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War of the Worlds: Hey, it didn’t suck!

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My expectations for the movie was at sub-zero temperatures since a colleague told me the movie sucked and Kervin said it fell on its face.

But I loved it! In fact, it’s one of those rare movies where I can’t wait to see it the second time. Actually, when I scouted around, it looks like it’s a movie you’d either love or hate.

¤ You’d hate it if
You expected Independence Day II. Yes, there’s action, but don’t expect a coalition of earthlings saving the day. Let’s just say it’s realistic. Seriously – if a bunch of Martians in tripods the size of a Manhattan skyscraper have weapons that can turn folks into ash in an instant, do you think a computer virus would do the trick?

¤ Why I loved the movie
For me, it is a movie about a father – who never really took much interest in his kids before – realising that he’d do anything to keep them alive. The movie is his struggle to preserve his children when the world is literally going to ashes around him.

Also, Ray (Tom Cruise) is always terrified (he even cried from terror once) – that’s refreshing. How often have we seen heroes that are not afraid of big, scary aliens? That’s old. Also, his priority is to save his kids instead of being a hero. That’s real.

You’d also like the movie if you like to see humans vaporised. 😉

¤ Canggih* moments
Humans exploding into ash – fuuyoh! Tripods – wahlau!

¤ Not-so-canggih moments
Anytime Dakota Fanning starts screaming

¤ Needless controversy
That it is an allusion to 9/11. Aiyoh, just enjoy the movie-lah!

* canggih = awesome. If you’re curious what language this is, it’s Malay.

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  • …I really don’t see how you could have possibly liked this movie. There are so many plotholes, it’s ridiculous. And this movie is nothing BUT realistic. Robbie somehow survives an inferno of flames? The humans somehow kill the aliens randomly because they’re tripods? C’mon now. Honestly. None of the characters change throughout the movie which is one thing that is essential to any plot. And the thing is, Tom Cruise did CARE about his kids, you could see that at the beginning of the movie–he just wasn’t the most INVOLVED father. So it wasn’t SURPRISING in the slightest that he would be scrambling to protect them once death was at their doorstep. Overall, the movie was just disappointing. Your friends that told you it sucked were right.

  • What are you talking about? Humans randomly kill the tripods? When? Cruise took one down, and the military took one down after the bacteria hit them. That’s it.

    I agree the Robbies survival was absurd. The general consensus seems to be the studio forced the ending after the screening.

  • dee

    I saw the movie and all I can say is Dakota Fanning is the star, not tom cruise, imho.

  • Liz

    I really don’t see how you could have possibly liked this movie.
    Well, I sympathise with your puzzlement, but I too am puzzled why people didn’t like the movie. 🙂

    I think there’ much to be said about the ending though – I didn’ like it. Not the virus part, but the abruptness of it all. And could you highlight the plot holes?

    And a little confused about your “humans randomly kill tripods” comment.

    Anyway, whether one likes this movie or not is up to personal tastes, right? Just because there are people who like this movie doesn’t mean that there’s something … weird with them.

    Matt: Yeah, I think the fact that he survived was silly. I wouldn’t mind some tragedy. Or rather, more tragedy.

    Dee: Dakota is always a magnate in the movies she’s in. Because, honestly, the kid is creeeepy. 😉

  • Liz

    Oh, and I meant magnet, though the way she’s going with making so many films, she would soon be (or already is) a magnate.

  • Some people just don’t know a bad/good movie when they see one.
    You know what a bad movie does? For a thinking person, it constantly raises questions. The list could go on for a mile, but for instance when the fleeing begins, the main family is the only one driving while every other car is stopped on the road and the people walking. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! If Stephen really was on scene to direct this crap, I can only assume hes lost his mind.
    Things like this were throughout the entire movie. Bad dialog, too. Too many closeups on Tom Cruise’s heavy breathing. Bad acting all around. No character development. Monotony. And, like I said, the list goes on and on.
    If you like this movie, you’re one brain dead mofo or chose to turn off your brain at the theatre.