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WARNING: Milk Is Dangerous!

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Here’s the link from Yahoo! – http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20050606/hl_nm/milk_dc_1. (Can’t link for some reason)

Well, it hasn’t been added to the list, but this study does try to scare parents into lessening their children’s intake of milk – specifically skim milk and my personal favorite whole milk. The article suggests that people don’t really know the real caloric value and milk and drink too much. In the study, the children who drank the most gained more weight. Duh!

What the article doesn’t point out is what everyone tells their kids that drinking milk builds stronger bones. The weight gain might be corresponding to the stronger bones that the kids are building as they drink more milk. “The take-home message is that children should not be drinking milk as a means of losing weight or trying to control weight,” Berkey said. Weight gain in children is a given because the body adjusts itself and its weight to the quick, normal (height) growth that children go through in puberty. Milk aids that growth.

The researchers further commented that water is the best beverage, and that milk shouldn’t be promoted as a healthy drink. Both are very healthy in my opinion. The article did mention toward the end that a nutrition professor said the study did not clearly show that milk causes weight gain. I’m glad that there was a sentence that showed doubt in the study’s findings.

Even if milk did have higher calories than people think or more fat, I’d rather intake “natural” calories and fat than the processed calories and fats in most of the crap found in supermarkets. What people should really focus on instead of scaring people from eating and drinking healthy foods is the idea of moderation. Is junk food bad for you? You bet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have it, it just means that you need to be able to tell yourself when you’d had enough and to not overindulge in it, and also that you need to eat your fruits and vegetables on a daily basis in order to maintain a healthy diet.

I wouldn’t have a second thought to drinking my daily glass of whole milk. I just have to put off eating my annual Christmas Twinkie for another week.

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  • Bennett

    So what we have here is a sensationalist headline, a misleading sub headline, and then poorly written body copy filled with speculation and unresearched opinions.

    Dairy foods may be part of our overall diet, but milk or cheese is not necessarily good for a kid’s health.

    For the price of a glass of milk, you also get acne, fatty deposits, bovine growth hormones, bovine antibiotics…

    Once a child has been weaned from its mother’s breast milk, drinking cow’s milk is not required for health, and actually may cause more problems than any nutritional benefits realized.

    C’mon Tan, you can do better than this.

  • Well, I tried to write it as a satirical piece, but I guess it didn’t come out the way that I wanted it to. But from your comments, I assume you don’t think there are any benefits to milk, or you wouldn’t give your kids milk?


    I suppose the fact that a lot of kids sit on their butts playing Nintendo while eating junk food, get driven most places rather than walk or bike, and aren’t required to take physical education or even play at recess has less to do with childhood obesity than drinking milk.
    Habits formed in chldhood are harder to break as well.

  • Bennett

    Hey Tan,

    Yeah, satire is difficult to pull off. I tried to present a post as satire a few weeks ago, hated it, pulled it back and rewrote it as a straight piece.

    I guess you need to have a firm grip on what you are trying to lampoon (the author’s suggestion that milk is dangerous), and then stick to the satirical approach, without reverting back to an actual opinion. That tends to ruin the satire.

    I use milk in my coffee, but I don’t do cereal/milk any more (15 yrs). My step-son had wicked bad acne that only started to receed when he stopped consuming milk on a regular basis.

    I like cheese, but it’ll put a gut on you pretty fast if you don’t watch out. Like SFC SKI said, lack exercise is contributes more to childhood obesity than a glass of milk a day, but I’d bet that what the author was railing against was kids who get four and five big glasses of milk a day.

  • bhw

    Satire becomes more clear when the post type is set to “Satire.” 😎

    The danger of this report is that people, idiots all, will think that giving their kids milk is no better than giving them soda. Expect fewer kids to drink milk and more to drink liquid candy. Just what we need!

  • Yeah, it would have been better to distinguish it as satire if I labeled it as such. As I wrote it, I imagined a strong opinion piece, but I guess my cynicism got the better of me. It wasn’t the best thing I ever wrote and there clearly were flaws, but I figured that it would better help me as a writer to finish it and see where it went.

  • Tan,

    thanks for the piece. But let’s not get too confused about the healthiness of milk.

    Cow’s milk is evolutionarily-designed to grow a baby cow from 40 to 400 lbs, so of course it’s fattening. Oh yeah, and those same baby cows have 4 stomachs in which to digest the milk.

    Can you think of any other species that drinks the milk of another? Nope. Nothing is more unnatural than drinking cow’s milk.

    Finally, with regards to bone density – excess animal protein actually causes leeching of calcium from the bones… this is not good. A 1990s MIT study showed that the world populations that consumed the most risk also had the highest rate of osteoporosis (Finland, US, Canada, China), so it’s not like milk is really doing anything for you.

    Wanna have healthy bones? Do it the old fashioned way: eat lots of cruciferous vegetables in combination with vitamin C, get regular weight-bearing exercise, and spend 15 or 20 minutes in the sun every day.


  • Indri


    I heard that that fresh milk have an effect on cancer especially on breast cancer, is that true?

    please advise

  • fishsticks

    milk has worked for me 55years and my heart still ticks ok by the way my father was a milkman delivering to some of your homes @ the wee hours of the night. be nice ! GOT MILK?

  • dom

    ugh i drink milk cuz it is my favorite drink 🙁 i do drink alot of milk but im 13 and i guess it hurts my body? THATS SO MAKEING ME MAD AND SAD PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING!
    [personal contact info deleted]