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WCBS-TV (NYC) Early Morning News Changes

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My early mornings just aren’t the same. Y’see, I’m usually up by 5:30 AM to get ready for my workday. I’m out the door before 6:30. And, more importantly, I’m not really a morning person. Oh, yeah…I like to see the sunrise at times. But, more often than not, I like to see my bed.

The past three years or so, I’ve been an addict of the local CBS affiliate’s early early morning news show. I’ve mentioned it before on the blog. The CBS 2 News Crew in its prime featured Dave Price (weather and craziness), Shon Gables, Mario Bosquez, Vanessa Alfano (traffic reports), and Duke Castiglione (sports and the infamous Stump Duke t-shirt giveaways). They made me smile; sometimes I even guffawed early in the morning. Yes, they delivered the news, but it was more than that. The chemistry between the folks on the show, the zaniness of Price Gone Amok, the music choices from Scooter and Dave, the Dance Fridays … all gone. One by one, the cast has been vanishing.

First I noticed Duke was mysteriously gone. Of course, I miss a bit of the show. Perhaps there was an announcement, but I didn’t hear one. Duke, the NYC transplant, whose father was the voice of the Red Sox radio reporting, was always fun to watch in the “Stump Duke” segments where folks would e-mail or call in sports questions. Quite often, he got stumped and the caller would receive a t-shirt. Sometimes celebrities called in. I never did. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy watching the segment, though.

Then, one day, I heard Vanessa Alfano say something about not being there next week in regard to something going on with Dave Price. I assumed she would be on vacation. She and Dave had a flirty fun thing going on — Dave acted like it was a case of unrequited love, while in reality it looked like just a good friendship hammed up for the cameras. Alas, she never got her Muppet and poof … gone. I know anyone can do traffic; it doesn’t require a lot of personality or anything. But I enjoyed her.

I’ve had my secret crush (okay, not so secret I guess) on Mario Bosquez for a while. He just seems like such a nice guy. He has a pleasant announcer’s voice and comes across as an intriguing intelligent man. Although he’s off the early morning show, he’s apparently staying in some capacity at the station. In the past, he’s often filled in on anchor slots when folks are away. I’ll be looking for him! Well, not literally stalking or anything. I’ll be looking for his appearances on newscasts.

Then there’s Shon Gables. I like her. She’s quick-witted, personable, attractive and intelligent. She’s involved with so many community things as a representative of the station that I hope she’ll be around in some capacity somehow. I’d rather see her than Roz Abrams who seems to be intent on posing cute or something to that effect. She, Mario, and Dave all had their 2 Crew Muppets. Sigh.

Of course, I feel the heart of the show was Dave Price. He was the magic which inspired the rest. Recently, his mentor in the business, the retired Jim Ryan joined the Crew. I saw his announcement last week that it would be his last day as a regular anchor but that he would be a contributing reporter or such. But, when Price went, I figured Jim would go.

I think he came aboard due to Price. And, Dave Price…the last year or so I was wondering how he could keep up such a hectic pace traveling here and there for The Early Show, yet always getting up even earlier on location to transmit the local NYC stuff via satellite. He’s cut back his duties to just the national show. While I understand on a human exhausting point of view kind of way, his departure made my early morning routine less happy and more…well, routine.

Oh, why couldn’t they have at least kept Mario and Shon in the early morning slot? Instead, WCBS 2 changed absolutely every little thing about the show so many of us dedicated viewers loved. Nothing against Maurice DuBois — he’s professional, attractive, well-spoken, and all. But his strictly news, no fun, no bits of personality shining through just doesn’t cut it in the morning. I’m still not sure of the imported from the Midwest co-anchor’s name.

I just know it isn’t Shon. Of course, I wish her luck in her new endeavor. I know that getting aboard the NYC viewing market is a big thing for a TV news person. The set has changed; the attitude and fun is gone out of the show. What the heck is WCBS doing? Trying to culture shock us by going from one extreme to the other? Heck, if I want just straight-laced news in the morning, I can turn to any station.

Maybe I’ll just go back to listening to New Jersey 101.5 in the mornings as I did before discovering the ultimate morning news show which is now history. Sigh…

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  • Mary Mowbray

    I just wanted to agree and support Jackie’s comments regarding the Early Show cast changes. The powers-that-be should take into consideration their viewing audience prior to making such drastic makeovers!!!! My husband and I started every weekday morning with Dave, Shon, Mario, V, Jim and Duke. It was like sitting down with old friends in the morning and now they are oh! so sadly gone. The show is not the same and we have switched channels. I’m sorry…you had the perfect group together and blew it.

  • Why, thank you Mary! I just knew that others out there had to feel the same way I do about the changes. Now it doesn’t really matter to me what station I have on, if any, early in the morning. The changes make it like any other early newscast team. I miss my WCBS 2 News Crew!

  • Maggie Hughes

    I was so upset this week when I turned on the morning news to find that the crew I grew to love and looked forward to every morning was gone. I truly miss the CBS 2 news crew! Whose idea was this? The crew made me laugh while I was getting ready for work. I have changed my new channel to ..whatever. They all seem the same.The morning crew had something special. You don’t find that chemistry all the time.I received the news and was entertained as well.I guess all GOOD things must come to an end!

  • Hey Jackie. Just wanted to chime in and agree with you on this one. I am a “TV” person working behind the scenes at a station in another market and I absolutely loved the former morning crew at CBS2. I was fortunate enough to see the show every morning via sattelite for the last couple of years. I found it refreshing and different. Like you said, if we wanted the straight news, there’s plenty of other choices.

    This show gave you the news, but also kept it light enough so that you could start your day on a positive, fun note despite all the bad things that happen in the world. I loved Dave, Shon, Mario and came to be quite fond of Jim. I wasn’t sure about him at first, but I think adding him worked out well.

    I don’t know if I’ll keep watching…I love NY and this show gave me a way to stay in touch with what’s happening in the city. So, I’ll probably watch on and off now, but not with the same anticipation and anxiousness to see what the crew is up to. No more Dave, or dance friday or fun music…..just won’t be the same!

  • Thanks for the comments, Maggie and Marta. I just knew others had to feel the same way I did. A Daily News news beat reporter lauded the “actual newscast” this week instead of the “talk show” with the ex-crew. Hey, perhaps the audience wanted a talk show with news. After all, we have the entire realm of stations for straight newscasting at that hour. One is just like the other now. What would keep us watching WCBS over the others?

  • Laura

    I totally agree with your assessment of the changes. I so adored the interchanges between Jim, Mario and Dave, just as they did on Channel 5. I’ve taken up now with Channel 7 morning news with Lori Stokes and Steve Bartelstein. They have a good repartee going on and Bill Evans has quite a sexy voice in the A.M.

  • pearl

    i thought i turned on the wrong station on monday. my husband and i were so upset. i need to laugh in the morning. its now so boring i turn any station on just to get the weather.

    i will not watch that news anymore.

  • Terri

    My mornings will NEVER be the same. Shon, loved her. Her smile, laughter, professionalism was so refreshing, and she never went wrong with her attire. Mario, loved seeing a Latino brother at the chair. Jim, what can I say, you and Dave will be missed and the music!!! I will also miss Duke and his “Stump Duke” segment. I really don’t know what is happening at Channel 2 but, you definitely didn’t set things right. Maurice, lighten/loosen up just a little, okay? For now, I guess its back to NY1.



  • Lisa

    I agree the 2crew was the best. CBS has lost a faithful viewer. Getting rid of the 2crew was unprofessional in my opinion. I enjoyed their fun side and respected their serious side when reporting the news. They will be truly missed.

  • gloria

    Hi Jackie! I am heartbroken! I was away on vacation visiting family in Chicago last week. Monday I started back to work resumung my daily ritual of putting on CBS early morning news. Where were my buddies? I love going off to work (I’m a junior high teacher) with a big laugh or two under my belly but there was none! Is there anything we can do to encourage the big muckymucks at CBS to bring back this wonderful CBS News Crew? Sad, very sad. I will not watch channel 2 morning news any more.

  • kathy

    Hi Jackie – – I more than agree with you. The CBS2 crew made my mornings, and they always had a great variety of interesting segments / features. What happened – did Fox take over CBS??! Now, it’s looking like News 12 (NJ) is way more interesting than CBS2. The genius programmers at CBS have lost another loyal viewer.

  • Thank you everyone for the comments! Between here and where I posted the article on my personal blog, not one commenter is happy with the change. The only positive report I saw came from the news man at the NY Daily News. Delving into things a bit, I found out a new news director (or such), perhaps manager, took over in the late fall. The last boss who was a part of bringing the team we enjoyed so much together was let go a week or two back.

    Supposedly, the shake up was due to the 11 PM news ratings. They wanted Roz Abrams off and Dana Tyler on. Now, I agree with that change. She’s probably a very nice person, but Roz Abrams annoys me. She tends to make big doe eyes and flutter her eyelashes at male anchors. I read Dave Price was intending on leaving. I can’t really blame him although I miss him. He was burning the candle at both ends; the national exposure on ‘The Early Show’ is best for his career.

    But why oh why no Shon Gables? No Mario Bosquez? They could have left us with them – those two work great together! Maurice and Kate are okay, for a run-of-the-mill nothing to see here, move along newscast.

    I suppose folks could let WCBS know. Their website should have a feedback area. I doubt it will do much good as contracts have been signed and such.

  • Anetta Queens

    I couldn’t believe that WCBS TV morning crew is gone. I loved that morning news and now i just have taken up with channel 7 morning news. I miss the whole crew so much, of course i was the biggest fun of Dave Price who made me laugh every day, and Vanessa Alfano- the sweetest traffic reporter ever. And Shon that lovely anchor, with the warming smile on her face, and Mario gone!
    Why? Who dared to make such a huge changes? Didn’t they think of all those viewers who just loved that morning News with Shon, Mario, Jim, Dave and Vanessa?! That was a HUGE MISTAKE!!! i hope they will loose all the viewers they ever had and will be left all alone…….

  • Mel

    I cannot believe that I won’t be seeing Dave, Shon, Mario and Jim in the am. I will never be watching Channel 2 again. It has since become very boring. I will never, ever again watch in the am, like I did every morning. Where did Dave, Shon and Mario and Jim go? Especially Dave Price, he was great. Maurice and Kay are ok, but just not the same in the am. Not even a warning! What a shame. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  • Mel – Dave Price is still on the nationally aired CBS ‘The Early Show.’ Unfortunately for me, I’m out the door before that airs. In his case, I think he might have been getting tired of double duty. He was the crazy one who made me laugh, but I personally think Mario and Shon could have carried the newscast. At least us viewers wouldn’t go into the total culture shock this wipe-out has caused!

  • Suzette

    I’m so glad I found this blog. I woke up today determined to find some answers as to what the heck happened to my favorite morning show. So I googled “price bosquez gables ryan changes” and found you Jackie =-). This decision CBS made is truly upsetting. Its true that Bosquez and Gables could have carried the show, and Ryan wasn’t necessary. But darn it I LOVE ME SOME JIM RYAN. He’s got to be the sexiest white haired anchorman ever! Jim could roll his r’s and pronounce those Hispanic surnames as well as Mario did, and for that alone I loved him so. The chemistry on that team was enviable. There was no reason to channel surf in the morning. I’m joining those of you with channel 7 (abc) they too have a balance of playfulness and professionalism that is necessary to put you in the right frame of mind before heading to work.
    Thanks for the blog Jackie!

  • It looks like I’m going to have to check out Channel 7 (WABC) tomorrow morning. Generally, I like Maurice DuBois, but not in this setting. I really prefer a lighter touch on the news at that hour in the morning. I always though DuBois was fine for the early evening news, but he’s just too prim and proper for me at 6 in the morning!

