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Watch TV On Your PocketPC

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Now you can watch regular broadcast TV anywhere in the US on the fly, with this new $99 TV Card from EOps Technology in Hong Kong.

The U.S. version – the N-01 – just came out. It’s based on the NTSC video broadcast standard used in the U.S.

It plugs into the Compact Flash slot of your Pocket PC, turning it into a portable TV.

The broadcasts are in color, and the software enables you to bookmark your favorite channels for each city you might happen to frequent on your travels.

Perfect for the busy person on the go, who’s on planes as much as on dry land.

The unit’s powered by four AAA batteries, and can also be used with a common AC adapter available at Radio Shack and most electronic stores.

The tuner has a retractable antenna, just like a regular TV, and comes with earphones.

Gearheads: it also has an RF-in jack to let you connect to an external antenna or cable.

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  • Cool idea, thanks for sharing Joe.

    That video demo is an honest example. Normally you don’t get to see the good and bad in demos. Looks like several stations not coming in so good. This page lists additional info about the card:

    Note: Reception of over-the-air broadcast may not work if TV signal is not strong enough when the TV CF Card is:

    Far away from or extremely close to a TV broadcast station
    Behind mountain or a building
    In a car or traveling train
    Near high voltage power lines, neon lights or a mobile phone transmitting base station
    Near train tracks or express ways or underneath airplane routes
    In underground locations, tunnels or tightly sealed buildings
    In other places where there is strong signal interference or TV signals are interrupted