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WCBS-TV (NYC) Early Morning News Changes

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My early mornings just aren’t the same. Y’see, I’m usually up by 5:30 AM to get ready for my workday. I’m out the door before 6:30. And, more importantly, I’m not really a morning person. Oh, yeah…I like to see the sunrise at times. But, more often than not, I like to see my bed.

The past three years or so, I’ve been an addict of the local CBS affiliate’s early early morning news show. I’ve mentioned it before on the blog. The CBS 2 News Crew in its prime featured Dave Price (weather and craziness), Shon Gables, Mario Bosquez, Vanessa Alfano (traffic reports), and Duke Castiglione (sports and the infamous Stump Duke t-shirt giveaways). They made me smile; sometimes I even guffawed early in the morning. Yes, they delivered the news, but it was more than that. The chemistry between the folks on the show, the zaniness of Price Gone Amok, the music choices from Scooter and Dave, the Dance Fridays … all gone. One by one, the cast has been vanishing.

First I noticed Duke was mysteriously gone. Of course, I miss a bit of the show. Perhaps there was an announcement, but I didn’t hear one. Duke, the NYC transplant, whose father was the voice of the Red Sox radio reporting, was always fun to watch in the “Stump Duke” segments where folks would e-mail or call in sports questions. Quite often, he got stumped and the caller would receive a t-shirt. Sometimes celebrities called in. I never did. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy watching the segment, though.

Then, one day, I heard Vanessa Alfano say something about not being there next week in regard to something going on with Dave Price. I assumed she would be on vacation. She and Dave had a flirty fun thing going on — Dave acted like it was a case of unrequited love, while in reality it looked like just a good friendship hammed up for the cameras. Alas, she never got her Muppet and poof … gone. I know anyone can do traffic; it doesn’t require a lot of personality or anything. But I enjoyed her.

I’ve had my secret crush (okay, not so secret I guess) on Mario Bosquez for a while. He just seems like such a nice guy. He has a pleasant announcer’s voice and comes across as an intriguing intelligent man. Although he’s off the early morning show, he’s apparently staying in some capacity at the station. In the past, he’s often filled in on anchor slots when folks are away. I’ll be looking for him! Well, not literally stalking or anything. I’ll be looking for his appearances on newscasts.

Then there’s Shon Gables. I like her. She’s quick-witted, personable, attractive and intelligent. She’s involved with so many community things as a representative of the station that I hope she’ll be around in some capacity somehow. I’d rather see her than Roz Abrams who seems to be intent on posing cute or something to that effect. She, Mario, and Dave all had their 2 Crew Muppets. Sigh.

Of course, I feel the heart of the show was Dave Price. He was the magic which inspired the rest. Recently, his mentor in the business, the retired Jim Ryan joined the Crew. I saw his announcement last week that it would be his last day as a regular anchor but that he would be a contributing reporter or such. But, when Price went, I figured Jim would go.

I think he came aboard due to Price. And, Dave Price…the last year or so I was wondering how he could keep up such a hectic pace traveling here and there for The Early Show, yet always getting up even earlier on location to transmit the local NYC stuff via satellite. He’s cut back his duties to just the national show. While I understand on a human exhausting point of view kind of way, his departure made my early morning routine less happy and more…well, routine.

Oh, why couldn’t they have at least kept Mario and Shon in the early morning slot? Instead, WCBS 2 changed absolutely every little thing about the show so many of us dedicated viewers loved. Nothing against Maurice DuBois — he’s professional, attractive, well-spoken, and all. But his strictly news, no fun, no bits of personality shining through just doesn’t cut it in the morning. I’m still not sure of the imported from the Midwest co-anchor’s name.

I just know it isn’t Shon. Of course, I wish her luck in her new endeavor. I know that getting aboard the NYC viewing market is a big thing for a TV news person. The set has changed; the attitude and fun is gone out of the show. What the heck is WCBS doing? Trying to culture shock us by going from one extreme to the other? Heck, if I want just straight-laced news in the morning, I can turn to any station.

Maybe I’ll just go back to listening to New Jersey 101.5 in the mornings as I did before discovering the ultimate morning news show which is now history. Sigh…

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  • Millie

    I’m so glad that I found this site. I was out of town during the middle of April. When I returned my morning crew of CBS was gone. From reading the other messages it seems that a lot of us missed their goodbyes to us. I tried looking it up on your web, but all I saw was Dave’s goodbye. Hope to see them soon. P.S. The show was better with them on it. It got you up and moving.

  • http://URL Betty

    I miss the 2News Crew very much just like everyone else. I’ve stopped watching CBS morning news since the big change. Thanks everybody for all the updates.

  • Eileen

    I was also shocked by not seeing the 2 Crew that morning in April. This morning, I read, as someone mentioned, Shon left to pursue a “network position”; all I’ve seen of Mario is his book website. Like others, I’m not surprised that Dave just decided to do one job. A friend in Boston just told me Duke has been working at Ch. 5 up there (as well as sometimes ESPN) since late April. You guys have already seen Vanessa. I haven’t heard or seen anything about Jim, however.

  • Sally U

    If you go on Mario Bosquez’s book website you will see that he’s doing some comedy acts in September! A couple in Texas and a couple in new York City! AND he has a guest spot on one of the new comedy shows coming out this fall called “Six Degrees”. It says he’ll be on the 3rd show.
    I knew that he’s done stand up comedy in the past as well as written plays, so maybe he’ll just focus on performing and writing now!

  • Carol and Lou

    We miss the channel 2 News crew. Not only were they informative,they were entertaining. We want to know what happened to Shon. We have seen some of the other reporters.