  • Joey

    My mornings have been terrible since the 2 crew went off the air on CBS 2. Every morning I have to wake up a little before 5am since I leave early for work & the 2 crew made my day the best. On the MTA Express bus from Staten Island every morning I would take my hand held portable tv along with me with my headphones attached to it & continue watching the 2 crew & laugh on the way to work to midtown which can take a while in traffic. Now i just bring my mp3 player along to listen to the oldies. Mornings will never be the same without Dave, Shon, Jim & Mario on CBS 2. This new morning team on Channel 2 is a complete failure & always will be. No matter who they get no one can take the 2 crew’s place. Like when Harry Harrison didn’t do mornings anymore on CBSFM in 2003, no one was able to fill his shoes & no one was listening in the am anymore, Same thing here except it’s tv. In the am i don’t even bother putting on my tv anymore before i go to work. If i need the weather, I just turn on 880 or 1010 wins for it. At night, I now watch Channel 7. I will not watch the station (channel 2) that took the 2 crew off the air.


    I waited until this morning to give in to the reality that my beloved CBS2Crew are gone. I was hoping upon hope that they were just on leave to give all of us faithful viewers a chance to accept Dave’s leaving the crew. Sometimes it is hard to let reality set in. I am disappointed with the powers to be at CBS for the way we were let down without warning or explaination of any kind. I had to turned to the internet to find any information on my Crew. As with the others commenting in this blog, I too will be checking out channel 7.

  • Kerri

    Thanks for the info. I thought they were on a “spring break”. First Duke disappeared, then Vanessa but I found an article stating she was leaving. But now the entire crew? Weird, very strange. It was my favorite news team. Does not make sense. I thought they were great together. It’s just too boring now.

  • shawn

    I miss my cup of Shon-Dave Mario-Vanessa and the Duke in the morning – your sorely missed.
    Perhaps CBS hasnt learned from the Stern dabacle….

  • I’m with y’all here. I just got back from vacation Saturday and today – yuck. No reason for me to watch channel 2 anymore. At least Price is on the national news, but that’s little conciliation.

    We’re moving to Florida in August and this is just one more reason not to think about it again.

    Channel 2, ya done screwed up this time.

    I especially miss Vannesa

  • Dave & Kathy

    We lost a part of the family!Dave looks lost with out the crew.

  • Dre

    Jackie and all the other respondents are absolutely correct. We the viewing public have suffered a loss. The CBS morning crew featuring Dave Price, Shon Gables, Jim Ryan, Mario, Vanessa and Duke was just what the New York Market needed – Good News.

    They did more than deliver the news, they helped us start our day with a smile, a laugh, and an uplifting feeling inside. Finally there was a news team that looked like, and acted like, the audience they were speaking to. That is until CBS decided to fix something that wasn’t broke.

  • The Rest of the Normal Market

    To All,
    Get a life — the ridiculous antics of what seemed to be an undertalented and immature news team was on borrowed time. I rise before 5AM in the morning and between the low rent commercials ala At Home Carpet bozos, Ambulance Chasing Lawyers, and Diamond Schlocks… all I could do was race for the remote to hit the mute button — At least, the networks execs have hit the right switch!

  • Mary Beth

    I couldn’t agree more with everyone’s comments. And to “The Rest of the Normal Market” and your comment – if you’re not interested and don’t care, why are you taking the time to read all of this and comment on it? What would even bring you to this blog? Talk about getting a life…

    Dave, Vanessa and the 2 Crew are sorely missed..

  • shawn

    The rest of the normal market is obviously a Red Sox fan….

  • Jayson

    I agree with you all… the 2 Crew is seriously missed! I loved waking up to a fun morning show. The only good thing CBS 2 did was put Dana Tyler back on at 11pm. Roz Abrams is awful! I am also upset that they replaced Cindy Hsu on the noon newscast with Mary Calvi and Roz Abrams. Mary and Roz are horrible together… they are both drama queens and make me want to switch the channel. Bring the CBS 2 Crew back in the mornings, and bring Cindy Hsu back at noon!!

  • Moe

    I also tuned in late last week to find no one froM the 2 crew there. I had been away for a few weeks. I first thought they all were on vacation, then today when they still weren’t there I searched and found this site. Thanks for the info. CBS lost another viewer, I too WILL NOT BE WATCHING CHANNEL 2 ANYMORE and will be watching channel 7. I do think Steve and Lori are good. Maurice is good for a later news program and I am not a fan of I think her name is Kate.

  • Jocelyn Lukac

    I am hispanic and the group was just a perfect fun mixture of races and sense of humor. They made my day and I will miss them too.

    I just will like to know were are they now?

  • Carolyn

    My husband and I returned from Tucson after the ten day NYCDOE spring break yesterday. Back to the dreaded routine, this morning we looked forward to waking up with the news 2 crew. We knew Dave was going national but like so many others watched Duke, Vanessa, Jim ,Mario and Shon disappear from view. We thought, could they all be on vacation? I had to find out and googled for information, found your site and am still wondering where they went. We very much enjoyed the show. Thanks for setting up the blog.

  • Pat

    Well we gave it a full week thinking the whole crew was maybe on spring break…but alas it was not to be, new set, new people and no choices. All the early shows are the same now and suitable for the “normal” market.
    We are now listening to the radio. Emailed the CBS NY broom with our opinions of the clean sweep of the 2 Morning Crew. We miss you Shon,Jim, Mario,Vanessa and Duke!

  • Lisa

    Does anyone remember the petition website’s people had when WCBS-FM 101.1 went Jack? Someone should invent those for the 2 crew to bring them back as well. Post the links on here so we can sign our names to it. I truly miss the CBS 2 Crew like crazy. This morning I tried watching Dave Price on the Early Show & it is not the same. He can’t act like himself on that show with his great Dancing, Jokes or having Scooter play the music like he did on CBS2. I heard that by the fall the Early Show was gonna revamp & Dave is already in, now what they should do is dump the others on the early show, bring in Shon, Jim & Mario to be anchors on the show. Dump the conservativeness on that show, dump the local forecasts & have a nation wide one that Dave can skim through with Scooter playing his great music for him. Have Dance Fridays & everything. And call it the CBS Crew to get your news, weather & great entertainment to help get your day started. CBS would probably have good ratings on the early show since it is syndicated. I know people who live out of New York who would love to see the early show this way on CBS. They would also beat NBC & ABC’s syndicated morning programs as well in ratings.

  • Marta

    Hi. I posted earlier and was just wondering since I don’t live in NY…any sightings of the crew reporting in other newscasts? The last time I looked Shon, Mario and Jim’s bios were still on the CBS2 web page as reporters. Has anybody seen any reports from them?

  • shawn

    Perhaps the CBS honchos have another plan…They did hire Katie Couric – perhaps Dave – Katie – Shon – Mario – Jim – Duke and the lovely Vanessa…

  • Wow! I shouldn’t be surprised at the comments, but I knew I was missing the 2 Crew!

    Marta asked the team’s individual status. From what I’ve read, Mario and Jim Ryan will remain at WCBS working as reporters/correspondents in special reports. I know Mario occasionally subs for anchors (mainly on weekends). Shon is expected to represent the station and emcee some big event in NYC towards the end of the month. Her contract expires in May. WCBS claims to be speaking with her agent to keep her. (Hint to 2 – dump Roz and get Shon on!)

    Someone said they saw Vanessa on Channel 5, but I can’t personally confirm that.

    As for a petition, if anyone sets one up on the Internet, feel free to post here about it.

    As to the one detractor – we do have a life. We had a morning news show that we enjoyed and now the show is like any other newscast.

    For Jocelyn – I think part of the team’s magic was the diversity of the cast, yet how they honestly enjoyed being together. In this area, they were representative of the diversity of peoples all around. I personally wonder if they imported Kate from Kansas (wherever) because they didn’t want Maurice DuBois and Shon co-anchoring? There may be another reason, but I wonder.


    This comment is for The “Rest of the Normal Market”
    Take a good hard look at your remote and you will discover that it has more than a MUTE button. Once you find all the buttons, you too can do what the rest of us are apparently doing – CHANGING THE CHANNEL!

  • chris

    Dry toast,,,No Jam,,,No jelly…just DRY!

  • Dre

    To “The rest of The Normal Market” not only do we have a life, we also have an opinion, one the network executives would be wise to listen to.

    The Blog below lists email addresses of the General Manager of CBS, Peter Dunn as well as others we can email and let know that “We Want The 2 Crew back”

  • Sandra

    Finally decided to Google the mystery since it didn’t look like the crew would ever show up again — after emailing a complaint to CBS2 News programming ( hope I emailed the right party).

    We followed most of the crew when they left channel 5’s morning show to go to CBS so we’ve been Dave/Jim/Mario, etc. watchers for many, many years! The powers that be destroyed Good Day NY, and now they’ve also destroyed the CBS2 morning show.

    We will check out channel 7. But the only thing with this is that we may forget to switch over to 2 again later, to see Dave. Maybe CBS thinks the presence of Dave will insure that viewers will switch back again to see him. They may be in for a big disappointment.

    The old Dave was 50% comedian. He was even better back on channel 5, when he played against his straight man, Jim. It was incredible. If any of you saw the day that Jim walked into CBS and dumped a pizza on Dave — that was what went on at Good Day NY all the time.

    If Dave is now going to lose that 50% and become “normal”, there goes the rest of his career. Dave and Maurice? Blaugghhhh!!!




    … and I thought I was the only one– I am with the rest of you. My mornings are no longer the same. The “crew” made me laugh — they were “real people”. I miss them terribly. I follwed them from Channel 5 and when Jim joined them, my mornings were complete. Does anyone know where they went? Channel 11 at least has Larry Hoff.


    Someone please tell me: Do you also enjoy the At Home Carpet Commercial?!!! I hope that is the next item to get the axe. By the way, you all truly do not represent the majority of the market; however you do seem to have wonderful hearts that are yearning for a better light hearted world — in this spirit, I truly wish you all very happy sunfilled mornings. But… I’m still not giving in to the old news crew 🙂

  • Arlene

    I am just so disappointed that the crew is gone. They made morning news interesting and easy to understand. Also one never knew what to expect. They were there one day and all gone the next. I think it would’ve been easier to grasp if we the viewer were informed in advance. So tell me where is Mario, Shon, Vanessa and Jim now??????????

  • Tye

    I can’t believe the CBS morning crew is no more. I never liked watching the news until I watched Dave Price on channel 5. When Dave moved to CBS I followed and discovered I enjoyed watching the news because of Dave, Shon, Mario, Duke and Vanessa they made the news interesting and fun for me. I would wake up early just to watch them from 5am-7am before heading to work. Now that my favorite news crew is gone so am I. I don’t care for the news anymore; I truly believe CBS has made a huge error by changing the show.

  • Bec

    When i turned on the television and saw that all the people who made the show worth watching, i was angry. There is no reason for me to watch channel 2 for the weather anymore since Dave left.ALthough Audrey is really nice, shes not Dave. Ill admit that i only watch the weather, only because news is so depressing these days. But without Dave Price, the show is so serious not entertaining that i have stop watching channel 2 for my weather reports. I followed Dave from channel 5-2 now youur just loosing all your viewers. This was a bad move on your part. Bring Dave, Vanessa, Mario, Shon, Duke & Jim back together for the early early news or you just might lose all your viewers.

