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Wear your loved ones as jewels – a whole new meaning for “Diamond Life”

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From the BBC comes news of a whole new approach to death.

You give a cremated person’s ashes to LifeGem.

LifeGem, an U.S.-owned company based in Sussex, England, then compresses them and grows a synthetic diamond crystal.

The dead person’s heated, pressurized atoms are then polished and shaped, and set into the jewelry of your choice.

Prices begin at $4,000, and can go up to $22,000, depending, I suppose, on the 4 Cs, and perhaps other factors I’m not privy to.

“My heart belongs to daddy” suddenly becomes literally possible.

The very first stone produced by the company, a $4,100 pale yellow diamond, was handed to Lin Tandy this Saturday past.

It consisted of the remains of her former husband, Brian, who died suddenly from heart failure at age 56 in April of last year.

Mrs. Tandy was so moved by the piece, she ordered two more stones for her daughters Gayle, 25, and Claire, 21.

I suppose if you aren’t comforted enough by watching your loved one’s remains circling above you in earth orbit, as was discussed here on July 18th, this more intimate approach is your thing.

Remember, though, that putting ashes into orbit only costs $1,000.

You want to wear your honey, you gotta pony up some serious cash.

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  • Gives a whole new meaning to the term “family jewels”, eh?

    Really seems morbid to me. I’ll stick with flowers on the tombstone.