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Washington Post Censors Comic Strip

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boondocks comic strip - copyright Aaron McGruder

The Washington Post seems to be having a comic strip racial controversy!

Gene Weingarten’s online chat at the Post’s website discusses that:

“The Washington Post has decided not to run this week’s episode of Boondocks, instead substituting an old sequence. Moreover, when this chat requested permission to LINK to the censored material, which is available to any and all on the Boondocks website, permission was denied.

The Washington Post has decided that it is inappropriate to disseminate this material in any way. Personally, this chat takes no position, pro or con, on this ruling, inasmuch as taking a position would amount to insubordination, a quality abhorrent to this chat.”

You can view the controversial comics here. The censored series started on Sept. 20 and goes throughout this week, so after viewing the first set of strips, click on “next date” to see the others.

It is not the first time that the Post has decided to cancel Boondocks because of perceived offensive content.

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    In a way, this ties to the comments Bill Cosby recently made. I will be interested to see what the response will be.

    I am not a dedicated fan of “Boondocks” but I do appreciate many of the strips the author has produced, ewhether or not I agree with his POV.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Boondocks is brilliant. the Post had to censor some strips? LAME, LAME LAME!!!! it is accurate stuff. What Cosby said has accuracy to it. the problem with racism. If it is an Adolf Hitler or Charles Manson joke should it be pulled cuz I’m white? Or how about the whole Enron deal? I’m white, they must be talking about my race and culture!!!!

    How fucking stupid are all you people. All I can say is that if you are really that fucked up and insecure about your position in this universe, you must be nothing. Go die…, don’t take me down with you.


  • This really sounds like the Washington Post has reached the level regarding the internet which the music biz had about eight years ago — “If we ignore it, it will just go away”.

    It’s not like you can’t get The Boondocks just about anywhere on the net. My local paper The Globe and Mail recently retreated from the net, locking up the most useless parts to paid subscription only.

    It seems people running newspapers decided they wanted to prove once for all how smart they were and how much they thought about the public.

  • Scott Butki

    The Boondocks is my favorite strip currently, with Doonesbury second and For Better or For WOrse third.
    I’m spending part of my days off today and tomorrow reading up the last few books at Borders (since I’m too poor/cheap to buy them)

    I’m going through and reading all related threads.

    To me the fact that Boondocks and Doonesbury do get censored sometimse is one more reason to like them.

    Hmm, I wonder if the Boondocks author has spoken out about the Danish cartoon controversy since I know the Doonesbury guy did in a piece I wrote here.