  • Mary

    I have been trying to find out what happened to the news crew, I’m glad to see others who miss them too. I did see Vanessa on Fox doing the weather when Mike Woods is not in. I haven’t seen any of the others.

  • pam

    I miss my 2 crew. I watch abc now in the morning. Steve Bartelstein and Lori stokes are great. Does anyone know if they are an item? Id love to know. It certainly seems that way. They flirt constantly.

  • http://MUSTdance Sally U

    Hey everyone–

    Shon Gables was a co-host on The View for the day a couple of weeks ago! It was SO great seeing her again and she was great! She was her usual witty, smart self and she was able to keep up with the other women in conversation which can be hard. (Roise often takes over the conversations).

    Anyway I emailed Barbara Walters and asked her to PLEASE have Shon back often. If anyone else wants to write Barbara Walters and/or the show and ask for Shon to come back as a cohost you can email her through The Views’ website:

    Let’s start a campaign for Shon!! :-)

  • http://MUSTdance Sally U

    OH! And I forgot one other thing–Shon is pregnant! So that may be one reason why she hasn’t found another regular gig yet-She’s probably waiting to have the baby first.


  • Paula Cassidy

    I am glad Shon is doing OK, channel 2 doesn’t know what they lost, Dave Price is hardly doing anything now. I watch channel 5 now I see Venesa on there sometimes and she is on Cnannel 9 on weekends. When is Shon having her baby? Paula

  • Sally U

    Hey Paula,

    I don’t remember when Shon said her baby was due. She was on The View last month and she didn’t look very pregnant so I would say in the early New year maybe…
    Dave Price seems to be more and more “on the road” now so you really don’t get to see him around the studio much. Too Bad.
    On Mario Bosquez’s website it says he’s doing some stand up comedy gigs now. Maybe he’s giving up being a news anchor. He also writes plays.

  • Yvette

    Got to this link to see Shon. She looks to be at least 6 months pregnant.

  • Sally U

    Wow Yvette–Thank for that link! I guess I must have only seen the first part of the show where she was sitting at the table and I couldn’t see how pregnant she was!


  • Paula Cassidy

    Sally let me know if you heard anything about Jim Ryan!!!

  • Sally U

    I haven’t heard anything yet about Jim Ryan Paula but if and when I do I’ll be sure to pot it here!


  • Sally U

    Oops! That should be “post” not “pot”!
    –I’ll be sure to post it here!!
    :-) Sally

  • djm

    I was extremely happy that the news2 crew were GONE! They were tooo silly! I never thought Dave Price was funny, even when he was on Channel 5, so when he showed up on ch. 2, I’d change the channel when he came on. I thought Shon Gables was an absolute dunce – hired just as a pretty face to read the news. Some of the unscripted comments she would make were so ditzy, I was embarrassed for her! The whole crew just went crazy! It was so utterly ridiculous how they would start the broadcast acting silly, then try to transition into a serious news story, then go back to being silly again. It was too loud, silly and frenetic for early morning news. Good riddance! My apologies to all who liked the crew. Just my opinion, I don’t mean to offend anyone.

  • davetherave


  • judy

    I still am mourning the lost 2 crew. I am watching channel 5 fox news again as a result because Jodie Applegate and crew are witty terrific , intelligent and fun. I hated the way they let everyone go without any regard for the audience. Channel 2′s loss I switch between fox news and NBC now that they have Meridith Viera. It just leave a bad taste when they just go fire people for no reason or explanation.

  • Pamela Griffin

    I was so glad to find other people upset over the sudden change last year on the CBC 5-7am show. I too thought they were great. I still miss them! Dave may have been a little over the top but it was cute. I can’t believe that Jim Ryan left fox5 to get axed at CBS. Who ever decided to yank their show are probably the same people responsible for the “slump” their news always finds itself in. The show developed a life of its own. Let not even talk about Bob Sheiffer!

  • http://MUSTDANCE Sally U.

    I’m glad to see that people still occasionally pop up on here still__I check it from time to time…Early morning news jsut isn’t the same anymore…Has anyone seen Mario Bosqez anywhere?
    I’ve seen Linda Lopez on Fox and Audrey Puntez I think I saw on Channel 11…Vanessa was on Fox but I haven’t seen her lately. I know Shon Gables must have had her baby by now–I’m waiting for her to pop uo somewhere!

    Any Mario news–oe Shon news—anyone???



  • Paula Cassidy

    I don’t know what show to watch, everytime you get use to someone next day there are gone!!!!! What ever happen to Jim ryan?

  • Mrs. Roger Williams

    On channel 7 What Happened and where is Steve? We always watch Lori Stokes, Steve B. and Bill Evans and they are a perfect team. What has happened and we hope they bring Steve back. We watch the news before going to the barn to do chores and any other time they are on. I hope this channel does not replace Steve and that this is only temperary. Mrs. Roger Williams
    Kaiserville, Pennsylvania

  • Mary Ann Vass

    Every morning Iam up by 4:30AM and I always look forward to the CBS 2 Morning News…until I saw Kate Sullivan missing. Kate and Maurice have such great on air chemistry, they make watching the news fun…even though so much evil is happening in the world. I have to say that I may not be watching the CBS 2 news anymore. Kate Sullivan, to me, was a driving force behind it all. Not only does she deliver the news well, her warm personality shines right through. I’ll miss you Kate…

  • Jean Clarke

    At the ten-to-the-hour break this AM there were, by my count, FOURTEEN commercial spots!!! Then, one tiny actual news item followed by the hour break with another 7-8 spots. I know air time is expensive but it’s beginning to look to me like pure greed. You ought to consider changing the show’s title to: Morning Commercial Viewing. Sorry guys. You’ve lost me forever.