  • Vicky

    Ditto – I miss them terribly

  • sandra

    Bring them back please

  • Barbara Eberly

    Unfortunately, the networks seem to believe everyone watching the morning news shows is in the 30-40 age bracket.
    Those people are not watching am news broadcasts.. they are on their way to work.
    THINK The people who have time to sit and watch this show are retired.
    We deserve Jim Ryan…

  • Channel 2 used to be good/funny/all that … then it got out of hand… It was ridiculous when they had 5 or so people sitting behind a huge desk. They also started getting carried away with their antics. Enough already! Stump Duke got stupid, especially when the questions were so obscure and impossible to answer correctly. Plus … I don’t mind a laugh here and there, but the main reason I watch is to find out the weather and traffic. Oh, yeah, and I found it extremely distracting when they would talk about the weather with music playing in the background. I’m not surprised that the plug was pulled on that circus.

  • Maryambro

    If my favorites are not on Ch 2 I will watch another channel. They are the reason I watched that one. Very stuffy now. I will keep searching to see where Shon, Mario and the others end up. No more Ch 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carol

    The morning crew was the only news I watched..I cannot believe CBS was that ignorant to take off the whole bunch….yes Dave Price was kind of an anchor….and it was sad to see him go, but understandable, since you could see he was heading for ‘higher’ places. BUT all these guys had chemistry…. they made the news different and humorus in a not so humorus world…..I would have still continued to watch….not any more….I thought I had the wrong channel tunned in….. what a BIG mistake!!!!

  • And…That’s The News!

    Back in the 70’s and earlier, news was staid and very conservative — very Cronkite, the difference with that chap was that he also conveyed a certain grandfatherly warmth — even when he was young. Then a whole parade of cogs came along, including Dan Rather and a host of other stuffed shirts. Then the times and public sentiment changed and was looking for a warmer personality. That’s when Rather (i’d say or not, emphasizing the Not) made another change, he began wearing sweaters– the corporate suits felt that America would embrace such a superficial and transparent gesture. The suits also invented the Happy Talk –this was portrayed so powerfully in the motion picture Network News. Long story short — corportations including Ch2 don’t give a damn about your feelings or even your viewership unless you are in the prized demographic — that is why they animated all the Ch2 characters, the problem was that they had a novel approach with folksy reparte but they continued dumbing down instead of maintaining a reasonable level. Shon and Vanessa reached an all-time low when they incessantly carried on like high school girls when they “fought” over Derek Jeter. They shouted over Mario’s broadcast announcing “he’s mine… no he’s my guy… no he’s…” Days going forth, Shon regularly chimed in on others, actually jabbering right over serious topics. That was the turning point from which the 2 crew never righted their ship. They simply met their textbook ending of going down with the ship.

  • Early Riser

    I Love that comment Mo. Yes, it had become a circus. And, the music just added to the confusion … what a calamity for the early hours … so much noise with childish behavior. Definitely frantic and frenetic — too much noise even without the volume!

  • Paul

    I agree so much with everyone’s comments. I miss the “2 crew” and now I am forced to switch channels in the morning. The chemistry is now gone and now I am gone to another station!

  • No….Mo…

    Lighten-up people…..the world is way too serious and depressing already… this news show not only reported the news correctly but did it in a manner that made it a lot easier to take…so they made you laugh once in awhile..is that so terrible? …sounds like some of you need to start the day with a better attitude or take some Prozac and go back to bed!

  • vernon franklin

    I agree with you jackie. The morning crew on cbs is nothing without Shon, Dave, Mario, Vanessa and the rest of the crew. It is hard to find a crew that can make you feel part of the team. Is their something we can do to complain?

  • I will no longer watch the morning News on channel 2 because of the changes that were made & the viewers were not given a chance to voice our opinions regarding the severe changes that they implemented . I left Fox 5 for the same reasons. They just upset the entire crew(Jim, Mario, & Dave were there together) and expect us to just stay faithful. I don’t think so. Not everyone enjoy the straight lace News & it longer feels personal the way it was with Shon, Mario, Dave, V & Jim. I felt like they were the last of the friendliest news group that made us fall in love with them.

  • Cindy

    I’m so glad I stumbled across this site. It helps to know I’m not alone in my grieving. And I am certainly grieving. No more news in the morning for me….It’s just not the same. AND Did I miss their GOODBYES?????? How cruel to have us turn the tv on one morning and have part of my day gone forever.
    I don’t know what else to say! I’m at a loss….I miss them terribly.

  • I agree with everyone. I understand that changes have to occur, but Jesus!!!!! could someone have at least given us a heads up!!!! These guys had great chemistry together, so when it was time to be seroius they came through. At the end of the week when we needed a pick me up we got it from them. I will miss them and along with everybody else will turn on channel 7. As for all the people who never liked them well how would you know so much about them if you didn’t watch them!!!!!!!

  • I can’t believe either what CBS did — very confusing — don’t know where anyone went — but the early morning news is RUINED!!!

    Now I don’t know what to watch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beatrix

    I also miss the crew – I went on vacation and when I came back I thought – hey is everyone on vacation – but am very disappointed that not even on cbs website is there anything regarding the changes in anchor – it was more like a family – now it seems much more sterile – I miss the fun 🙁

  • Dan

    I MISS THE 2CREW!!1 Bring them back. Like beatrix comment, I too was on vacation and when I came back the entire 2crew was gone. They had such great chemistry. CBS should have never replaced such a good crew. Shon gables is no longer posted on WCBSTV’s website, leaving me to conclude that she has left. I also am sad that CBS didn’t post any info regarding the changes on their website. I can’t stand the new morning anchors, it just not the same. CBS made a huge mistake ruining are morning news. I can’t watch it anymore. I have emailed the many times asking for info regarding the changes but they have yet to respond to any. I wish all the 2crew (Shon, Mario, Jim, Dave, Vannesa, Duke) best of luck in there new positions.

  • Barbara

    Congratulations to whoever’s idea it was to split up the crew. Its now like the Stepford Wives. You can watch any station, it doesn;t matter, they are all now the same. The crew delivered the news, but took off the terible edge. Thanks CBS!
    I’ve changed to my local TV station news 12!!!!

  • angie

    My husband wondered why I got up so early.. well it was the CBS newscrew. I am actually depressed over their disappearance… yes depressed. How can CBS be so stupid? Millions of viewers must mean something to them.. even if its $$$. I hope they realize they are losing a tremendous following… if it hits their wallets then maybe they will react. There is nothing left to watch in the am, I for one am boycotting CBS news.

  • Judy

    I so agree with everyone’s comments – I never heard anything that this was happening so I kept flipping channels last week and this week thinking everyone was either on vacation or on assignment. I wanted answers so today I decided to search and I found this website. It’s absolutely awful. I wasn’t a fan when they brought Jim Ryan on but he grew on me because the others were so good. Now I don’t even turn the TV on – my local radio station will work until I find another crew. Does anyone know where they went?

  • Mark

    I have to agree with everyone’s sentiments. What the heck has WCBS done? There’s now nothing to watch in the mornings.

    I’m afraid that CBS has lost another viewing houshold. All CSI all the time is getting very tiresome.

  • Sonya

    I had no idea of the big switch up at CBS. When I turned on the television and did not see any of the old gang, I knew something was wrong. They couldn’t all be on vacation at the same time. Jackie was so accurate.

    CBS has become so boring that I have switched. I am trying out channels 5 and 11 because early mornings need something to wake you up.

  • Look Outside As Well As Inside

    Are you all for real? Depressed, grieving, ruined?!!! Well, I guess you all must lead very charmed lives. If you have such a blessing, then Look around you, step outside your door and you will find people with true problems who need you — focus on making a positive impact on others and you won’t “need” an Uncle Whizbang & his trained monkeys to “lighten” the facts of a selfish world. If you’re not part of the solution, then your part of the problem.

  • Ironic….huh?

    I agree with #61 (Diane)….For the viewers that didn’t like them, instead of complaining, all you had to do was change the channel and your agony would be gone….but instead, they chose to continue watching…ironic, isn’t it???? Talk about immature! Seems as though some people are just JEALOUS of others that enjoy their work and the people they work with….imagine…being happy at work….UNHEARD OF…if that’s immaturity, the world needs more of it!!!!

  • Mildred

    I too am so upset at the drastic change made to my morning routine. The upbeat, zany, broadcast helped me start my days with a smile and sometimes a chuckle that lasted me well past my commute… Nothing against any replacements but there is no joy in the morning anymore… Why? and details on where everyone is and how they are is the least that could have been done for the dedicated fans and viewers.

  • Lurker

    I just read Shon has left WCBS, They offered her an anchor position but she turned it down to pursue other opportunities, Vanessa is on Fox 5 now. Plus, You can’t blame the big wigs at Channel 2 making some changes because their morning show was in 3rd place in ratings. There might be alot of people that cannot stand Dave price and all the other goofy antics in the morning news.

  • Marcia

    I’m sorry to see the the old crew go and I’ll dearly miss them, they added a nice bright light to my day, good luck to all of them.

  • John

    In the fall, a new president came to WCBS, because the current president was lured over to WNYW/Fox 5. The News Director, Dianne Doctor, remained though. But WCBS has been in 3rd place across the board for 10 years. In the mornings, 5th place, losing to WPIX/WB 11 and WNYW/Fox 5.

    The new president, Peter Dunn, evaluated every single newscast judging. Unlike the now-former News Director, Dunn did evaluate, while Doctor just changed everything. Dunn’s evaluation was indepth.

    Dunn had come from KYW-TV/CBS 3 in Philadelphia, where he brought them from the bucket up to first and second on all newscasts. They had been a very, very distant third for years, and he changed that.

    With Dave asking to be removed from the newscast, that would mean putting Audrey on for weather. She did not bring the same energy to the show that he did. The show became silly under Dave, and without him, it could not be the same. Dave was cause for almost everything, and Shon was at her best with him. With the loss of Dave, Jim Ryan would no longer be necessary, because he was basically there just to run the jokes with Dave. Mario and Shon had not brought up ratings, therefore, WCBS wanted to try something new, and go back to the format everyone else uses. If WCBS’s format brought improvements, the changes would not have been made.

    Peter Dunn seems to know what he is doing, atleast with putting Dana Tyler back on at 11pm, teaming her with former co-anchor Jim Rosenfield. Mary Calvi and Roz Abrams also have good chemistry.

    I liked the old 2 Crew, but good things can’t last forever.

  • Anonymous

    New things aren’t always so bad… but they did a horrible thing by having the 2 Crew on the air one day and then gone the next without an on-air goodbye or anything. Also, Roz Abrams and Mary Calvi are awful together because they both come across as fake on the air. I would much rather watch Maurice Dubois and Cindy Hsu at Noon and 5 than Mary and Roz. Ch. 2 needs to bring back the 2 Crew and get rid of Roz Abrams and Mary Calvi. Bring back Cindy and Maurice at noon too!

  • Lisa, Long Island

    Last week, most schools were out for the Spring vacation. The last broadcast I saw was when Dave Price said he was leaving the Two Crew. My family left for Florida, but when we woke up on Monday, we thought something was wrong. Where’s Shon and Mario?
    I used to watch Dave and Mario together on channel five. I loved that show. And when Dave and Mario left, my mornings were not the same. Then,one day I was switching around and saw Dave on channel two. My husband and I were very excited. Then Mario. And just lately, Jim. It was like old times again.
    People can make their comments like “get a life” but I have been watching these guys for probably eight years or more. And I only watch television in the morning while getting dressed for work. The 2 Crew had a good “rhythm”. I liked when they did their hometown profiles. What can I say? They were like family to me. The show is so BORING. Dubois is BORING. The 2 crew woke me up. They made me laugh.
    I hope at least Shon or Mario go back to early mornings; Dave comes on too late for me to watch him during the school year.

  • Tappy

    I had taken off today because I was ill and now I truly am. To turn to channel 2 and not see any of the morning crew put me in shock! Nothing against the present crew, its borning. I started watching THAT crew because most of them were on channel 5. Well, I am now going to read myself a long tired, boring book to take me out of my misery. BRING THEM BACK!!!!

