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War without end (Part 1 – Pre-emtive war)

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The war in Iraq is the beginning of the end. Some might call it the beginning of the beginning. As Patrick Buchanan stated in his great book “Where the right went wrong” – “The Bush Doctrine of preemptive war is a recipe for permanent war to ensure our security”. I believe this to be true and I will state it now and look back on this entry someday and tell the world “I told you so”. I recommend the book but for those with less time, start with a flashback to September 2, 2002 and Buchanan’s discussion of the Cheney doctrine. I really wouldn’t call it that though. I would look at the presidents hawkish cabinet and point my finger to most of his top officials and call it the Bush Doctrine of Death and Deceit – Our country’s policy to destroy our best and brightest in the name of saving us all.

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  • Vensid, your entry is confusing. It would help if you clarified why you, apparently on the Right, are opposed to Bush’s War. Simply alluding vaguely to Partrick Buchanan is not sufficient.

    Also, people are more likely to use your refer if you post it as an HTML link. (BTW, Townhall is a propaganda site funded by Right Wing foundations and run by a bigot. Find better sources.)

  • Typo: Patrick.

    I responded partly to congratulate you on referring to the readership as “dumb ass” in your inaugural entry. Forgot to above. That may set a record. So, ‘way to go!’

  • SFC Ski

    Wow, another person pointing out the obvious, and making criticisms without offering viable alternatives, I’ll be looking forward to your next post.

  • The only viable alternative is to change the leadership that has proven itself incompetent by creating this situation.

    I could certainly see replacing Bush with a more competent Republican (and which one isn’t?) and getting rid of the two dozen or so neoconservatives in critical positions in this administration, but that’s not the way it works so we’ll go with Kerry.

  • Too bad the Republican Party cannot have an internal putsch to change leadership to somone more towards the centre and someone willing to learn from others as well