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We Need A Hero!

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Despite a huge earthquake and tsunami, and the additional upheaval caused by the ensuing nuclear reactor calamity, the Japanese economy proved to be stronger than expected. The same cannot be said for the US, whose economy did not endure the wrath of an angry Mother Nature, but rather the wrath of a misinformed and less-than-educated political bloc.

CNN labeled Q2 of 2011 as “stuck in the mud“, a more pleasant and hopeful descriptive than some coming from the investor crowd, one of whom deemed it “just terrible“. It isn’t helped that the US economy is seen as more likely to go back into recession now that the debt deal is going to cut governmental spending on the backs of the elderly and disabled. And I didn’t even bring up the pending layoff of 120,000 Postal Workers!

Certainly, Americans are frequently deemed far too enamored of social media and reality entertainment to follow current events closely. I’ve done it myself. But eventually, reality seeps into their consciousness through their wallets. It’s happening slower than the fatal attempt to steer the Titanic away from the iceberg, but the direction the nation is headed is  shifting, however minutely. The national economy won’t come about in time to avoid serious distress, for like all huge objects, course corrections are an incremental process. We’re already scraping the hull of the ship of state, and some of the rivets are strained. But change is coming, and eventually will prove that Leonard Cohen was right when he sang “Democracy Is Comin’ to the USA.”

As proof, I offer up some of the latest polls showing that Obama is losing support over his poor leadership; and Congress is not escaping their share of the blame. Thus, Americans increasingly do know who is screwing them, and who isn’t doing anything about that.

Even the most avid users of social media are well aware of the economic malaise that exists under the laissez-faire bipartisanship of Barack Obama, for that harsh reality is forcing them to accept reduced future prospects. Weaker employment opportunities will be the norm as the debt deal will force the elder worker to remain employed longer. Restricted lifetime earnings for younger workers follow, due to being forced into lower wage jobs by this extended employment of the elderly, when the greatest advance a young person can expect in their earning capabilities comes in the first decade of their own employment. The director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston opined that this employment distress is going to be a long-term condition. One of the younger generation put it more bluntly: “This is a raw deal for our generation.” I hear London calling!

This demographic group is key to the Obama plan for reelection. I’m wondering if the campaign staff is even paying attention to their plight before hitting them up for volunteer staffing. Maybe they could ask their Wall Street benefactors for another billion dollars and pay the younger generation to show up. It isn’t like they can’t spare a smidgeon of that $14 trillion of our tax dollars Obama promised them to rescue their bonus funds from the toxic mortgage crisis!

Good Luck with this reboot, Barry. You’ve only got 15 months to reverse 31 months’ worth of failure. Just be glad that the Republican­s are finally doing their bit for bipartisanship by pushing such a lame cast of losers forward as your opponents.

But even the fact that the Republican challengers are such a sorry selection of sad sacks isn’t seen by some Obama supporters as being enough of a margin for victory next year. They’re correct. Maureen Dowd discerns this, and attempts to knock Obama’s close-polling challenger, Mitt Romney, down a few points. I doubt her effort is going to succeed, for the presentation of factual logic demonstrably doesn’t reach the faith-based any better than it does the Oval Office-based. Imagine what Rachel Maddow is up against with her take on the Stormin’ Mormon!

The Iowa Straw Poll showed Romney’s major opponent to be dominionist Michele Bachmann, whose advisors misused their muscle not just once against ABC’s Brian Ross, but twice against CNN’s Don Lemon. That reporter abuse would make them too busy to keep their candidate from naively posing with a foot-long corn dog for a picture already going viral. (You’ve seen it, so I won’t lower myself to link to it.)

Is it any wonder that avowed secessionist Rick Perry thinks he stands a chance? “I couldn’t vote for one a them [Mormons] when we got a real Christian like Governor Perry runnin’.”

Riiiiigggggghhhhhht! And who would  Jesus vote for? Assuming he had picture IDs to prove His citizenship at the polls? The executioner of an innocent man? Why do I not have faith in this thought?

With such a slate of lame losers for electoral office offered by both of the major parties, is it any wonder that many are seeking someone outside the traditional lineups to support? The issue of our future leadership remains in doubt, as Americans believe they are forced to consider which of the two irresponsible evils is the lesser. It is such a difficult task that Matt Miller of the Center for American Progress suggests that “we need a third party to shake things up.” Where can we find such a champion?

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superwealth!

Yes, it’s Superwealth, a strange being from another reality who came to rule the Earth with political powers and economic abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Superwealth, faster than a speeding computer trade, more powerful than the law, able to wrench strong profits out of a sickly economy. Superwealth, which can change the course of mighty rivers, send steel companies to China, and who, disguised as Rupert Murdoch, mild-mannered CEO of a great media empire, fights a never-ending battle against truth, justice, the Gulf of Mexico, and The American Way.

But wait! Ridin’ in from Omaha on his trusty steed to do battle against Superwealth! We just might have a winnah!

When The Oracle of Omaha speaks, investors all across the world listen. Here’s what Warren E. Buffett said just yesterday (8/14/11): “My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice.” Maybe Ralph Nader is  correct: The super-rich just might  save us!

We’ll need to remember this fact, though, when the wealthy send us the bill. The last time we begged them to rescue our economy, and they agreed to do so, the fee was the creation of the Federal Reserve. Can we afford such a payment again?

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