  • Pam, Long Island

    What were the brain trusts at CBS thinking? They have taken away my beloved morning crew and I am devastated. I was always so impressed with CBS for letting these folks entertain us in the morning and lighten up our day. For those of us who have to wake up at 5am our routines have now been altered and we must adjust. I will however no longer be a WCBS news watcher. It is my little protest for not being notified about this horrible decision.

  • Dazed&Confused

    I’m so happy to find people out there who are just as upset, shocked, etc. as I am that the BEST morning news team in a looooong time has been yanked, and without so much as a warning.

    I am SOOOO not a morning person, but have no choice but to get up at un-godly hours of the morning, like many. The entire morning team WERE like dear friends (as someone mentioned above) who helped get the day off to a nice, life’s-not-so-bad, start. Made you look forward to what lay ahead and all that. I figured last week that maybe the whole entire team took the week off to be with kids or kid-relations since it was spring break for most of NYC. A stretch. I know. But it was the only logical possibility. But when I saw the same two anchors on Monday morning?!? My heart raced then sank and I turned off the television and put on the radio.

    Why did WCBS mess with a good formula? Who in the world made that executive decision? Did the station really get that much hatemail that they were forced to get rid of such a dynamic and charismatic group of people? I seriously doubt it. Then, my mother tells me the other day that, “they probably need to shave off some fat so they can afford Ms Katie whatshername from that other station” Yes, the one with no real talent that I can see, that merits the insane amount of $$ being forked over. My mom may be on to something, but that’s Network, not Local, so I’m not sure that there’s actually any real reason behind this sudden and drastic, and ill-informed change. I hope the network feels the error of its ways in the bottom line.

    Maurice is good, but just not the kind of personality to put pep in your step before heading out to work. Ms. Mid West has potential, but I can’t help but think that she would have been a great addition to the OLD team.

    Oh well! Back to radio I go! Bye-bye WCBS morning news. Hello extra cups of coffee!

  • Marisa

    I miss 2 news crew!!!

    Boo-hoo…Where are my peeps?

    Everything was just fine, thank you.

    I’m blipping to another station, even (Lord forgive me, Fox 5!!!)

    Adios Channel 2…

  • Crushed Cathy

    I have to agree with you all, my early mornings have lost their luster. Way back when, the entertaining Dave Price enticed me (a long time NBC fan), to CBS. I so enjoyed the anchors, the banter, and feeling part of the morning crew. They were able to balance their news reporting responsibilities with professionalism while having fun at the same time. I mourn their departure and can’t help but wonder “what were the CBS executives thinking???” I now spend my mornings channel surfing for a happy news crew…I know one thing, I will not be watching any CBS news and even Katie Couric could not convince me otherwise!!

  • Mrs. Richardson, NJ teacher

    I am just so angry and disappointed. Why do the “suits” who make the programming decisions always have to ruin EVERYTHING ??!!!

    I absolutely HATE the new cookie cutter, same as every other station/network early show format!!! What a gyp!!! It’s so generic and impersonal.

    I was a die-hard Channel 5 “Good Day New York” watcher until Dave Price disappeared. When I found him again on CBS I was thrilled to be rescued from the monotonous duldrums that monopolized the TV air waves in the early hours. When Jim Ryan came on board I was thrilled! Getting ready for work was “happy time” again.

    I stumbled onto this web site on my way to email CBS to tell them “Shame on you!” I was comforted to see that others share my grief and outrage.

    I am on my way to the CBS web site to declare my objections, dissatisfaction, and statement that I no longer tune in, but I suspect that they couldn’t care less. I am boycotting all of their AM programming – for what that’s worth.

    Peace, diane

  • J. D.

    Reading all of this makes me feel relieved. I thought I was the only one who missed the 2-Crew.

    While I understand things can’t stay the same, it infuriates me the way networks switch tactics and leave the loyal followers hanging without explanation.

    Personally, I live in CT and chose to watch the 2 Crew because of the “Smart-Humor” and News. Now I’ll be forced to watch the ho-hum CT newscasters with their over-sold so-called “news”—which is something like watching paint dry.

    Too bad – Good Luck 2 Crew … wherever you are. You are missed by many.

  • Walter Lipman

    Amazing. This blog, and the vast majority of the reactions to it, are evidence of just how many cretins walk the earth.

    That’s right, cretins. My deep-rooted beef against Shon Gables stems not from sex, nor color, but from intellect: time and again, she demonstrated herself the most overtly stupid person ever to have broadcast the news, anywhere. “Taxes due on April 15th” repeatedly cascaded from her lips, in spite of the fact that April 15th fell on a Saturday this year. And, the rest of the crew just laughed it all off…

    Except for Mario Bosquez. If you watched him carefully, you’d see him wince–just imperceptably. Mr. Bosquez is an intelligent, thoughtful individual; to borrow a phrase from Mark Twain, he was as out of place on the 2 Crew as a Presbyterian in hell. Mario Bosquez deserves far better in broadcast journalism than that which has been his lot until now, and I hope he attains what he so richly deserves.

    Dave Price is like every human resources automaton I’ve ever met–not even fit on the best day he’s ever had to shine Mario Bosquez’s shoes.

    Requescat In Pace, 2 Crew.

  • Elaine

    I’m so glad you wrote this blog, because I can’t find another single word on what had happened to the CBS 2 crew! Like all of the others, I am devastated that everyone has left! I used to be a Fox5 viewer until they pulled this over there, and now an even bigger decimation at channel 2. I don’t even WATCH news in the morning anymore. I get my quick info on overnight happenings from CNN.com and then I pick up a newspaper on my way to work. I don’t think I will ever get hooked on a morning news program again.

  • jenn

    just saw Vanessa doing weather on channel 9 at 10 pm on sunday…Can’t believe they all left. I guess I will have to stick with news 12 and no more surfing to watch Dave. I leave before the early show starts. Now I need extra coffee to get me started.

  • go

    adios channel two!!!!!
    what were they thinking the two crew made my day at 5 am. it was fun to laugh and have a different news program. kate and maurice are beat!! cbs should reconsider bringing back the 2 crew team. welcome fox 5 to my morning routine.

  • miss the 2 crew

    i am so dissappointed with cbs decision to break up the two crew, the news is not the same it is “just NEWS” upsetting , depressing and boring. the 2 crew always brought a fun edge to the morning news program. i especially enjoyed the crew answering emails, their jovial demeanor and dance friday. what will we do without dance friday??? i suppose we can now sleep in. the current anchor team is dull and boring what was cbs thinking!! shame on them.

  • rain

    Working in an hospital where death and dying is a thing of the norm, I looked forward to seeing the 2 CREW in the mornings where I could always afford a smile to start my day. This daily dose of laughter was a good thing. Thanks Shon, Dave, Mario,V, and Jim for such a service. I have also made the switch from cbs.

  • Jan

    What a bigh dissapointment. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I leave home at 6:30 am in the morning. Thought maybe the 2-Crew would be coming on later, kept watching, looking and no luck. So I decided to search the internet to see what happen to the family that I grew to love and looked forward to making may day a success. Same thing happen on Fox 5. The 2-Crew was just an enjoyment to watch. Fun, exciting, humor, laughter and profession. Oh well, (Shon, Mario, David, Jim, Vanness and Duke ) GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL, I WILL MISS YOU ALL!

  • Kathy Bklyn

    I am so disappointed. They were part of my morning and they are ALL gone. Does anyone know what they are doing these day’s ??????

  • Rod

    Good job on letting the whole 5AM staff go. The weatherman’s shtick was especially bad. The network of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite should never have stooped so low.

    Maybe someone will watch in the future.

  • Terry

    So sad to see the crew go. I can’t watch CBS from 5am-7am anymore. It’s not the same and to be frank I now have to watch another station. I miss the crew so much.

  • Florence

    I just saw Vanessa last night 4/30/06 on channel 9 doing the weather.

  • no longer a watcher

    Starting my day early I would wake up to the CREW! The chemistry between them made my mornings worth getting up to and starting my day.Now they are gone and so is my loyality to Channel 2. I watched the 2 new people and was so bored, I changed the channel. They are to bland for the early hours. You have lost a loyal viewer and I no longer watch channel 2 for news @ any time of the day. You made a big mistake getting rid of the CREW. They made getting up in the morning fun to watch.

  • Rhonda

    I agree with the previous posts. I too looked forward to the banter between Jim Ryan and Dave Price. I used to watch them when most of the 2 crew were on channel 5. I need a morning show that’s going to wake me up, not put me to sleep which is exactly what Maurice and Kate do. They are beyond boring. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Gina

    The morning crew – Dave, Jim, Shon, Mario, Vanessa and Duke really made the morning news interesting and stand out among other boring morning news. So sad to see the BIG WIGS “fix something that wasn’t broken”! I am extremely disappointed to see the crew gone and very sad to say – another loyal viewer gone from your channel! Congratulations!


  • Dorothy Sherman

    I couldn’t understand where everyone went. How could they get rid of everyone on this show? I get up early every morning and enjoyed Dave and Vanessa and the rest of the crew. The new show does not have the same family, friendly feel to it. We were presented with the news, but also a chuckle or two. News alone can be a little depressing. I have now changed my news channel. What happened to everyone on the crew? Where are they now?

  • Laurette T

    I went on vacation and came back to a completely new early show. Now in protest, I refuse to watch CBS news. So I flip around to the other channels but they can’t hold my interest like Jim, Dave, Mario, Vanessa, Duke and Shon. What did you do ,CBS? The biggest mistake you ever made !!!

  • Irving double L

    Well, I can’t believe that I read almost every comment on the this blog site. I am amazed to see so many people who felt the same way I did about the wholesale changes wcbs 2 made to our beloved morning news program. To all of the haters, you must remember that some of us like the light hearted banter in between all of the heartbreaking news stories. I also thought that the diversity of the crew and the balance of humor & seriousness was what made the show great along with the personalities. Apparently wcbs 2 knew something since many of us were away on vacation or out of town when these changes were made only to come back shocked that things had gone awry. This Peter Dunn guy who made changes to a news broadcast in Philadelphia to bring them from 3rd to 1st place should take note that this is New York, not Philly. He Dunn all of the faithful wcbs 2 viewers a diss-service… Nuff said… Irving double L

  • BJ

    What happened I go on vacation and come back to New York the 5AM team is all gone.

  • A. Hall

    I was dissappointed in CBS for not letting the views know what going on. It like my friends going away without saying goodbye. I tried to look for any information on CBS with no success. I missed Dave, Shon, Mario, Vanessa and Duke. The news on the show has no warm it’s too straight lace. I used to laugh and enjoy looking at the morning crew while I was getting ready for work. I hope the show know what they are doing. Maybe CBS news did not care what the viewer thinks. Now, I will try to find another news show with that same chemistry as the old crew. Not with CBS 2 News This Morning too boring.

  • Fran

    THANKS, CBS you sure made a mess of our mornings.
    I was another faithful follower of Mario, Dave, and Jim when they were at Channel 5. I followed them to CBS so I could enjoy my mornings before work. The last few weeks I’ve been home due to illness and that was the one thing I looked forward to watching. Drawing US and the 2 Crew together with puppets was amazingly clever. So why mess it up now??? They had the best chemistry that any one could wish in the 2 crew. CBS you really messed up here. WE may have lost the 2 Crew but you lost another viewer. Leave Dama Tyler at 11(one good choice) and bring Cindy back at noon. Bring back the 2 crew and Peter Dunn please think first before you move any one else around. There are some changes New York doesn’t need. The 2 Crew was the one change that we didn’t need to loose.

    We miss all of the 2-Crew and wish them well. If only this could be just a bad dream.

