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Warrior Soul Drummer is Murdered

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Total News is reporting the sad news of the death of the former Warrior Soul, Mark Evans.

Mark Evans, who was Warrior Soul’s drummer on their first three albums, has been murdered in London. His body was found dumped in a car park. Three people have been charged with the crime. They are Anthony Aldis, Steven Fullerton and Leanne Terry.

It is good to see that someone has been arrested in relation to this tragedy. While I never really liked the band WS’s music, I had great respect for the band for doing what they wanted against the grain.

Update: Hard News has more on this sad affair.

According to BBC News, two men and a woman from Essex have been charged with the murder of former WARRIOR SOUL drummer Mark Evans, whose burnt body was found in a wheelie bin in an east London car park last week. Evans, 48, from Dagenham, was strangled and transported in a wheelie bin to Electric Parade, Ilford. Anthony Aldis, 38, of Goodmayes, Steven Fullerton, 28, of Gants Hill, and Leanne Terry, 26, of Seven Kings, have all been charged with his murder. All three were scheduled to appear at Waltham Forest magistrates court on Saturday (January 29). They also face charges of perverting the course of justice. A member of the public discovered the burning body on Wednesday morning (26th) after finding his garden fence on fire. Anyone wishing to send a card for Mark’s family in London can do so at this address (cards will be forwarded to the family): Johnny Ricco, Attn: Mark Evans, P.O Box 129 Radio City Station, New York, NY 10101-0129, USA. Evans appeared on the following Warrior Soul albums: Drugs, God & The New Republic (1991), Salutations From The Ghetto Nation (1992) and Chill Pill (1993).

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  • nick

    i ended up in prison in derbyshire for driving offences in september 2012. i am not lacking in education it was just me trying to get to work.anyway i had to share a cell for a month with steven fullerton,the man that murdered mark evans.what a horrible person,bullshits his way through prison life deals and takes drugs and also shows no remorse for his crime,in fact is respected for his crime.he moans about how long he has got to serve and feels sorry for himself,i think he is where he belongs and the longer they keep him there the better,he is scum.r.i.p. mark evans.

  • Liveeruptsuj

    I am years late finding out about this, and arrived here only because I wanted to look up the drummer who did those fantastic performances on those albums. He was a fucking master of the kit, just a beast. But, reading through these comments I came across the postings of folks who knew the murderers in prison and such and just have to say, notice how horrific the spelling, grammer, and how un-sophisticated the thought processes are. And how different the postings of other folks who haven’t ended up in prison are, in syntaxt, etc. I know it makes me a hater, but there’s gotta be a connection, maybe only a correlation and not causal, but it’s there. Education and a love of learning leads to better things. Libraries folks, libraries.

  • Damian B

    ‘While I never really liked the band WS’s music’… who do you think you are exactly?

  • Gwen

    Is this the Mark who used to work in the BBC? He was always drumming on the desk beside me and I’ve a few mad photos from those days.

  • Erik

    My bro Jerry passed away in that same year on May 19th.Ironic,ain’t it?

  • Sarah

    Brandee, I am so sorryfor your tragic loss. No you don’t know me. If you look at the earlier posts you will see a post from myself from April 22nd 2010. I was actually serving a sentance in Holloway prison for fraud in 2008-2009. I had the unfortunate opportunity to come across one of Mark’s callous killers (Leanne Terry) While i was in there. She is pure evil and should never be released. She has no remorse and only feels sorry for herself for getting caught. And to Gem, I really want to help to give you the answers that you are looking for babes. So please tell me your fb name. Infact I’m going to set up a fb account now in the name Sarah Satin Reed. Get in touch with me on there ok?

  • brandee

    who are you sarah? do i know you?

  • brandee

    i was mark’s ex wife (divorced) and mother of his now 19 year old daughter, shannon evans. mark was a good-hearted and loving soul and a super-talented guy until drugs and booze fucked him up good. and then those stupid bastards had to kill him. man, life sure got him down. what a shame. blah

  • chris r

    Sad to hear. Mark was one of the best drummers I ever played with and a wonderful person. Was searching around to try to get in touch when I found the bad news.

    What a sucky world.

  • Sarah

    This is a reply to Gem who posted on Jan 26 2011. They deleted your contact details I’m afraid. however, i would still like to help you. Maybe if you tell me your Facebook name I will try to look for you on there.

