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War Is Over? Now What?

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Now that all but the mopping up is done in Iraq, I guess what they say is true:

“To the victor go the spOILs.”

In my March 23rd article “War with Iraq: Winners & Losers”, I wrote about the ‘War Blogs’…

“The ‘war blogs’ are in hog heaven these days. Plenty to write about on these web logs. But what’s going to happen, say, next week or so, when the war is over?” (end quote)

The general reaction to that quote – as seen in numerous emails I received – was, “You’re naive! This war is going to last many many months.” or words to that effect.

Just short of three weeks later and, well… I won’t say, “I told you so.” I’m way too classy to do that.

Besides, I’m too busy getting ready to watch the NEXT chapter in the War Trilogy.

Working Title: “War in Syria”

As far as Iraq itself goes, I’ll keep it plain and simple: There IS no more Iraq!

We broke it, we bought it.

Oh, sure, everybody may wring their hands over the unsolvable “united democratic Iraq” conundrum for a while but, eventually, you’ll most likely see – abracadabra! – three countries where there once was one. The Kurds, Sunnis, and Shi’a will all get a slice of the former-Iraqi pie.

And they’ll all live “happily ever after.” Or as happy as anybody can after years and years of sectarian hatred and mistrust.

On the ‘War Blogs’…

Best case scenario:

The Anti-War blogs will turn to other pressing social & political issues, protesting these symptoms of a larger problem – much the same way they protested “the symptom of war”.

For a short time, the Pro-War blogs will be on the “Rah! Rah! Rah! Ain’t America Grand?” bandwagon, but that’ll soon peter out. Then, they will turn to other pressing social & political problems – of which, “war” was never one – and suggest solutions that will be in direct opposition to those put forth by Blogs Formerly Known as Anti-War.

Worst Case Scenario:

The Pro- and Anti- War blog factions will, without a real war to distract them, instead attack each other. Thus paralleling what will most likely happen in Iraq itself, until that country is cut up piecemeal.

Yes, there could shortly be some trouble brewing in Greater Blogtopia.

At that point, Planet Earth will blow herself up out of spite. The end.

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  • Gosh, when I was watching those Iraqis kissing Marines and tearing down pictures of Saddam Hussein, I never thought about the effect this quick war would have on the bloggers!

    Thanks for the waste of electrons.

  • InMarin

    Looks like the victory parties were a bit premature:

    Baghdad Seeths With Anger Toward U.S.

    At first they cheered, smiled, offered hearty thumbs-ups to the U.S. soldiers newly in their midst. But across Iraq’s lawless capital, that sentiment is evaporating as quickly as Saddam Hussein’s government melted away.

    Baghdad was bursting with anti-American feeling Saturday as residents saw their city being stripped by its own citizens while U.S. forces stood by, rarely intervening and in some cases even motioning treasure-laden men through checkpoints.

    Some still agreed with the United States’ assessment of itself as a liberator. In the middle-class Zayuna neighborhood, friendly people offered American Marines baths, bread and buoyant greetings — and asked for both autographs and help against looters.

    But for other Iraqis, in dozens of interviews conducted across Baghdad, the assessment was drastically different: America as conqueror.

  • Since the “war blogs” played a role in the war discourse, I thought it only apropo to ask, “Now what?” on BlogCritics.

    After checking out your blog tonight, Eric, I can see why you might be a tad upset & particularly snarky.

    You’re definitely in “Rah! Rah! Rah!” mode at this point, and here I come raining on your victory parade.

    Yes, it’s great that the Iraqis are now free and happy. It’s also nice that Saddam is dead. Or injured. Or currently hiding in Syria.

    But the war ended like, what, a whole day or so ago? Move on already, Eric!

    Maybe it’s my gung-ho American attitude speaking here. In the good ole U S of A, we don’t look back. We don’t reflect on the present much either. It’s always on to the next “shiny new thing”.

    The light is dimming on Iraq. Maybe the next “big thing” will be a ‘War with Syria’. Or maybe O.J. Simpson will go ape-shit again, and “allegedly” knife another loved one to death.

    It doesn’t really matter, because whatever keeps us occupied – and thus distracted – is good enough for George W. Bush. Especially when it comes to avoiding U.S. domestic issues. And that makes it good enough for me, too, pal!

    So if you don’t like it, go back to Norway or wherever it is you come from.