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Wants A Peaceful Joyful Life With Friends: Capricorn With Moon Conjunct Neptune: Astrology-Based Advice

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Dear Elsa,

I have never found a good support at my office and a good true friend. All through my life, I feel like I'm struggling amidst uncertainty. Would I will be able to lead a peaceful and joyful life? When my life will turn for better?


Dear Wondering,

There comes a point when you have to take stock of your life. You have to look at how it's going and how it's always gone… and come to terms with some of the conditions and limitations that are apparently in place.

Now that may sound depressing, but this is all perspective. The fact is, there are certain cards we are dealt. And it's no different than being born with black hair, blonde hair, brown hair, or whatever.

capricorn cini jewelry broach horoscope zodiacSo let's say you have black hair. Your black hair is hard-wired, but you have choices around how you wear it. Will you comb your black hair, and keep it clean? Will you have a cut that flatters you? Or will you sit in your room and wait for your hair to turn red or blue or purple or orange? Do you see what I'm saying?

Your life is going to get better when you start to work at it, rather than waiting passively for something to come in that will save the day and salvage your life.

Now specific to your chart, just forget about "uncertainty" going away because it's not going to happen. Fact is, your Moon is conjunct Neptune and then some… and consequently, you live on sand that shifts. So while it's fruitless to wait in hope of solid ground, it would be very fruitful to contemplate how you might exploit this quality.

For example, take that person who is stable. That's fine, but they lack all kinds of things you have in abundance. Things like your incredible emotional sensitivity.

And if you begin to think in these terms, perhaps you will start to see it's not so bad to live in flux. Would you rather be nailed flat and bland? Probably not.

And when you start to understand, accept, and embrace your nature, it is very interesting how others begin to follow suit. So next thing you know you'll have both the friends and the support at work that you crave. So this is my advice:

Take a good long look in the mirror. Look at your black hair… at your nature and the conditions you live under. Keep looking until you can see your beauty and then work to manifest it in the very best way you can.

Do that, and people will flock to you. Seriously. Because there is nothing wrong with you (your chart). It's just that you're doing yourself in, when you need to be doing yourself up.

Good luck.

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