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Water in India: Critical to Future Development

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Water is the most essential commodity.  Without water we are nowhere. In India, it has become a rare product…….

India has plenty of rivers.  Most flood in the rainy season. But in the peak summer there is acute water shortage. People walk miles to fetch potable water.

Water management in this country is at fault. Dams are erected to store surplus water. But they are not competent to take care of the wants of the growing population. The storage capacity is well below the requirement.

The states fight over this issue. They go to the courts to settle the dispute. The judiciary is slow. The need for water cannot wait for the matter to be resolved by the courts and special tribunals. So the teeming crowd go without proper supply of water

The town councils and city corporations are not well equipped to supply good drinking water. The individuals are free to find their own source of water, They dig bore wells to the depth of 1000 feet or more to get water . Each one does as he wants, digging deep into mother earth. The extraction of water in these areas has become expensive, but the general public in quest of water go beyond their means to resolve the problem.

The catchment areas, ponds and tanks in villages and towns have been brutally erased. Buildings have come up in these  areas.  The surplus water during the rainy season finds its way into the drain.

India is the fastest-growing economy in the world. Its brilliance in Information technology is amazing. Its GDP growth is well over 8%. Its industrial output is extremely high.  But it still lacks in providing basic amenities to its people. If it pays serious attention to  water management, it will certainly achieve the top position amongst its competitors.


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