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Web design, a popular hobby and profession has approximately 58 million results on Google. Professional web designers may have any combinations of these skills: illustration, animation, photography, and programming. Though anybody who uses software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver can design a website, there are disciplines that designers can specialize in. These include: Flash, E-commerce, Scripting, and Software.

Visually, web designs consist of blocks of information and images arranged to be informative and accessible. Entertainment sites are another product of web designers, as many websites exist for the sole purpose of enjoyment. Other sites supplement business transactions, such as WebsiteAlive. Though websites are usually built in HTML, popular scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, CGI, and perl are used in a majority of large websites. Corporate websites usually run on ASP.NET, Java, or Tomcat though more are moving to open source.

Web design is a subset of Social Media, the new industry standard of online marketing.

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