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Warren Zevon’s Upcoming CD

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Some Hollywood reporter on the radio this morning said that Warren Zevon’s next album will be released in August. Neither Warren’s website, Artemis, Yahoo or Google had any confirming information that I could find, but the first had a nice photo of Warren getting an examination from a Doctor of Journalism.

The Clear Channel Country Radio Station from Johnstown, PA’s website had the report on the star-power coming to bear on Z’s Last Testament:

Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris, Joe Walsh… Bruce Springsteen and Don Henley… will appear on Warren Zevon’s new studio album [along with frequent compadres Jorge Calderon, Mr. David Lindley and others].

He says, “It’s a good idea to be able to say goodbye to yourself, and if I can let someone know what I felt about them, that’s more important than passing off some bullshit insight I’ve had about living on the planet.”

And he lived long enough to see the new James Bond movie, too. (If this post is a little garbled, I’ve been imagining letting Emmylou know what I felt about her back in ’76…)

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