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Marketing on the World Wide Web, or web marketing, is based on traditional marketing approaches, but the interactive, worldwide, and inexpensive nature of Internet-based communications makes it different.

Traditional marketing is based on “push” strategies, where broadcast media like TV and radio pushed its messages to potential customers. Web marketing is often differentiated by its emphasis on “pull” approaches, which attract customers into interaction with a brand or product through its blog or website.

Web marketing offers marketers the opportunity to establish a 24/7/365 “product presence” to engage potential customers, including blogs, web sites, product listings, and online advertising on other sites. Web marketers can deliver their messages to the highly targeted audiences often found in self-selected online communities, blogs, or email lists, for example.

Web marketers often monitor the “reputation cloud” of their products online. The blogosphere, social networks, and millions of web sites are full of discussion by customers of products. Modern web marketing strategy dictates that customers be actively engaged to promote a clean reputation cloud that also enables viral marketing, or the virus-like spread of a company’s marketing messages.

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