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Website Review: A New Comedy Website, Funny or Die!

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Will Ferrell and Adam McKay do some funny work and they’ve recently collaborated with Michael Kvamme, an aspiring young comedian, to create the website Funny or Die. It’s a huge catalog of videos from people around the country, some trying to be funny and some actually succeeding.

It is, essentially, a YouTube for comedy only. Individuals and groups perform sketches, write very short films and upload here to get attention. So, since we all waste time on the Internet looking for funny or bizarre videos, Funny or Die is another site to add to the list.

The videos range from twenty seconds to fifteen minutes and they are submitted by anyone who can upload video to the site. Additionally, Will Ferrell has made a few contributions and so did Brooke Shields. After viewing the video, you can rate it — two words appear in the lower left corner of the player: Funny, Die. You click whichever one you think it deserves. After 50,000 votes of “Funny” a video reaches Immortal status.

Once you zip through a simple registration process, you’re able to rate and you can upload your own video. That’s actually a simple process as well. The entire website is really very easy to navigate; the videos play quickly and easily.

They aren’t categorized extremely well. There are, of course, the Most Viewed, Most Discussed, and Top Rated categories. Also, Ferrell, McKay, and Chris Henchey (another of the founders) offer their “picks.” Other than that, you just click through the pages and find an interesting video. There are keyword links on each video, directing you to similar videos or others by the same producer.

Some of the productions are cheesy, amatuer home video; some are spiffy and professional. If you find some you really like, you can check out the creator’s profile. There are comedy troupes and individuals; some have their own websites where you can find more of their work.

Note, please, there are no ratings on the videos. Although there is a request on the upload screen that the videos be free of obscenities, that perhaps just refers to blatantly pornographic material and is not a barrier to skits on masturbation and drug abuse or raunchy language.

It will be interesting to see how this website competes with YouTube and other video sites. Funny or Die is a pretty straightforward site for seekers of comedy only. If you want attention and feedback for your standup or your skits, upload a video and listen to the ratings and comments. If you’re bored at work, watch Will Ferrell argue with a two-year-old. Or not.

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  • JW Deal

    Problem with Funny or Die is their comment section doesn’t work with Safari, and also they removed the very funny vid with Andy Griffith doing the 2008 Obama ad.