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War of the Worlds: Let’s play the theorising game

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comAs much as I enjoy the blast of watching aliens rampage around Earth (or rather, the East coast of the United States), I know there are unanswered questions (or plotholes, depending on your point of view) about the show. Personally, I like the fact that we’re not spoonfed the whys and hows. There are no anchormen theorising why the aliens attack on morning shows, nor are there Presidents to give us a speech to “stay strong”. Gosh, the cliches! (Shudder)

Anyway, here are some of my theories:

Of course, that means spoilers ahoy!

♥ Why in the world did the aliens attack?
They’re jealous that we have reality tv and they don’t. Ok, ok, seriously – I believe it’s a terraforming project. They either want to make the planet theirs so that tripods can be fruitful and multiply or they view us as one giant cheesecake ready for plunder.

♥ Sure, but if the machines were buried millions of years ago, why did they strike now?
Well, this “buried millions of years ago” theory came from Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise), and as far as I know, he isn’t in the inter-galactic intelligence agency. For all you know, the aliens have the technology to just teleport the suckers into the ground like, yesterday.

♥ But let’s say they buried it a million years ago …
Well, a successful invasion requires careful planning.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com♥ But they’re not big on research, are they?
Doesn’t seem like it. I mean, you come to an alien planet, you should see if it’s suitable for you or whether water will melt you (Signs, anyone?). But maybe these aliens are too confident in their technology. Or maybe they’re just plain stupid.

♥ Why do they need human blood??
They’re relatives of Dracula. Actually, this one stumped me. But from what I could see, they seem to fill the tripods with blood which they pump out to the country side. Then, strange blood-red plant-like creepers grew on the ground. My sister say its fertiliser. But hey, maybe they need the iron in our blood to grow these plants. 😛

♥ So, if they need the blood so much, why zap people?
Well, if you have a cool ray gun, you gotta use it on something. If their aim is to make the world theirs, I would think terrorising the populace and reducing their numbers would be strategy #1.

♥ Just how did Ray manage to drive through all those stalled cars?
He was very lucky?

♥ The aliens died such a lame death.
That’s the beauty. These creatures which possess such huge machines are felled by something so tiny. I love the fact that humans have nothing to do with their demise. It is a humbling thing: that bacteria succeeded where we couldn’t.

♥ Why is Robbie so annoying?
He should be out dating, but instead he’s stuck with an armageddon. With his dad and shrieky sister.

♥ How in the world did he survive??
You see, that’s not really Robbie … he’s a pod person! Yeah, I know. He should’ve stayed dead. At least he thanked daddy for what he did.

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  • azon

    if aliens do exsist why dont they just show themselvs? i will tell you why, they eat there own farts and dont want us to know! thats why they dont show themselvs… or it could be that they are just shy

  • tjd

    i really like war of the worlds, but they took out a lot of stuff that was in the book. there is however another one called the war of the worlds which sucks.

  • Ben

    I was disappointed by many things in this movie. One was the bodies in the river. The only way we saw people die was to be vaporized, so how did hundreds of people just outright die?

    I didn’t like the fact that the blood was never explained in any useful way.

    I did like the fact that we had to see the whole thing through an “everyman”‘s eyes, meaning we really didn’t get the big picture explanations we would normally get in such movies. We had to sort of wonder. However, there was a narrator, so you’d think he would help us figure out why the blood got sprayed everywhere, what the heck those tentacles were, etc. etc.

    Overall, I thought it was a good enough movie to see it in the theater, but it could have been so much more. Tim Robbins was absolutely useless, and I usually like Tim Robbins. It was like a sad attempt to slow the action down and have some time to think. It didn’t work.


  • Duane

    And if aliens did not exist then why don;t they reveil what area 51 is …

    Hmm, I never thought about it that way before. What else could they be doing but holding aliens prisoner? Of course!

    Why in the world did the aliens attack? They’re jealous that we have reality tv and they don’t.

    Close. It’s not that they are envious of our TV programming. The fact that reality TV exists and is being broadcast into space is the reason for the attempted destruction of Earth’s civilization. Who can blame them? What a lot of people don’t know is that there was an earlier order to move against the Earth, following the premier of MTV, but the plans were scrapped because one of the military bigshots actually liked that Rio video by Duran Duran.

  • stefania

    well to me i think they do exist. i mean come on all those siteings and crop circles i mean no one is crazy enough to make their own. And if aliens did not exist then why don;t they reveil what area 51 is, think about it.

  • Funny.

    Fixed a few spelling errors in the post