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Wayne Shorter at Bovard Auditorium

Wayne and the band walk on stage and, as usual, the audience goes wild. The genius is back to work. Wayne spends a moment adjusting a beautiful microphone that is awaiting the Shorter sound. Blade starts it off, joined by Patituchi and Danilo and then we are once again on our way for more extraordinary jazz music.

It’s interesting how we the audience are enwrapped, engulfed , consumed, and transformed into the spirit of the music. It’s levitating! Just as captivating as the performance I saw just last week. Exuding with strength, energy, happiness and harmonious love.

I think of the thirteenth floor. The space that technically does not exist but seems to be a portal between two worlds where only a few can tap directly into the source. Colors, crazy rhythms, harmonies and melodic chords. Dimensions and daring concepts in jazz music that are often uncharted. It’s like a journey from green meadows to sprawling waters to mystic galaxies to funky strolls down hot Harlem streets to insane visions of Manhattan sped up to warp speed and back to land in the warmest most peaceful musical dream.

A musical experience. Jazz Music!! It’s Wayne’s World

W onderful

A nalytical

Y earning

N uances of

E volution

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