe they are different. The ideology that law is a profession, rather than a trade, is guild mentality that “leads to arrogance, and a failure to focus on client’s needs.”

Considering the changes occurring in today’s business climate, clients want more “bang for their buck” and are demanding to see value from their lawyers instead of billable hours. He goes on to explain that legal advice is about the only product where you have to agree to purchase it before you know what it’s going to cost.

This blog is all about reversing that trend. SLG (a Boston firm that fixes a company’s workplace problems) hasn’t billed hourly in over two years. Shepherd is extraordinarily honest about the needs and expectations of his clients, and the inadequacies and/or misconceptions of the legal industry. Accordingly, the subject matter of some of Client Revolutions recent posts include Nickel-and-Diming Your Clients, One Blawg’s Primer on “Alternative Billing”, Why Competing on Price is a Losing Strategy, The iPhone Law Firm?, and Five Steps to Killing the Billable Hour.

Client Revolution also provides books and links that illustrate the industry’s movement toward client sensitivity. Their parent firm, SLG, recognizes that the parameters of doing business in the United States are drastically changing within today’s economic structure. In conjunction, client and consumer concerns have taken the forefront of their operations. This interactive platform provides information on how to restructure standard legal industry billing practices, explains why SLG feels it’s important, and provides support for likeminded individuals in the legal business.

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  • This sounds like a great trend. Medicine is the other product that we agree to pay for before we know the cost. But we have insurance where we kind of pay ahead to temper the cost. Maybe they will be affected by this too.

    In the commerce of paying for lawyers and doctors, as with other systems, greater predictability (known costs) will allow us to make better choices and decisions. The fact that we need legal and medical advice or help does not mean we are incompetent to make the valuation of how much they are worth to us.

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