  • Diane

    I am so glad that I found these comments about the mysterious disappearance of the 2 crew. I, too thought that maybe everyone was on vacation but I waited and waited….It was so much fun watching the crew early in the morning and often I found myself chuckling in the kitchen when everyone in my house was still sound asleep. Channel 2 made a huge mistake and I will check back ocassionally to see if any of the beloved crew returns!

  • viewertoo

    I was also quite surprised and disappointed to see the whole crew wiped out. They had chemistry. Dave and Shon seemed to intensely dislike each other and I have to admit I found their interchange amusing – his sideways caustic remarks at her expense…did anyone else notice this – it was so obvious – that is why I watched. Sometimes they would be downright nasty to each other and I couldn’t believe they went as far as they did. Mario tried to stay out of it but sometimes his cool exterior would crack a little and he’d make a backhanded comment at one of them. And Vanessa, keeping it sweet and lighthearted. She was very steady and seemingly unaffected but still quite aware of the hostilities. Still that being said, it provided lots of entertainment – I never knew what jab Dave was going to throw at Shon next and it was fun to watch her steam and get him later – and of course you got the feeling you were watching real people, not cardboard, which was fun to watch.

  • Upset viewer

    I totally thought everyone was on vacation as well and POOF they are gone. I have been looking for a sight to complain and cant find any. I REFUSE to watch CBS now due to the biggest mistake made. I think I saw Vanessa on channel 9 but cant find her again. Its very upsetting cause they were the BEST new CAST EVER seen. Lots of fun and smile to watch them…. Bad Move CBS

  • AP


  • stefanie

    I too am glad I found this blog. I may have overslept a day or two and got up one morning and all my CBS friends were gone. CBS thanks for giving us no notice, no explanation – just gone. What’s the matter, you didn’t want to find out that they were popular. Well I to am off to another station. I am just glad I found out that I didn’t miss the announcement. CBS really poor display

  • carol p

    finally i can talk to people that feel exactly the same as i do!!! what was chanel 2 thinking? i’ve been trying to research the changes for the past week. when i tuned in and saw maurice i knew something was up. it took me a long time to warm up to him when he was on chanel 4 in the am. i really didn’t miss him when he swithed to chanel 2 @6:00. i do miss, however, my dave, shon, mario and jim. i watched dave, jim and mario on chanel 5 and was soooo happy when they were all reunited on 2 in the am. dance friday – what a shame we’ll never see that again!! i’m happy for dave if this is what he wants, but he must know he’s left a big hole for all of his viewers. i’m on my way to work by the time he comes on the early show. well, it’s back to chanel 4. (chanel 7 with bill evans is also worth the switch!)

  • Pat

    Channel 2 news is not the same with out the news 2 crew. I enjoyed watching them, love Dave. I will change to channel 5 news now. I was wonderding what happened to them all….

  • Alice in Poughkeepsie NY

    I am still in a state of shock, at what CBS did to my favorite morning news show. BOOM. Everyone is gone. What did they do wrong? What is the reasoning? I have stopped looking at the show, for now it is cookie cutter, like any other news show. Dave Price is from here in Poughkeepsie, and the area is very proud of him, but now he is not allowed to show his fabulous sense of humor, in the 7A to 9A show. What a blunder. Whoever made this decision should have their head examined. Mornings are just not the same.

  • Norman in Manhattan

    I miss the 2 Crew! The new team is so boring. I liked Maurice Duboise at noon and six, but I do not like him in the mornings. I see above that Shon is gone from channele 2, but where are Mario and Jim? They are still listed on the website. I am very upset by these changes. I also am missing Maurice DuBoise and Cindy Shu at noon. They were real good. I dont like Roz Abrahams and Mery Calvi. They are not good together.

  • AV

    You all should send your complaints directly to http://wcbstv.com.
    Scroll down the left side until you find “about us”. Under that you will find “contact us” Click on “contact us” and send your complaint to CBS programming. You can copy and paste the comments that you wrote here and then you won’t even have to re-type.
    CBS ought to know how we feel!

  • Donann

    We, also, switched from Channel 5 to Channel 2 to watch Mario and Dave. We were so happy to see Jim join the crew. We tried e-mailing wcbs,asking what happened, but our e-mail wasn’t accepted.

  • danielle

    What a big mistake to get rid of the entertaining
    cast which started our day w/ a smile…
    Now we get to see 2 boring people that should
    be anchoring the news at noon… They had a great
    crew, Dave, Shon, Mario, Vanessa and Duke…
    They really had a way to keep there viewers interested in a light twist.. I do agree when Jim Ryan came on board it became a bit “crowded”…
    although I like the relationship between Jim
    and Dave it became abit to much..
    Well bottom line, I switched to CBS from FOX
    when Dave came on board.. Now I made a change
    to NBC… Maurice and the new woman are so
    BORING, I just can’t.

  • Alice in Po’keepsie


  • VPM Brooklyn

    What is going on? I guess I’m still in shock. It was a part time job that I enjoyed watching the WCBS news crew. For the past couple of weeks I noticed a new anchor appearing. I was aware of Dave Price moving to morning show. But then Shon, Mario, Jim, and Vanessa. What is going on in the newsroom? I no longer watch channel 2 in the morning. What is the morning news without Dave dancing? I am truly disappointed with WCBS. I am also happy to know i’m not the only one feeling this way! I know life goes on but it’s going to take awhile to find another new station to replace Shon, Mario, Vanessa, Jim, and the wonderful Dave Price

  • I was very disappointed and felt cheated that CBS did not make an announcement that Jim, Shon, Mario, Dave and Vanessa would no longer host the morning show. I thought I had missed the big goodbye. I kept watching and thinking that perhaps Maurice and the other lady (what ever her name is..) would say something about the sorely missed crew.

    Did CBS think we wouldn’t notice?

    Friday morning was my last day of trying to get through the news with Maurice and what’s her name. Channel 9…here I come.



  • Sandra

    My husband and I really miss the “2 Morning News Crew” Shon, Mario, Vanessa and Dave! After the Easter vacation, my husband and I noticed that the crew was gone. I said to him “don’t worry, Shon is on vacation with her son and Jim has a young daughter, they’ll be back”. We watched and waited 2 more weeks and they never came back. We were watching when Dave said he’s going to be on at a later time, thanks for that announcement, but when the others never came back we were all too disappointed!!! It was like taking away old friends, they moved out of the neighborhood without saying good bye!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!! So we are looking for a new morning news home and we can’t find one!!! I can’t take the others, they just don’t do it for us. They don’t blend and mesh, one may be ok and the other is awkward. I am constantly grabbing the remote and changing channels. It’s the same as finding a radio station and the announcer or MC’s voice is so annoying, you just have to change the station when you hear their voice!!! What makes me stay with Channel 2 news is Audrey Puente and the knowledge that I will be seeing Dave Price soon. Maurice is ok, just a little too stiff for me. Did they do something wrong? Did they ask for more money? Threaten to walk off unless they got some type of increase? Will we viewers ever know the answer to these questions? I wish them all well! And when I find out what they’re doing in New York television wise, I will follow their career.
    Thank you,
    Saddened Viewer!

  • Cindy

    For the last few weeks, I have been doing what I’ve just read many other viewers say they’ve been doing. I’ve been scanning the internet for answers…. meanwhile waiting on each Monday for the fun 2 crew to come back. I definitely understood why Dave Price left his early responsibilties… but I think Ch2 under estimated just how much their viewers came to love Shon, Mario and Vanessa. I too began watching channel 2 when Dave Price joined. But as I continued to watch over the years, I have come to love Shon, Mario and Vanessa as well. The whole group seemed to gel very well and have a great time. I think CBS owes it’s viewers an answer on why these changes were so abruptly made. I personally will continue looking to the CBS website for an answer, but will no longer be tuning into their station from 5-7 a.m.
    My mornings aren’t the same now!

  • Mike McCahill

    To put it simple enough for the powers that be to understand……..

    Shon, Mario, Jim and Vanessa……Good Luck

    CBS 2 Morning News ……………Good-Bye

    Bayonne N.J.

  • jeffem


  • deb schiffman

    OH DEAR!!!!!!!
    I just returned from London, …… first day back at work, turned on the TV as usual at 5:15 AM and did a double take. It appeared the entire morning show crew had fallen down a rabbit hole!
    WHAT COULD HAVE CBS management been thinking!!!!
    It has taken me several days of “surfing” till I found any information at all and only because I was lucky enough to find this site. THANK you Jackie!

    I hope someone at CBS2 management is reading these comments, and will realize what an insane idea has been effected. I would imagine they might get some “hint” of their folly as they watch their ratings plunge into the sub basement.

    The new show is bland, boring, uninspired, without personality and just plain awful..
    I just can’t “get into it”.

    For now I’m channel surfing but can find NOTHING that even comes close to the “electricity” and wonderful quirkey cleverness of the interaction of the crew I grew to really love.

    Where is Vanessa now? And Shon? Mario?


  • Susan

    I agree I no longer watch cbs2 news as I get ready for work. It use to be my alarm clock. I now wake up to another channel. For a while I thought I was going insane. How could a whole news crew disappear and no one ever say anything. Were they all a dream I had. Thanks to your blug I now know I am awake and OK.

  • john

    The bottom line is this, you guys must have been the only ones watching this show becuase the ratings were horrible. The 2Crew was getting blown out by channel 4 and 7. They had to pull the plug.

  • Thanks For The Info

    Just e-mailed CBS — I agree with John, Walter Lipman, Mo FromBridgewater & The Rest of Normal Market comments regarding the 2Crew– it was more like a circus train speeding out of control than a thoughtful newscast.

  • Milt Medwin

    Now that the air is clear of the Sesame Street Crew, oh… I mean Avenue 2 Crew, can’t wait till they street clean the dreadful low budget commercials.

  • Sharon

    I agree with the majority of comments wishing that the CBS morning crew from two months ago was back on the air. I also miss Cindy Hsu from the 12:00 PM broadcast. They were all professional yet it was easy to relate to them as if they were family members or friends. There is nothing wrong with enjoyng an entertaining newscast instead of watching sensationalism. Most of the news is sad and yet I still enjoyed watching those anchor people.

  • A Former Channel 2 Viewer

    I agree with Sharon: the CBS2 Morning Crew is missed. The new team isn’t horrible, but they are boring compared to Shon, Mario, Dave, Jim, and Vanessa. I heard that Vanessa is on Fox 5 Good Day NY doing features reporting, and she also apparently is on UPN9 News on weekends at 10PM doing the weather. Dave is still on the national Early Show from 7-9AM, but he is much more serious and not as fun as he was on the CBS2 Morning News.

    I also agree with Sharon because I also miss Cindy Hsu on the 12:00PM news. She did such a great job and now she is replaced with two anchors I cannot stand to watch (Roz Abrahms and Mary Calvi). These two are painful to watch together on the news. Roz Abrahms is so unprofessional and is just terrible to watch. They should just get rid of her and while they’re at it they can ship Mary Calvi back to weekends. Cindy Hsu should be an anchor at 12:00PM Noon and 5:00PM evenings.

    I will say this: Dana Tyler is wonderful at 6PM and now at 11PM. They made the right decision by bringing her back at 11PM and moving Roz Abrahms off.

  • Jim

    Had been away, and didn’t watch early NY news for more than a month. Was shocked to see entire 2 Crew gone, without an explanation/warning in the newspapers. It is a shame how many life’s pleasures are taken, without notice. All the more reason to value and appreciate the good things in life now. Dance Fridays looks to be just a fond memory

  • Get Real

    Hey 2 Crew fans: I heard that the Cartoon Channel is going to be delivering the news in the morning… Mister Magoo, Bugs Bunny & Friends… just right up all your alleys!

