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We Are The Dreamers

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Artist: James Marshall
Title: We Are The Dreamers
Genre: Pop-Rock-Folk
Label: City Streets Records
James Marshall Website

Sweet pop rock fill the grooves, or should I say digital imprint (excuse me for my reminiscing about vinyl) of We Are The Dreamers. James Marshall is the crafty singer/songwriter/guitarist on all twelve tracks of this exceptional CD.

Marshall’s focus is on dreamy vocals with a slight rasp accompanied by jingly guitars to pull you away from the space your in. This CD is definitely the kind of music that tends to grow on you, it took me a few listens before it all sank in and I could appreciate everything the artist accomplishes with this recording. The fact that he is a multi-task DYI person, and an excellent one at that, is quite notable. He certainly has all the attributes of an artist that is capable of taking his career to the next level or any direction he chooses.

The best tunes for my listening pleasure were “The Nah-Nah Song,” which has an irresistible rap sprinkled about it and “Forever and a Day,” a charming pop diamond that stays in your head for hours. The entire CD is a solid representation of a genre that is in dire need of help. We need more artists like this. When you hear hit singles from the 60s on the radio, you have to wonder if they will ever make music like that again. Well, I guess this is as close as it gets for great rock-pop tunes that you want to hear over and again. This was a very satisfying, warm, and above all a very inviting listen.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

April 9, 2005

01. Steal Your Heart Away (3:58)
02. Sweet Annie (2:35)
03. The Nah-Nah Song (3:30)
04. Forever and a Day (4:25)

05. Come On (4:05)
06. Vanishing (4:05)
07. Ends of the Earth (2:45)
08. We Are The Dreamers (3:05)
09. City Streets (3:30)
10. Moving Away (4:40)
11. Free At Last (2:30)
12. Your Love (3:45)



James Marshall, vocals and guitar
Keith Wollenberg, lead guitar
Justin Franciose, bass
D.C. McAuliffe, keyboards
Chris Morrow, drums

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