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Wants To Know If Cheating Husband Regrets It: Astrology-Based Advice

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Dear Elsa,

I was married to a Virgo for 17 years. He was my first love, and he cheated at work. He lied to my face until I caught him. He thought I should live this way, but I’m not made like that — I made him leave. When the divorce was final, the other woman was pregnant. He felt he should marry her. She also had three kids by three other men. We do not speak at all.

My question is do men like this ever regret or continue cheating or what? It’s been five years. I met a wonderful man finally. I was very particular and careful. I just wonder how men feel later after their behavior? Do they ever change? Regret? I would!

Wife Betrayed

zodiac sweaterDear Wife,

Some of them do, I’m sure. Some of them, probably not. And I know this is very distressing, but there are a whole lot of people out there who will avoid looking at their shadow and the pain they cause others at all costs. And why is that?

It’s their defense. There can’t be anything wrong with them. And if you stop and think about this, you will see how severely compromised people like this are.

To me, it’s like trying to be a human being with no heart and both hands tied behind your back (and your eyes in backwards). Good luck! Try again next life, dumbass!

Seriously. This is all they can do. This is the extent of their capacity and then here comes someone like you and you wind up suffering on top of your suffering waiting for them to regret, repent, and cry in the middle of the night or whatever.

Well think about it. The guy can lie to your face, remember? So what’s that tell you about his character?

Fact is, your ex-man is not some powerful man who squashed you. He’s a profoundly compromised human being and your best bet is to expect nothing of him. If he turns out to be one of the ones who does have some kind of awakening, great; but don’t hold your breath, okay? And I want to quote a genius I knew briefly, around this sort of thing. Arie is his name.

“A is a reprobate is a reprobate.”

Good luck.

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  • Dawood

    Thanks! I’d recommend below short check-list to reveal if he cheats or not. In case at least 5 of signs exist then he’s 90% cheating.