  • Sandra Arias

    where is my morning crew? I miss them so muucch, they made my day. I feel as if I lost my family.

  • I feel like everyone else who has lost the news family of channel 2. I have converted so many of my friends just by talking about them all the time. There’s news and there’s news delivered in such a way that you feel compelled to tune in day after day with these people who relate to you in such a way that you truely do feel like family. I miss them so much that I cannot look at this channel anymore. I feel like I’m betraying my good friends….I have switched to Fox and Friends on channel 26 to get somewhat of the feel of family news casting that channel 2 threw away…Shame on whoever brain stormed this. I heard it was because Katie Couric was coming to do some nightly programs like 60 minutes and they were cutting back on salaries to accomidate for hers. There’s a reason I never enjoyed channel 4. Guess why.
    I think channel 2 should at least let us know where our old friends have gone. I know I saw Vanessa on channel 5 doing some location stories. I found her by accident just flicking through the channels. Good luck guys……..

  • Connie

    I agree with Jackie, I really would wake up to watch my five crazy and great anchors. Mario, Shon, Dave, Duke and Vanessa. All of a sudden Duke is gone, then Vanessa. Jim came along and that was fine he was just fine. All of sudden my crew was gone. What the heck happened if anyone finds out please let me know. I went to CBS.com and I do see that Mario, and Jim is still somewhere with CBS. I haven’t seen the 7am show in quite sometime not sure if Dave is still there. Please advise. Not interested in CBS news any more. Good luck to 2 news crew since I don’t get to see you guys anymore hope all is well. You will be sadly missed. (All of you). CBS could have at least prepared us. No more CBS news for me.

    New Jersey

  • J. D.

    I posted a while back, and am happily surpised that this thread is still alive and kicking.

    For whatever it is worth, I sent this URL link to both CBS Corporate and CBS NY Programming so they could view it. I suggested they take a few minutes out of their busy schedules and read the posts. If nothing else, it lets them stay in touch with viewers thoughts (both good and bad) that are posted here.

    If you feel strongly about whatever you post here, I’d suggest you email them directly. Merely posting your thoughts or venting on this blog won’t get your message across to the programmers at corporate.

  • I was away on vacation during these changes. When I turned on the CBS news one morning and did not see the usual crew Dave, Jim, Mario, Shon and Duke, I began to worder, but never in my wildest dreams did I think they were gone. Their laughter charm, and chemistry was something I looked forward to every day. When, within a week, they did not appear, I started searching for WHY?. I too, have been watching channel 7 news. Mr. Dubois is an excellent newscaster, it is just that the fun, laughter and charm. which made it fun to get up and watch, is GONE I am not opposed to change, but this was totally drastic. I hope you can find another group that can hold the interests of your viewers. You have lost mine.

  • Deb

    Sorry…. I HAVE to reply to those who have labled those of us who appreicated the crew at CBS and the “unique” way they presented the news of the day ….as “IMMATURE”, needing to get real” etc……

    LIGHTEN UP!!!!!!! We live center stage in an all too often absurd and sometimes hideous world. Being eased into each day with lightharted good humor (silly or not) is an ubcredibly HEALTHY thing….

    I WOULD SUGGEST YOU “GO FOR IT”……… take some of that stuffing out of your shirts!

    a note: Having high ratings doesn’t necessarity mean “high” quality……

    Hooray for peeps and dance friday and “banter” and all the rest of it….may they resurface somewhere somehow, some-day……

  • Alice in Po’keepsie NY


  • john

    The only reason television stations are on the air is to make money. The way they do that is to sell advertising. Advertisers pay top dollar to the stations with the highest ratings. The 2Crew’s ratings were in the toliet. Hence, it was making WCBS no money. So, it doesn’t matter how much the 2crew was missed or how many people missed them. The ratings were terrible.

  • Sarita

    Boy, am I glad to hear there are so many people who feel the same as I do regarding the 2 crew. I miss the chemistry that they had. I used to watch Mario, Jim and Dave on Fox and switched to CBS because of them. Now that they are all gone, I have since switched back to Fox. I decided to try it out for a week and I like Judi Applegate because she makes me laugh. She looks like Marcia Cross and she has a sense of humor. Goodbye CBS. You lost yet another morning news viewer. I need at a least a chuckle before I walk out the door in the morning and Dubois and what’s-her-name just wasn’t doing it for me.

  • Georgene LaRossa

    I too miss the channel 2 crew its not funny. I have watched so long and they were so funny and not boring like the other channels. I have tried 4, no way, 3, no, 7 for sure not. There is not one news place to hear and see that could put the fun and spark back into the morning hours in my house. I cannot believe they let them all go, and not even a word was said. I drove everyone nuts asking whats the deal with the ch2 in the am? I kept thinking they were coming back. I will not watch ch 2 any longer, only did for the am news anyway. What a terrible mistake they made.

  • brenda

    I have absolutely no reason to watch CBS, the Morning Show was something special, now CBS is just like all the other stations, oh well, back to reading the newspaper and getting the weather from the weather channel. So long CBS.

  • Michael

    I moved to Nevada. Just read this today.
    I was in NJ and wrote to Dave Price a few time on what happend to Duke.
    Then today I found they just cancelled the show.
    It was wacky, but I watched it often.

    I see Dave Price on the national out west, but he is more reserved now.

    One poster said V. Alfano is doing weather on WWOR. What happeed to the others?

    Duke C was on ESPN doing updates from the fan seats recently.

    Will come back in a few days

  • Marilyn

    I agree…my mornings have not been the same since the change on the Channel 2 Early Morning News. My girls and I have a tough time waking up in the morning. We watched Channel 2 while eating breakfast and laughed together. They got us going and put us in a positive mood.

    Today, I saw Venessa on Channel 5. I am turning to Channel 5 for the news from now on. They seem personable and friendly. They give the news, but they also communicate and laugh with each other. I love laughter in the morning.

  • The Early Show tomorrow should be interesting. They have their anchors switching places with their spouses. In Dave Price’s case, it’s his girlfriend. She’s a dentist. I’m off for work by that time, but I’ll be taping. It should be a bit of ol’ zany Dave.

    I keep hoping that I’ll catch Mario doing something – anything! He used to anchor weekend news as a substitute in the past. Nada. I haven’t seen Jim Ryan, either.

    Shon Gables was supposedly offered an anchor position, but “left to pursue other options.” I have no clue what those options would be.

  • Arthur Metz

    What to do now that 2Crew is gone…
    1 — put on a pair of pants, go out and meet the world
    2 — seek some meaning in life
    3 — start your own blog on losing causes
    4 — move back to West Virginia… he hawww, he hawww

  • june

    My mornings are just not the same. I wonder if CBS reads these blogs

  • Thanks for all the comments in support of Cindy Hsu.

    Please sign our online petition and our letter to WCBS-TV Channel 2 to bring back two-time Emmy Award winner Cindy Hsu as news anchor of the CBS 2 News.

    Ms. Hsu was recently removed from her anchor position effective April 15 although she continues to appear on CBS 2 News as a reporter. We do not know why she was de facto demoted. Sources close to Ms. Hsu tell us that it was a surprise to her and that she is upset with her removal from the anchor desk. Ms. Hsu is an award winning journalist, a role model, and she has been very supportive of the Asian Pacific American community, family with adoptees from foreign countries, and other communities. She is adored and respected by many.

    Please read the World Journal article and sign our online petition:

    This petition is being sponsored by a coalition of organizations (see below) in New Jersey and New York who recently held a very successful petition drive at the Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival in Union Square Park on May 7th. Today the Coalition sent a letter to WCBS-TV expressing our concerns and requesting a meeting.

    – Send a link to the online petition to everyone you know and ask them sign it.
    – Have your organization sign-on to our coalition letter to WCBS-TV (see below).
    – Contact the station ask that Ms. Hsu be brought back to the anchor chair.


    Petition to Bring Back Cindy Hsu as Anchor of the CBS 2 News

  • Rachel

    I have been searching for weeks to find out the true story regarding the 2 morning crew. I was very annoyed and angry to find out they had cancelled the show. I really enjoyed watching Dave, Shon, Mario, Vanessa, and Duke. They made me laugh in the morning. They reported the news with a twist, not boring. It got you going in the morning. I should have guess something was wrong when the Duke left without any explaination, then Dave on assignmemt a lot. CBS really messed up this time.. It’s not the same anymore. I know that they bring different personalities, but they are dry. Do anyone know where Shon is? I heard that the Duke is on ESPN and Vanessa is on Channel 9. I have not seen either of them yet. Have to check it out. Well for me I do not watch the morning news anymore. The 2 MORNING CREW will be missed, however not forgotten….

  • Earl Wisen

    The ridiculous tone of your messages is disturbing — it’s almost as scary as the fanatics that meet actors on the street and expect them to be the characters they play. These celebrities actually have no respect for the “public” that is consumed by this nature. In fact, you scare them.

  • Sarita

    To # 149 and #153, all I have to say is if you feel that way then why are you wasting your time writing in this blog made esoecially for us 2crew fans? You all need to mind your business and leave us to comisserate with each other.

  • joan miller

    I have been looking for Cindy Hsu, where is she? I really enjoyed watching Cindy, did she go to another station, i enjoyed watching her with Tony cooking up some delicious veggies for lunch could you please get her back,my mom and i miss her. thank very much…

  • Ron

    Just wanted to add to all the comments -I 100% agree with mistake was mde by doing the change -it was a defferent non dry straight forward news report that really was worth watching -The news now is no diferent then any other news show – I can only guess that somewhere somehow this is the same mangement personnel that removed WCBS FM oldies from the air and started JACK FM – What a mistake that was and the ratings show it – can only guess wht will happen with this move

  • elaine

    where is the 2 crew. they were great esp. dave prive and vanessa alfano. please let us know where they have gaone

  • Rosa

    My husband and I saw the show where Dave announced he was leaving. Sad…. but we figured that the rest of the crew, Mario, Shon, Duke, Jim, etc. would remain. Like others (believe it was the following morning),while getting ready for work, we tune to Channel 2 and thought we hit the wrong button on the remote. By the third morning, it finally sunk in that the 2 crew would never again brighten our mornings. It’s great to finally find a web site which clarifies the sudden disapearance of the 2 News Crew. Even better to know that others share in the loss of a group of professionals who planted smiles on our faces before leaving for a long work day. What a waste and disregard for loyal viewers. Loved them, miss them and hope they all return. Until then, we’ll be watching Channel 7.

  • Donna

    Ever hear the old saying “If it aint broke dont fix it”!!!!! Looks like CBS didnt take heed to that saying…..Looks like I am going back to Channel 5 ……I looked forward to the mornings while getting ready for work listening to the crazy cast….Kinda helped me wake up…..Now I am falling asleep!!!!! Sorry CBS but you aint what you use to be!!!!!

  • Eddie

    My wife & I had also “followed” Dave & Mario from Fox5. As a police officer I deal with enough depressing events, so I enjoyed watching a program that could take the “edge” off all the bad things that happen on a daily basis. Most people stick with one program, so I have to wonder what did the changes do for CBS ratings. I can see the veiwers that were lost, but did they pick up any?? I know they lost my wife, myself and more then a handful of friends. To all those writing bad comments about all who enjoyed the 2Crew, weren’t you every taught if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I guess that was a bad up-bringing.

  • Tamika

    I was so upset when they took the 2 crew away. I got up every morning to see the 2 crew they were so funny but yet they still delivered the news. They made me want to get up in the morning to see the news. I use to hate the news until I started watching the 2 crew. I loved the chemistry they had I followed some of the from Good Day New York. Please try to bring the 2 crew back. I am soooooo sad!!!!!