  • MJRydsFast

    If I’m not mistaken, Korey used to live in Detroit for part of his life remarking “I couldn’t even get a job as a pizza boy in that town”. Not much has changed there though the pizza guys have done great; i.e., Caesars, Howies and Domino’s. Sorry about your drummer. I was/am a huge fan of the Salutations and the Last Decade discs. I liked three songs on the Odds and Ends one as well. I’ll seek out your new project. Guys like you and Ray West of Spread Eagle (non)fame deserve far better.

  • brad muthafukn gillibrand!!!!!!!81

    holy fukn crap!!!!! i just found out and im gutted!!! my deepest sympathy and humble condolences 2 marks family, friends and former band members!!! i still hav last decade dead century on vinyl [1st album], the inner sleeve of the outstretched mohican warrior image is tatt2d on my back!!!! i will shout at orions belt tonight, and let my nieghbourhood experience sum agony!!!! think il pik up the bass and play u lullabye my friend. farewell.

  • Ady

    If anyone can help, we are trying to contact either Mark’s daughter Shannon or his ex wife Brandee. I see an earlier post by Courtney Shipley stating she knows the family, maybe someone knows her and can pass this on. We are the guys that Mark used to be in a band with in England back in the seventies.
    We have just recorded and released a tribute song dedicated to Mark.
    We can be contacted through the website Good Thinking


  • Gem

    Hi Sarah. [Personal contact info deleted]

    I really look forward to hearing from you. And yes he was an amazing person. He was just going through a tough time and got involved with the wrong people.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • GB

    Six years to the day, Mark’s body was found. R.I.P Mark Evans. He will forever be in the hearts of everyone that knew him.

  • Sarah

    I hear he was a good soul!

  • Sarah

    This is a reply to gem who posted comment no 16 on May 29 2010 at 3.47am. I’m truely sorry for your loss and I would love to answer any of your questions. However I don’t really want to post my email address on hear as Sarah is an alias. If you can post your email address then I will be happy to contact you! I hope that i can help you to find some sort of closure!

  • Dontheman

    So Sad, I saw them open for Metallica 1990 at the Glasgow SEC center, Scotland they put on a great set and they Have a real passion for what they do unlike 90%of bands these day….

  • hedkase

    I knew Mark had died but had no idea untill today that he had been murdered.My thoughts go to those he has left behind. W.S.are one of my fave bands.I have seen them live many times and met them a couple of times in Nottingham and Southend, where they would just chill out with the fans.I took my daughter to London to see them last year and she was blown away having been bought up on them.This band never recieved the recognition they deserved, they are up there with Tool,NIN, GnR ,Nirvana ect. Live they are the in the top five.The band have every element of what a rock band should be and they have always come England and put on top quality shows.
    Mark was part of this amazing time and he made a great impact on Souls music.R.I.P. Mark thankyou for the gift of music you gave to us all.

  • Ady 2

    Ady – your site is a great tribute.

    I was shocked to learn of Mark’s passing – I hope the f**kers rot!

  • Ady

    I do hope this is ok to post this on here obviously delete if not.
    A website has been put together dedicated to Mark and his early drumming days in a band called Good Thinking.


  • winter

    I am truly saddend to hear of this news. WS music touched me many years ago, and has always stood out, for good reason.
    A friend of mine met them while in an airport in Detroit Michigan many years ago, and said they were amazing, gracious guy’s.
    What a great drummer Mark was, may he rest in peace, and his friends and family also find peace knowing how many people his music has touched.

    Pax Christi Mark.

  • tammy

    what a traggedy, i’m so sorry for his family. mark was a friend and so very sweet of one to me. i just found out this terrible news! may he rest in peace and his loved ones find solice.

  • Ady

    I only found out about Marks murder in March this year, I used to play in a band with him years ago, he was a top notch guy. It devastated me to hear the terrible news, my heart felt thoughts go to all his relatives. Its great to see on here and the other site that he has been acknowledged as a really talented drummer, as he was playing with us back in the seventies.

  • lyn

    Mark was a lovely man, still miss him and think of him everyday, when scum murder somebody they dont just destroy the victim but in different ways destroy the lifes of those left who loved him!

  • Greg

    I have two cd’s where Mark is playing drums, Drugs, and Ghetto nation, he was a great drummer, I really hated to here this awful news.

  • gem

    Sarah, is there anyway that I could contact you via email? I am a relative of Mark, he was almost a dad to me and there is so much stuff you might be able to help me get through by talking stuff through that you know..

