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Wars are armed conflicts between two or more countries or factions. All wars are bloody and loss of life on both sides of the war is likely and even expected. In history there have been many wars. The most notable of these are the two world wars (1914 – 1918 and 1939 – 1945) and probably the Vietnam War 1959 – 1975. In all of these wars the loss of life on both sides was enormous and the after effects both physically and mentally are still felt in society and particularly by those who were involved and are still alive even to this day. Smaller wars include hundreds of civil wars such as in Mexico – where Mazatlan was occupied in 1847 by the USA during the Mexican American War, and in 1864 by the French during the civil War.

Blogs about war abound on the Internet. The nature of war itself is that it is never fully supported by any nation, even the offensive nation (or internal military). Due to the casualties, damage and reasoning for war, there are many proponents and opponents, and this makes for a strong presence on the blogosphere. Blogs of War is a great no-frills blog which features new stories, and old perspectives on war stories.

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