  • Jay from Brooklyn

    Man, CBS sux now… I just listen to 1010 wins now. I miss Shon the most. Her blogs on CBS’ website were so interesting.. I hope some execs lose a serious amount of sleep for their HUGE mistake.

  • Pat G

    My mornings aren’t the same anymore. Th 2 news crew was the perfect way to start the day! It brought sunshine to the cloudiest day! What were you thinking? Please bring them back. The new anchors are good, but there is no personality!

  • Margie Bass

    If you don’t intend on bringing back the “lively” morning crew – can you at least replace Maurice and Kate with Reid Lamberty and Kirstin Cole as the morning anchors? Hate watching boring anchors!

  • concerned

    where is my cbs morning crew? sad mistake in taking them off the air, mornings are just not the same any more. thank you jackie for all your info.

  • Ever since Dave Left Fox and came over to CBS I’ve been an avid viewer of the 2 Crew. Unfortunatly the higher ups don’t get up early enough to see whats good on A.M. news. With that all I can say is,channel 2 “SEE YA”


  • My entire family is in an uproar over this station change. We all get going in the morning with this crew, Jim, Shon, Mario, Dave. You need to think this over again. My entire family will not look at CBS news again. We are going to News 1 now that we have learned that they are gone. Everyday we are looking for the crew and now they are gone. This was like being in a plane crash imagine the shock of that CBS.

  • Sophie Schwartz

    The CBS morning news crew – BORING – BORING – BORING! You make me go back to sleep! Shame on CBS for ruining a GOOD THING! Please bring back the old crew – we miss you DAVE, JIM, SHON, MARIO, VANESSA and yes DUKE!

  • Bill Weightman

    I, too, have been looking for answers on the show. With three reports on weather, and three on traffic every half-hour, and little news substance, and purely insincere dialogue; there is little reason to listen to this present crew. I do like the sports reporter, but little else. Since people have been commenting for more than two months, I guess I am in good company. Dave Price seems to have no real role on the national show, though he seems to suddenly have a girlfriend that is a dentist, but that is entertainment?

  • Linda

    So glad to have found your website. Went away for a short vacation and came back and my mornings have not been the same. Where did my CBS morning crew go? Miss them all. Now turn on the radio instead. What a mistake CBS made.


    I, was also glad to have found your website. I went away on vacation and came back to Dave Price stating that it was his last day, not one time is stated that was everybodys last time. I email CBS, to this day no answers from tham. I miss Mario,Duke,Shawn,Vanessa. I miss ny morning news, I was hoping the CBS would corrected the big mistake,bring back the old crew. Goodby CBS……I also sent this URL link to CBS…..

  • Bob A

    Let me say that a few years ago the best morning news was not found on channels 2, 4 or 7 but on channel 5. CBS having recognizing this lured away Jim, Mario and a little later on Jim and joined them with Shon, Vanessa and Duke making for the best morning news show in this tri-state area in god knows how long. Then one day with out any warning it was over, I mean the best morning news show ever in my opinion was over! CBS managed to put to rest the competition from channel 5 and do away with a format of morning news that may never be matched for along time and that was a favorite with so many viewers like myself, so with that I put CBS news into there own Hall of Shame , Shame Shame Shame on You!!! Needless to say we like many others have now boycotted CBS news and its not like we are missing anything if you know what I mean and wish the best of luck to Jim, Mario, Shon, Jim, Vanessa and Duke in there future endeavors and to the best morning crew ever.

  • Corrected

    Let me say that a few years ago the best morning news was not found on channels 2, 4 or 7 but on channel 5. CBS having recognizing this lured away Dave, Mario and a little later on Jim and joined them with Shon, Vanessa and Duke making for the best morning news show in this tri-state area in god knows how long. Then one day with out any warning it was over, I mean the best morning news show ever in my opinion was over! CBS managed to put to rest the competition from channel 5 and do away with a format of morning news that may never be matched for along time and that was a favorite with so many viewers like myself, so with that I put CBS news into there own Hall of Shame , Shame Shame Shame on You!!! Needless to say we like many others have now boycotted CBS news and its not like we are missing anything if you know what I mean and wish the best of luck to Dave, Mario, Shon, Jim, Vanessa and Duke in there future endeavors and to the best morning crew ever

  • Thania

    I agree. I really miss Mario, Shon Vanessa, Duke and Dave together. There were great. It doesn’t matter now what channel I watch in the am. Very sad. Where are the now?? I know where Dave is, but where are the others??

  • Deb

    Hello from #126
    Every few days I check back on this site just to see if people are still posting their feelings
    about losing without warning a wonderful show to the utter stupid and shameful behavior of CBS…

    It is in a way very comforting to see new comments every time I log on…..

    I’ve opted for the NY1 “just the facts ma’am”
    option….. and watch nothing CBS has to offer.

    ……..and still miss the morning “banter”, that sent me out into any weather, smiling.

  • Although we’re still in a morning news dilemma, I’m glad folks are still checking in on the article. I’ve spotted Vanessa Alfano on both Channel 5 and 9 (sister stations, though I don’t know how that will work once UPN and WB merge since we’re talking FOX and UPN). No spottings of Shon, Mario or Jim, at least not here. Mario and Jim supposedly still work for WCBS2.

    I’ve been watching Channel 5. At least they smile sometimes. I need some sort of smile before heading off to face my workday.

    Oh… one more gripe about Maurice and Kate — before I gave up on them I noticed they don’t announce the time often enough. The old crew used to mention the time every few minutes which was great for someone like me who’s running around getting ready for work and perhaps not actively watching the show, but listening (with a train to catch).

  • Ann Marino

    PLEASE – PLEASE – PLEASE bring back the old morning crew! Maurice and Kate just don’t cut it. Need a bit of business, fun and cheer in the morn and the new morning crew just can’t deliver or convey that to the TV audience! please – I want Dave, Jim, Mario, Shon, Vanessa and Duke back where they belong…….

  • Jill Berlin

    They weren’t a news show. Just a bunch of clowns. They didn’t give news. All they did was run, jump, scream, yell and laugh like kids in school. They were too loud. Do they still see each other anymore? Did they really get along great like a big happy family?
    I see friendliness and chat on other news shows, like “The Today Show,,” without overtaking their jobs. Even News 4 New York’s weatherman Chris Cimino jokes and kids every once in a while, but someone like Dave Price got too carried away. Yes, the morning news show of CBS all acted like a popular crowd in school looking down at those who were subject to teasing. I’m personally glad they got what they deserved. My husband didn’t like Price and the others, and felt uncomfortable watching him. He acted too much life the “life of the party” and more people out there are ordinary people, not with fiery personalities.
    Most TV news crews do their jobs and have fun once in a while, but the fun never distracts. I’m sure even without Katie Couric, there will always be fun on “The Today Show.” That show always had its fun and they never lost it or acted like babies.

  • J.D.

    Yay! People still care. I too come back once in a while to see if this is stil live.

    This morning I decided to test the waters and see if in fact what I considered a “horrible replacement” was actually, perhaps, not so bad after all? Ahh then I saw Maurice attempt humor by making fun of a high school football youth who actually showed amazing ability to catch a flyball popped out by a hard hitter.

    –I’ll repeat—Maurice making fun of of a high school youth—

    No fellows, I still hate the morning people.
    However, Audrey’s new “re-do” looks nice.


    Still preferring to watch reruns of Bonanza instead of the news….

  • Rose

    I just can’t believe that my favorite morning news crew is gone. I kept hoping they were all on vacation. But no. I tried watching the new crew a few times – no interest whatsoever. I did like Maurice when he was on at 6 pm. Now I just keep flipping the channels over and over or sleep later.

  • g.b.

    i miss the 2 crew also. do anyone know where they all went? the show is very dry now. cbs ratings might have been in third place,but it will surely be in last now. i to will watch another news station in the mornings.

  • Eve

    Wow,I am so glad I am not the only one that was in total awe when all of a sudden, the CBS morning crew was gone. My television automatically comes on @ 5:30AM, and when I did not hear the crew, I thought someone changed the channel. I really enjoyed the chemistry,between the crew and I really like Jim Ryan. I followed him from Fox 5, ( they also never announced or told anyone he was retiring). I hope CBS is reading these comments,and realize what a mistake they made! I still watch Dave on the early show,but it is not the same without Jim, Mario, Shon, & Duke!

  • Willow

    I say they should fire the guy who they hired back in the fall who decided to make these changes. Apparently he knew very little about what made this morning program work in it’s own unique way. If you wanted to change the 11pm news fine, but what did that have to do with the morning show? I understand that change happens all the time in businesses. I didn’t understand why they weren’t allowed to or didn’t at least announce that they would no longer be a part of the morning show. Closure is always good. Perhap this works in the “2Crews” favor by us stating in a forum like this our dislike for the change in the wrong direction.

    I’m back watching channel 5 where Dave, Jim and Mario originated from. At least they are not as “tight” as channel 2.


    Here we are, more than 2 months later, & I am still morning channel surfing at 6am! I’m an attorney constantly pressed for time & I’m switching channels for something interesting at 5:45 am…How insane is that? Time is so limited & passes so quickly at that time that mostly I just end up watching whatever channel was on from the night before…(usually 11 FROM LATE NIGHT “Frasier”). Never thought I would miss the Morning 2 Crew but I do…no one else comes even close. I really hope the network is feeling it where it most counts.. ratings…

  • trish

    Three years ago I moved to NY from California and missed my news stations in California. However, I stumbled across the morning 2 crew, who made me want to wake up at 5 a.m. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who misses our morning fun.

  • Dianne Snyder

    FINALLY — found out that others are missing the 2crew as much as we are!!! It was the strangest thing — I started sending emails to the 2crew when Duke was gone —never receiving a response, but wondering what the heck was going on. Those guys were the best –they brightened my morning and Maurice just rubs me the wrong way. The 2crew was natural, honest and still provided a professional newscast. I feel it was a HUGE mistake to revamp the show. I am now forced to watch channel 4, and it is growing on me….don’t like it, but will not watch CBS anymore.

  • relieved

    I watched jim and Dave’s antics over the years on FOX and they seemed to go from jovial to snarky to disrespectful. I stopped watching. Then I see the pattern build all over again on CBS. I was actually livid at some of the mean spirited things Dave was saying to (about) JIm. A man of Jim Ryans distinguished age should be apprecaited by his peers not made the butt of inane and nasty jokes about drinking and family problems. I am glad its over-they should have just gotten rid of Dave. Apologies to those of you who liked it.

  • Clara Henley

    To all of you (viewers) who miss the Channel 2 early morn news crew and don’t like the replacements – – do as I did – – CHANGE THE CHANNEL! At least Fox 5 morning crew has a dash of personality, unlike the new Chan. 2 morning crew! Sorry Channel 2 – another viewer gone from your station, thank you for nothing! Miss Jim, Dave, Shon, Mario, Vanessa and Duke too!!!!!!!

  • Ann Reid

    Glad to see that people are still posting. I watch Channel 5 now, and it’s good to see Vanessa. I feel terribly sorry for Maurice DuBois, a solid, serious journalist, who is now reduced to doing cutesy commercials with Kate what’shername, trying to drum up interest for what has become a very uninteresting show. He is good at what he does well, but if you’re looking for someone to wake you up at 5 am., go elsewhere.

  • Ryan

    I’m all ch. 7’s now. I loved watching Shon, Dave, Mario, and Vanessa… THIS SUCKS! I hope one of the other stations will hire Shon and Mario, they’re really great.

