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Web TV Review: Safety Geeks: SVI

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Today a new and edgy comedy Web series debuts in hi-def on Koldcast.tv called Safety Geeks: SVI. As it might sound, the show is inspired by the multitude of crime procedurals currently seen on TV.

The show follows a team of safety experts, P.O.S.H. (Professional Occupational Safety Hazard), as they investigate various workplace accidents around the world “and bits of Canada.” But for all the team’s wisdom and earnest desire, they tend to make things messier wherever they go.

While the show is similar in sensibilities to Family Guy or Adult Swim content (read funny, but un-PC adult humor); the pacing and delivery of the live-action Safety Geeks is not as rapid fire as some of its broadcast or cable contemporaries. There is actually time to digest the funny stuff. A nice feat, considering that typical Web-TV episodes are less than 10 minutes.

In Safety Geeks‘ first episode, “Forked Up,” we see the accident our experts will be looking into take place.  In this case, there’s a warehouse problem with too many “seasonal douches” and a questionable fork-lift. The supporting cast here is on target. The employees in the accident scene have their own snappy dialogue, and it’s delivered with some priceless facial expressions. The POSH team is introduced as well, starting with Reginald Syngen-Smyth (Dave Beeler, Comedy Gumbo, Archaeology of Comedy), a retired-at-birth billionaire whose family is responsible for manufacturing the ‘return key’ on every computer keyboard.

Syngen-Smyth has recruited Budwin Yacker (Tom Konkle, Comedy Gumbo, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Archaeology of Comedy, Arrested Development), as the former head of operations at OSHA. Yacker’s unfortunate past included seeing his father decapitated during a school safety awareness project. The poor guy seems to be haunted by his past quite often, which also gives continued evidence that clowns are indeed… creepy.

The most eye-catching of the POSH lot is Dr. Randi Minky (Brittney Powell, Two and a Half Men, Phil of the Future, General Hospital, Xena: Warrior Princess). Dr. Minky is a beautiful Harvard educated lass who stripped to support herself in school, and has uncanny psychological profiling skills. The only catch is she must profile while stripping — or at the very least gyrate suggestively while analyzing a subject’s psyche.

The newest member of the team is a rather mysterious Dutch woman named Sparky Van Der Graaf, (Mary Cseh, Passions). Sparky, who is the resident computer and communications geek, has a simmering sexuality that seems to run just as deep as that of the more obvious Dr. Minky. Her turn-ons include money and cheese. And of course, every team must have its lackey, so POSH has Hopkins (Benton Jennings, Heartland, Scrubs, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dexter). Hopkins’ skills seem to be mainly mixing martinis (often for himself) or offering snide remarks.

It all translates just fine to the screen. These safety violation investigators interact with the right mix of cool and goofy. Sparky works a cutting edge computer network, while Budwin sports a yesteryear (pre-LeapFrog® era) keypad contraption, an unwieldy thing that he totes everywhere. Poor Budwin is a perfect example of comedic irony. His bowl haircut appearance shouts “loser,” but his words contradict that, suggesting that he might be the actual brains behind the team

The second episode takes place at POSH headquarters, and follows the team’s funny preparations for answering the accident call amid sex stories, heaving bosom ogling, and martini chugging.

Pith-e Productions is the company behind the Geeks, it was formed in 2005 by Beeler and Konkle to generate comedy shows for new media, and their work can boast over 12 million aggregate views. Koldcast.tv already hosts Dave and Tom’s hilarious Invention with Brian Forbes, a chat show that is hosted by Beeler’s Forbes, and features only one recurring guest, Konkle as Sir Reginald Bo-Hey Know.

Safety Geeks is shot entirely on a green screen and uses about 1,000 composited shots, totaling more than the first three Star Wars movies combined, and about as much as one of the Matrix films. Not only is there “no spoon,” here, there’s no office, no warehouse, no private jet. Thor Melsted, who served as special effects supervisor for the 2004 film The Wager, is helming the visual effects aspect of Safety Geeks.  His work is impressive, and what sets it apart is that the effects are being used in a comedy, instead of the expected sci-fi offering, which is where they would traditionally be found.

However, the true wonder of the production is the men (and women) themselves. They bring the funny in a very geeky but delightful package and make this reviewer impatient for more.

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  • Bryan

    Thanks you for making me aware of this wonderful web series, The Safety Geeks. I just watched the episode and you are spot on with the review! Its funny. Great site. reliable information – B

  • Andrew Ottman

    Usually when I get asked to check out a web cast series, its because someone’s less than talented cousin is in it (everyone in Chicago seems to know SOMEBODY who moved out to LA to be an actor), and its is freakin painful! SAFETY GEEKS was linked to me by a guy I know, who was simply impressed that the show had been given the thumbs up for the title song (fun rip off) by Roger Daltry himself (don’t ask me how). Anyway, not only is it funny, its really funny in parts! OK, I was high, but there is TONS of stuff that doesn’t make me laugh when I’m high, and I was in tears at one point… although I can’t remember which point that was.

  • Bryan – Thanks! It’s a great show and the coming episodes look promising.

    Andrew- The good thing is, you can just go back to Koldcast and watch again and again. And I agree, it’s nice to see things that are done professionally, by professionals – they’ve got some great credentials on IMDb.

  • It a pretty decent serious. I saw a few episodes and kind of like it.

  • Mike and anyone else – they’ve turned the segments into an hour-long ‘movie’. I have not seen it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be great.