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We Shall Remain for a Giveaway

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PBS is known for doing many things well. Though I often joke about them, it comes from a place of love and respect (remember that, I may never say it again). One of the things that constantly impresses me is the network’s ability to put out huge documentary miniseries specials; it seems like another one is always on the horizon and that each is riveting in its own way.

Right now, as a part of American Experience, the network is airing a five-part miniseries entitled “We Shall Remain.” It focuses on Native Americans and how they “valiantly resisted expulsion from their lands and fought the extinction of their culture.” That comes from the “We Shall Remain” website (they have videos and tons of other tidbits there if you’re curious). The five episodes that make up the series are “After the Mayflower,” “Tecumseh’s Vision,” “Trail of Tears,” “Geronimo,” and “Wounded Knee.” Each episode focuses on a different moment in the history of Native Americans' interactions with the latecomers to this continent and tells a different story that helps to make up the larger picture.

I wouldn’t actually tell you all of this, as you probably surmise, if I didn’t have something else to tell you as well. No, that other bit isn’t that you can sign-up to receive the American Experience e-newsletter, you totally can, but that isn’t what I was intending to tell you.

No, what I was intending to tell you is that the nice folks over at PBS have helped us work out an American Experience “We Shall Remain” giveaway! We’re looking for two lucky winners, each of whom will receive the entirety of “We Shall Remain” on DVD, an American Experience mug, and an American Experience water bottle.

As for our rules (these, plus the ones on the entry form):

  • Fill out the entry form.
  • Entries must be received by May 17, 2009.
  • The winners will be drawn on or after May 18, 2009.
  • The winners will be notified by e-mail and in the comments section below.
  • You must be a U.S. resident to enter and over the age of 18.


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  • Elaine

    Great for students studying American History

  • Evelyn

    enter me thanks

  • Kathy

    it would have been nice to include Canadians (in the draw) since many Canadians watch PBS programming.

  • Kathy – That’s not always something under our control, but you’re correct.

  • Andrea

    I love the mini-series and the website! Please enter me too, thanks.

  • Angela

    I wish it were open to Canadians!! I love this series!!

  • Myra

    Due to my work hours, I have been unable to catch the series, and would LOVE to see it. I have been told that I have Cherokee and “Black Dutch” blood, as well as Scottish, Irish, and German. I wonder if the series also covers the ~Other~ side of the story, the one which I and countless others now struggle with daily….The story of the “Lost Indians,” those whose Ancestors had to go into hiding to survive? Those whose ancestors do not appear on any of the U.S. Government “rolls,” because they were too afraid of, mistrusted, or were simply too wise to fall for the government’s lies and manipulations?

    It is a terrible feeling, growing up with no sense of family history, no ‘traditions,’ no real culture, not even any knowledge of one’s ancestors. It is a horrible feeling, growing up with no sense of identity, not knowing where one came from. Yet countless American Indian descendents don’t even know they have Indian ancestors. Why? Because their ancestors had to keep silent about their Indian blood, thanks to the U.S. Government’s Indian policies, along with the European immigrants’ greed, hatred, and racism. Among those who DO know of their ancestry, countless numbers WANT to return to the tribe(s) of their ancestors and return to learn the culture and traditions that were so long denied them, yet are unable to do so because of racism and prejudice that were created by the European-Americans with the government invention of something called “blood quantum,” and, of course, the government rolls, both which were created with the intention of dividing and conquering the Indians.

    Traditionally, the Cherokees believed that “if you have even one drop of Cherokee blood, then you ARE Cherokee.” But the creation of blood quantum, government rolls, and Greed have changed all that. The time is long overdue for the U.S. Government to undo the harm that was done when they split up the tribes. It is time to allow the “Lost Ones” to return “home.”

  • pat martinez

    This is critical info for my children and their children as we don’t live on the reservation but we are all on tribal roles. Love to win but, if not, I will purchase it for my family

  • Lisa

    For those interested in the affect of blood quantum and identity issues, see Tracy Deer’s new film Club Native. She is an extremely talented documentary filmmaker from the Mohawk community in Canada. We hope to be screening it in November in Tucson as part of the Native Eyes Film Showcase. Come join us. To learn more about Native filmmakers and their films visit the Smithsonian’s site: nativenetworks.si.edu

  • Sophie

    Great Series, I am so glad someone is showing the other side of the picture. Our adults and kids need to know both sides of the tale as to hopefully not repeat the same mistakes.

  • Carmela Confesor

    This is a wonderful series and a long time in coming.I hope a sequel is in the making.I am not Native American but I have learned a great deal from this series. and of course I sitand watch it with my 2 Native Godson one Navajo and the other is from Acoma Pueblo in N.M.looking forward to the story on Geromomo. Thank you once again Mrs C. Confesor. I am a 70 yr old widow living the past 40 years in Tucson from New York City.

  • Lori

    Hi! This is an excellent series. This year my son is in 5th grade. We have chosen to school him through the OHVA On Line School at Home. Much of his studies involve these historical events. I have learned so much from this series. For my son and I, it has put faces, emotions and a balanced historical
    view on the past. I think every history teacher should have theses DVD’S to share with their class. Visual Education makes life stories come alive and much more interesting for the young and the ones with more years attached to them…haha. Keep up the great work!

  • I’d love to add this to my collection–these would be great to show in my classes! So far, the series has been very interesting!

  • My grandson will be anxious to watch this with us – he is 8 and a real history buff!

  • gloria

    Great series and thanks for the entry!

  • Carmela Confesor

    Great series Its a shame to see how the white people treated the Natives they called them savages but we were the savages.They had no greed in there hearts just to take care of there elderly and children They were more family people than the white people.We had the greed and we were out to ethenic cleanse and nobody can say different We the white people owe our Native people an apology. Mrs Carmela Confesor

  • Janell

    I took the series of US history classes at a local community college during 2006-07. Our instructor was apathetic toward the history of Native Americas, telling us that not only had slavery not been so bad, but that Native American history was wrought with Natives beginning most of the tragic events that had brought down their civilizations.
    The series ‘We Shall Remain’ is long overdue! Thank you PBS for airing this series.
    Thanks to all the men and women who, once again, spent their tears to bring us the series ‘We Shall Remain’.

  • Sophia

    The Ancestors are waiting for us to turn this energy around and help the earth and each other heal. They can only help if we seek and are open to their guidance, listen for direction, and ask for our egos to step aside on a daily basis.

  • Erma

    I would love the chance to win, thanks.
    [personal contact info deleted]

  • roofermie

    I Truly enjoyed the emmence effort put forth in the making of this dipiction of our historical past. P.B.S. SHOULD BE COMMENDED FOR ALL THAT THEY DO. THE VOICE WITHIN THE EYES OF TRUTHS TEACH US ALL!THANK YOU!

  • roofermie


  • roofermie


  • philip halter

    great prize

  • Beverly

    Our US history seemed incomplete with the lack of historical perspective of Native Americans themselves. That has change and perhpas opens the door to more understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Great Job!

  • Marik

    I’d love to win!

  • Marik

    I’d love to win!

  • and the winners are:

    Christina Zawadiwsky
    Nathan Forrest