  • john and elizabeth

    i never enjoyed dave too much he kinda reminded me of milhouse on the simpsons but my wife thought him funny and she being a latina related to mario me i was a jim ryan guy so we followed them all to channel 2 and watched them faithfully shon was a great anchor i see no valid reason for the network to drop them so my wife and myself dropped them

  • Jacqueline Lindsay

    What a shame! Channel 2 destroyed a good thing. A morning crew who worked perfectly together, giving us the news, making us laugh and getting us through another ho-hum day. The new morning crew just don’t cut it. Can’t stomach the stiffness and non-personalities. Sorry, I too, changed my channel to Fox 5. At least I get to see Vanessa Alfano, Lucy and Mike Woods are great to look at and great fun personalities. Channel 2 – – SHAME ON YOU!

  • Paula Cassidy

    I am so glad a lot of other people think the same as I do. I cann’t believe that channel 2 would do this to there lishers, I cann’t to watch channel 2 anymore, my husband and I would set our TV for 5 am weekdays to start our day. The crew was the best and not to tell the public what was going to happen was wrong. Now I turn to channel 5 in the morning and at night channel 9 to see venessa and Linda Lopaz. We shore hope all the news crew gets together again with Dave Price we will change right away. Also Dave is never on channel 2 Watch out Dave you are next, he should of stayed with channel 5. Shame on channel 2, you hurt the public….

  • Well I’m on board. I’ve followed Dave Price, Jim Ryan AND Mario Bosquez from when they were at Channel 5, Shouted EUREKA!! when I stumbled on Dave and Mario at Channel 2 and was giddy as hell when Jim Ryan joined the gang. Shon grew on me, a little more energetic than I can appreciate first thing in the morning, but she was definately the glue that kept that “family” together and upbeat! I hope they resurface again, be it channel 2, 5, 7 or 11, and when they do I will be back on board right along with them. Personality and news is a good mix.

  • Carole

    Hello everyone!

    I just fond this site and was glad to see e-mails from all of you who enjoyed the 2News Morning Crew as much as I did!

    I used to wake up so I could watch them. They always put me in a good mood. That’s a small miracle first thing in the morning! I used to use their schedule as my schedule. It helped me in the morning.

    Did anyone notice that Jim Ryan and Mario Bosquez are no longer with WCBS-TV New York? Well, they’ve mysteriously disappeared around the same time. I have been keeping up with that website ever since April when all hell broke loose and I’ve seen their pictures disappear one by one. I went into that website recently and to my surprise and against all reports to the contrary, Jim Ryan and Mario Bosquez are no longer working for WCBS-TV New York! A real shock to me, but with WCBS-TV New York, I should have expected it to happen after what they did to Duke, Vanessa, and Shon. Did anyone get a load of what they did to WCBS-FM? Just less than a year before the Morning Crew’s bloodbath, WCBS did it to their FM radio station on one Friday morning in the end of June 2005, the DJ’s came in and they all found out that they were fired! This includes Cousin Brucie!

    To the person who wrote about Dave Price’s put downs to Jim Ryan on Channel 5 and then again on Channel 2. Well, from what I saw over the years, it always happened just before Dave was about to leave the stations (5 and then 2) and I guess he didn’t really care what anyone thought or felt anymore. I also think it may have had something to do with not being able to say goodbye and feeling bad, sad, etc. and not being able to handle that kind of situation, like bowing out gracefully.

    I felt for Jim Ryan too and I was disappointed in Dave Price for saying those things to him (let’s face it he knows better and we all know he knows better than that). Dave’s gotten himself a fat head now that he’s on a network morning show and not a local show.

    At any rate, I wish and hope for a day when our beloved Morning Crew will be back on T.V. together so we can watch them and laugh again. They were great together!

  • Sean

    Once WCBS2 News let Shon go, I don’t watch them no more..

  • max sanchez

    I also enjoyed the early morning show, and was shocked to see it disappear one day, without any warning or explanation, as though this ensemble had never been together….I too thought I had accidentally tuned in to the wrong channel.

    I felt the way CBS did the whole thing smacked of disrespectful to the early morning audience. It as like they made their decisions and didn’t take the audience into account one bit!

    Maybe we should let CBS know how we all feel!

  • Chalanda Wells

    Well I have to disagree with almost everyone on this board. The change was a breath of fresh air Kate Sullivan and Maurice DuBois are professionals and when you get up in the morning you want to see real news. I couldnt stand the antics of the 2 Crew especially with Dave Price. The only one I like from the 2 Crew was Shon Gables because she knew when to be serious and when to have fun.

  • Sally U

    Has anyone heard of what Mario is doing or Shon? I’ve seen Vanessa Alfano on Fox News (WNYW) doing the weather!! It was good to see her on the air again.

    I just hope that Shon and Mario get great jobs–AND it’s in the NYC area!!!!

    I went to a one night class Mario Bosquez gave on his book The Chalupa Rules last year. It was a great evening and I love his book. AND he’s very charming in person!!!

    PLEASE if anyone hears of any news post it on here!!!!

  • Millie

    I’m so glad that I found this site. I was out of town during the middle of April. When I returned my morning crew of CBS was gone. From reading the other messages it seems that a lot of us missed their goodbyes to us. I tried looking it up on your web, but all I saw was Dave’s goodbye. Hope to see them soon. P.S. The show was better with them on it. It got you up and moving.

  • I miss the 2News Crew very much just like everyone else. I’ve stopped watching CBS morning news since the big change. Thanks everybody for all the updates.

  • Eileen

    I was also shocked by not seeing the 2 Crew that morning in April. This morning, I read, as someone mentioned, Shon left to pursue a “network position”; all I’ve seen of Mario is his book website. Like others, I’m not surprised that Dave just decided to do one job. A friend in Boston just told me Duke has been working at Ch. 5 up there (as well as sometimes ESPN) since late April. You guys have already seen Vanessa. I haven’t heard or seen anything about Jim, however.

  • Sally U

    If you go on Mario Bosquez’s book website you will see that he’s doing some comedy acts in September! A couple in Texas and a couple in new York City! AND he has a guest spot on one of the new comedy shows coming out this fall called “Six Degrees”. It says he’ll be on the 3rd show.
    I knew that he’s done stand up comedy in the past as well as written plays, so maybe he’ll just focus on performing and writing now!

  • Carol and Lou

    We miss the channel 2 News crew. Not only were they informative,they were entertaining. We want to know what happened to Shon. We have seen some of the other reporters.

  • Mary

    I have been trying to find out what happened to the news crew, I’m glad to see others who miss them too. I did see Vanessa on Fox doing the weather when Mike Woods is not in. I haven’t seen any of the others.

  • pam

    I miss my 2 crew. I watch abc now in the morning. Steve Bartelstein and Lori stokes are great. Does anyone know if they are an item? Id love to know. It certainly seems that way. They flirt constantly.

  • Hey everyone–

    Shon Gables was a co-host on The View for the day a couple of weeks ago! It was SO great seeing her again and she was great! She was her usual witty, smart self and she was able to keep up with the other women in conversation which can be hard. (Roise often takes over the conversations).

    Anyway I emailed Barbara Walters and asked her to PLEASE have Shon back often. If anyone else wants to write Barbara Walters and/or the show and ask for Shon to come back as a cohost you can email her through The Views’ website:

    Let’s start a campaign for Shon!! 🙂

  • OH! And I forgot one other thing–Shon is pregnant! So that may be one reason why she hasn’t found another regular gig yet-She’s probably waiting to have the baby first.


  • Paula Cassidy

    I am glad Shon is doing OK, channel 2 doesn’t know what they lost, Dave Price is hardly doing anything now. I watch channel 5 now I see Venesa on there sometimes and she is on Cnannel 9 on weekends. When is Shon having her baby? Paula

  • Sally U

    Hey Paula,

    I don’t remember when Shon said her baby was due. She was on The View last month and she didn’t look very pregnant so I would say in the early New year maybe…
    Dave Price seems to be more and more “on the road” now so you really don’t get to see him around the studio much. Too Bad.
    On Mario Bosquez’s website it says he’s doing some stand up comedy gigs now. Maybe he’s giving up being a news anchor. He also writes plays.

  • Yvette

    Got to this link to see Shon. She looks to be at least 6 months pregnant.

  • Sally U

    Wow Yvette–Thank for that link! I guess I must have only seen the first part of the show where she was sitting at the table and I couldn’t see how pregnant she was!


  • Paula Cassidy

    Sally let me know if you heard anything about Jim Ryan!!!

  • Sally U

    I haven’t heard anything yet about Jim Ryan Paula but if and when I do I’ll be sure to pot it here!


  • Sally U

    Oops! That should be “post” not “pot”!
    –I’ll be sure to post it here!!
    🙂 Sally

  • djm

    I was extremely happy that the news2 crew were GONE! They were tooo silly! I never thought Dave Price was funny, even when he was on Channel 5, so when he showed up on ch. 2, I’d change the channel when he came on. I thought Shon Gables was an absolute dunce – hired just as a pretty face to read the news. Some of the unscripted comments she would make were so ditzy, I was embarrassed for her! The whole crew just went crazy! It was so utterly ridiculous how they would start the broadcast acting silly, then try to transition into a serious news story, then go back to being silly again. It was too loud, silly and frenetic for early morning news. Good riddance! My apologies to all who liked the crew. Just my opinion, I don’t mean to offend anyone.

  • davetherave


  • judy

    I still am mourning the lost 2 crew. I am watching channel 5 fox news again as a result because Jodie Applegate and crew are witty terrific , intelligent and fun. I hated the way they let everyone go without any regard for the audience. Channel 2’s loss I switch between fox news and NBC now that they have Meridith Viera. It just leave a bad taste when they just go fire people for no reason or explanation.

  • Pamela Griffin

    I was so glad to find other people upset over the sudden change last year on the CBC 5-7am show. I too thought they were great. I still miss them! Dave may have been a little over the top but it was cute. I can’t believe that Jim Ryan left fox5 to get axed at CBS. Who ever decided to yank their show are probably the same people responsible for the “slump” their news always finds itself in. The show developed a life of its own. Let not even talk about Bob Sheiffer!

  • I’m glad to see that people still occasionally pop up on here still__I check it from time to time…Early morning news jsut isn’t the same anymore…Has anyone seen Mario Bosqez anywhere?
    I’ve seen Linda Lopez on Fox and Audrey Puntez I think I saw on Channel 11…Vanessa was on Fox but I haven’t seen her lately. I know Shon Gables must have had her baby by now–I’m waiting for her to pop uo somewhere!

    Any Mario news–oe Shon news—anyone???



  • Paula Cassidy

    I don’t know what show to watch, everytime you get use to someone next day there are gone!!!!! What ever happen to Jim ryan?

  • Mrs. Roger Williams

    On channel 7 What Happened and where is Steve? We always watch Lori Stokes, Steve B. and Bill Evans and they are a perfect team. What has happened and we hope they bring Steve back. We watch the news before going to the barn to do chores and any other time they are on. I hope this channel does not replace Steve and that this is only temperary. Mrs. Roger Williams
    Kaiserville, Pennsylvania

  • Mary Ann Vass

    Every morning Iam up by 4:30AM and I always look forward to the CBS 2 Morning News…until I saw Kate Sullivan missing. Kate and Maurice have such great on air chemistry, they make watching the news fun…even though so much evil is happening in the world. I have to say that I may not be watching the CBS 2 news anymore. Kate Sullivan, to me, was a driving force behind it all. Not only does she deliver the news well, her warm personality shines right through. I’ll miss you Kate…

  • Jean Clarke

    At the ten-to-the-hour break this AM there were, by my count, FOURTEEN commercial spots!!! Then, one tiny actual news item followed by the hour break with another 7-8 spots. I know air time is expensive but it’s beginning to look to me like pure greed. You ought to consider changing the show’s title to: Morning Commercial Viewing. Sorry guys. You’ve lost me forever.