  • marie

    i am infact the step auntie ov leeanne, and i agree with wot sarah as sed , she is evil and we all new that she was capable ov doin things stupid, she even chased me around wiv a knife wen she was younger as we were at similar ages,we always knew that she was wrong, i am so happy that she is locked up, i hope they throw away the key, im sorry 4 the family’s ov the victim,

  • sarah

    I happened to meet Mark’s killer while serving a sentance for fraud in Holloway prison. She is a cold and callous killer who shows no remorse for her actions. The only person she cares about is herself and her next fix! The motive for her crime was money, drugs money! she is still using drugs in prison, therefore has not changed, never will and should never be releasd. What’s more is that her and her boyfriend were guilty of this crime but the third guy was innocent. He was not there when the murder was commited and was bullied into helping them to dispose of the body throgh fear for his own life! leanne and her boyfriend tried to pin the crime on him in turn getting them all sent to prison for life! she is in the right place and should rot in there!

  • b

    this is a memorial web site right? or is it set up for sales pitches

  • “I wanna to contact to you”??? Oh yeah, he’s the president of a company alright.

  • Glen, Musiclord President

    Hello, my name is Glen Huttenlocker, President Musiclord, I wanna to contact to you in your website. It’s been a pleasure listening to your music for over a decad. i don’t know if you remenber me but i just wanna to let you lnow that i remembr you. And if ever u need help on amps or spekears cabs let me know.

    Yours truly.

  • Sparks

    I remember meeting Mark in Toronto @ one of the WS concerts. Fucking great guy. While the openning band was on, he was talking to me and my friends for hours. After the show he saw us hanging around and brought us back stage to hang out with band.

  • Warren Davis

    So Sad, I knew Mark from school & band we played in together, Good Thinking, from about 1973-1977. A fine drummer even then, his committment to his drums was total, he always tried to improve whatever number we were working on. Remember his Double Bass-Drum Red “Shaftesbry” kit well. RIP

  • Miff

    Warrior Soul were always a little ahead of their time. A beleive that all of the members were better than average musicians, including Mark Evans. Although not all their songs were masterpieces, a few of them were. Mark’s drumming was a true asset to the band and while I never knew him personally, I will definitely miss his presence in the music industry.

  • b

    mark was a fine drummer and and salt of the earth

  • Andrew Brown

    I can not belive that he has gone!!!!! Another waste of a damn fine musician. R.I.P. Mark. I Love all your work.

  • courtney

    hi. my name is courtney. and the reason that i am writing this is because i know the victims family. infact in know them very well. shannon evans who is mark evans daughter has been my best friend in the entire world scince first grade. she doesent know what really happened to mark but god help us she wont find out. every time called mark would tell me what a great phone voice i had. i knew he had problems but he never showed it atleast not in front of me. shannons mom brandee (marks wife) split up about 2 years ago. she always said good things about him and how he wore flava flaves clock. when i found out what happened i cried for a while and realized how much shannon must be hurting. we always used o have dad talks. i dont bing it up anymore. my parents are divorced so i see my dad for a couple hours on the weekend. trust me we have had are fair share of problems. after what happened i realized how much i love my dad. i can see me saying well my dad did drugs, and i see shannon saying well my dads dead. i want to justsay hey to the guys i really wanna meet thats you johnny rico and the rest of warrior soul. hope to meeet yo guys soon

    courtney shipley

  • Robb Correia

    im @ a loss
    i just happen to look @ korys page to see whats been goin on….and had to read it twice.
    i cant beleive this travisty.
    my guts are wrenched!!
    what the FUCK is wronge with this world
    including to what happens to all the ppl we dont know.
    id like to here more info on this if someone knows why?
    our prayers go out to all the family ,freinds and fans
    just think about it? what a rock show theres gonna be in the after life!!!!!!

  • Keeping up to date on this situation and talking with WS fans, as well as friends of Mark can be done at:

  • kevin salvini-westfield,ma.

    warrior soul was the only band who stuck to their beliefs about what a rock band should be. they were never meant to worshiped,idolized like many of the bands today.the world was never ready for them and the world will never be ready for a band that is brutally honest like the soul. i hope like many to see the soul back together but you know what, atleast we have the great music they produced. i send my deepest sympathy to evans family & warrior soul.

  • What were those first three albums Marty? I saw them in support of, I think Aerosmith, at the Hammersmith Odeon.