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In the early days of the Internet, web sites all looked pretty much the same. Choose a site at random and you would find a hierarchical structure consisting of a "home" age and one or more secondary pages.  In 2004, the term "Web 2.0" was coined to include new, more interactive sites that fostered a sense of community.

Weblogs constitute the most popular and widespread manifestations of Web 2.0. Unlike a traditional, structured web site, a weblog (or "blog") allows for and encourages communication between the web publisher, his/her readers, and between readers.  Most weblogs encourage comments, whereby readers add thoughts to the blog editor's articles, or ask questions.  There are a number of free or almost free weblog platforms – WordPress and Moveable Type are two of the most popular.

Weblogs also contain built in data streams called RSS Feeds.  An RSS feed allows the content of a weblog to appear anywhere a reader desires – in an RSS Reader, on a personalized iGoogle or My Yahoo page, or within the pages of another blog. An interested reader can subscribe to a weblog, consume the content however he wishes and never actually visit the weblog site again.

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