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Wave Twisters: The Movie

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Having immersed myself in the sweet sound of Blues at a tender young age, I’ve gone on to being just as obsessed with Jazz, Funk, Soul, R & B, Reggae & Gospel. All of the former figuring heavily in my current pre-occupation with Hip-Hop and where it’s going from here in 2004.

On several levels I don’t think Hip-Hop works that well live. Pre-recorded beats lack the spontaneity of live music and a lot of the MC’s and rappers I’ve seen have about as much on stage presence as wall paper drying. On the other hand the DJ’s I’ve seen lately are starting to really push the envelope. I saw DJ Shadow last year in Vegas at The Hard Rock and he was incredible.

Manipulating 3 turntables, a sequencer, beat machine and a video editor simultaneously isn’t easy in anyones book. He was just going wild, playing turntables like they were drums while making music out of thin air with nothing but anonymous samples and beats. Not everyones thing I know but, nonetheless very entertaining and interesting.

Alongside DJ Shadow, there are some really great DJs out there mixing it up (pun intended) like The Automator, The Invisible Skratch Piklz and this cat DJ Q-Bert.

Q is the best DJ happening right now for my money. Scratch for scratch, beat for beat he’s the man. I got lucky enough to catch a showing of his cool flick Wave Twisters: The Movie the other day at an Urban Film fest and was blown out. It is a video adaptation of the CD of the same name and follows the said disc track for track.

A strange blend of Kung Fu, Sci Fi & Hip Hop culture assault the eyes. This DVD jumps between traditional cell animation, 3D, photo collage and live action.
The hero of the story is a cross between Luke Skywalker, Mr. David Carradine as Kung Fu and your local family dentist, better known in the movie as the “Inner Space Dental Commander” whose lifes quest is to bring back the “Lost Arts.” Not Alchemy or Necromancy but rather Break Dancing, MCing, Graffiti and of course Scratching.

The movie follows the music from the disc cut per cut, all perfectly in sync with Q Berts turntable largesse – a very strange, entertaining flick all in all. Hip-Hop fans should love it, a lot of you will probably find it entertaining despite your taste in music and some of you will probably hate it to death, depending of
course on your tolerance of Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop music. Personally I think it’s a great, highly entertaining, very strange kind of flick and as such, couldn’t recommend it more.

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