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War without end (Part 2 – Building Empires)

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The pursuit of empire has been the downfall of every great society throughout history. Our current task of protecting our country has taken a turn down the path of pre-emptive war and to force our enemies to submit under the force of our hand. Our current administrations answer to the problem is to force our belief that democracy is the way to peace. Forcing democracy is the way that we will tame the sword of terror that resides along the “Axis of Evil” and around the globe. By conquering the enemy where they breed and spread their disease we will somehow become the cure, the ultimate drug, the cure for the worlds terrorist cancer. Force is the only way. Force is our solution.

Have you ever dealt with an angry dog? How do you tame the vicious animal? What happens when you strike the beast? Do they cower or do they just get more angry? If brute force is the answer then why have we been so successful in the past by using containment and the threat of assured annialation against our enemies?

I find it interesting that a large majority of our country believes that this course we have taken is the correct one. Why is that? Is it because we relate to the burly machismo of our president, how he is so confident and assuring that brute force is the ultimate solution to the problem? Maybe it is because we have been taught that we are unbeatable. The military force of of our country is unmatched around the world they say. But how were we so easily and mortally wounded on September 11th and most importantly why?

We are busy people and uninvolved in the world around us outside our own lives. Maybe brute force is just an easy way to react to a complex problem. Terrorism and the reason we were attacked is a complicated problem but for most Americans we need to see our world in soundbytes and we need to feel better immediately so we can get back to our daily lives. We need to feel safe at all costs and the easiest way to do that is to act on our instincts. We’ve been taught to practice the teachings of taking an eye for an eye. They kill us – we will kill them and that takes the complexity out of the problem. As a parent I’ve noticed more and more in my children and myself that our natural instinct is to strike out when we are wronged. It is a natural instinct we are born with. If we are hurt physically or emotionally we just strike instead of thinking. Why is that? It’s because it is easier for us to deal with our problems that way. Just strike instead of think and you’ll feel instantly better.

Think about why these people hate us. Why did they give the ultimate sacrifice to inflict pain on us? What would it take for you to do the same? Would it make you more or less likely to continue to hate if the ones you dispise attacked your homeland, killed your children, changed your way of life, defaced your place of worship? Would brute force stop you from inflicting revenge on your childs killer? Think about it.

The pursuit of empire to protect our homeland will only bring more pain to our country I am afraid. Like the dog that bites in reponse to a fist, the terrorists grow more and more vicious with each blow. our current course of action is only making our enemies stronger. They feed on hate and misery and that is what we bring. The brilliant light of the republic is fading because it is spread too thin behind the fog of this administration, the media and our busy lives. We need to control our anger, control the rage, control our fear of the unknown and understand the source of the problem and apply a solution beyond the fist. Visit your history books and don’t let history repeat itself because we continually revert back to our instincts and not utilize our god given abilities to learn and understand. Empire is not the answer. We currently base troops in over 100 countries around the world. Why is that? What we need is to use our resources to protect our own at home. Any other route will take us down the path of destruction and we’ll relive history instead of learning from it.

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