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Webisode Review: Mortal Kombat-Legacy – Episode Eight

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The Mortal Kombat games have hosted an extensive roster of characters over their long history, but, arguablly, there have been two fan favourite mainstays appearing in every main Mortal Kombat game, from Mortal Kombat One right through to this year’s spectacular edition on PS3 and XBox360, so when the long-awaited characters, Scorpion and Subzero finally appeared in last weeks episode of Kevin Tancharoen increasingly improving web series I was all but falling out fo my sofa in excitement. mk legacy logo

Last week’s episode was great; it really was but a decided lack of combat between the two spotlight characters that left me wanting. This week my wish was fulfilled, and it was glorious. Opening with a quick recap of the previous episode for any stragglers to catch up, it allows for even the most casual viewer to dip in. We are then treated to a brief scene wherein Scorpion’s wife and son are being tormented by Sub-Zero’s men, thereby reinforcing the danger of the situation for the audience.

The fight between Sub-Zero and Scorpion in the snow-covered landscape is fun to watch, with each fighter busting out moves recognisable to the fluent MK gamers in the audience. As with last week’s episode, the Japanese-speaking characters converse in their native tongue which results at one point in a wonderfully large subtitle proclaiming, “Get over here!!” at one point during the fight.

When one utilises either of these characters within the game realms, the true damage that their respective attacks inflict is often forgotten, not here. Scorpions patented spear slices through Sub-Zero with some excellent sound effects that made me wince. The fight proved that Ian Anthony Dale is far more convincing as Scorpion, within a twenty minute two parter, than he was as Kazuya Mishima in the entire 92 minutes of the Tekken movie.

Admittedly the CGI work that make up Sub-Zero’s moves are not the best CGI I have ever seen, but for a low-budget series like Mortal Kombat Legacy they are more than enough. The fight is over fairly quickly in favour of moving us towards the heartbreaking ending, which will come as no surprise to anyone who as ever played the games. Dale’s performance really sells the shocking scenes; I never thought ice cracking could sound so sad.

Ending with a welcome cameo from a well known Mortal Kombat pair, Episode 8 of Mortal Kombat Legacy proves that you do not need a big budget or long episode running times to create a truly faithful yet innovative video game adaption.

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