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Wanted: Ep 2 “The Wild Bunch”

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Having just got a TiVo recently, I just got around to watching the second episode of the new TNT show Wanted last night.

I want to focus my commentary on the first fifteen minutes of the show.

This episode shows a group of three criminals assaulting a bank with several modified assault weapons. These are not the street legal versions of the assault weapons you can legally purchase. These were illegally modified to be fully automatic.

Fully automatic weapons have been illegal for the casual citizen to own and use since sometime in the 1930’s. The ATF has no sense of humor when it comes to firearms that have been modified to include a fully automatic setting. (Not that any government agency has a sense of humor when it comes to criminal behaviors.)

The men storm the bank in full tactical suits. Helmets, facemasks, body armor, you name it, they had it. This is NOT typical of your average run of the mill common criminal. For one thing, all that stuff is incredibly expensive.

The kind of vest used by the civilian contractors overseas runs around $1500 to $2000, that doesn’t include the Kevlar helmet or any of the other equipment they were wearing.

Most criminals are NOT going to have five thousand dollars to throw into body armor for a bank heist.

One of the modified M-16/AR-15’s had a Trijcon Advanced Combat Optical Gun-sight (TA11 Style) on it. This sight is made of forged aircraft aluminum. The sight itself runs around $1300. So the sight is more expensive than the AR-15 it was mounted to. Once again, I would like to think that if you have enough money to get a sight like this, you don’t need to use it for criminal purposes.

This is a serious scope designed for use by the military and it is complete overkill for the situation. You weren’t looking at low-light environments, nor were you looking at a situation that had targets out to 300 meters. You had targets out to maybe 25 meters, the criminals didn’t even bother to use the sights, just point and spray.

Luckily the raid on the bank didn’t end up being a robbery, as these guys were too well funded to be after the cash. If this had been a simple robbery, the entire story would of been beyond the ability for me to believe.

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