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Want to Experience Recession? Come to My Country

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There is no doubt that the recession has impacted each and every person’s life in one way or another; depending on social status, wealth, lifestyle, and beliefs, it made all of us rethink the way we live, travel, work and think.

However, I am left wondering how much of it all is a hundred percent truth and how much of it is just a fabrication, a media sensation, a marketing tool made to work in the interest of those who have a lot, and I really mean a lot, to gain from it.

It is hard to separate fact from fiction, truth from panic and exaggeration. I do believe we are in quite a mess right now but still, people let`s be honest:

Are we not we enjoying this just a little bit? Think about this. Recession may have had and still does have a great impact on the economy, small businesses go bankrupt, so do the larger companies, unable suddenly to cope with it all.

The fact is, it rocked world big time. Not many people believed it would come to this, although the signs were there for quite some time. It is not the first recession and it certainly will not be the last one. But in my humble opinion, it came as a positive thing, at the exact right time. Now you can start arguing that I am wrong or crazy.

I may be both. However think of it this way: how could someone have thought that all the greed, luxury, the I-do-not-give-a-damn-about-the-world-I-am-rich-and-that-is-all-that-matters-to me, mentality could go on and on and on forever? Hey people, maybe God is trying to tell us something, like making us put aside our greedy ambitions and never-ending desire to have more and more and more and to go back to basics, like love, compassion, family, friends, hobbies we really care about and so on and so forth.

Interestingly, companies small or large have only now thought about giving their customers better products and services at more competitive and affordable prices. They are going down, like the Titanic, and to save themselves they compromise. Not for our well being of course, but for their own salvation. I am convinced that once this is all over, and it will be soon, they will go back to being the way they used to. Be good until you cross the bridge to the other side, then you can be evil again.

I have lived in Romania my entire life. However I have traveled a lot, and I have friends around the world; let me tell you, nothing makes me laugh harder than hearing them whine on and on about how awful it is not to be able to afford a second car, or to go on a luxury vacation yet again, and so on. My heart truly breaks.

We Romanians have experienced 50 years of communism; they were like 50 years of the worst recession: no food, no money, no rights to do pretty much anything. After the Revolution, in 1989, we suddenly felt free and had all sort of things we never had or had even heard of before. However, it was only an illusion. For the past 20 years, we have struggled just as much as our parents and grandparents did back then; now we have all we can ever desire, but still no money, no jobs, no perspective, no future. My generation went to university, some have masters degrees or Ph.D`s and for what? Our parents taught us to study so we can later have a good job, work hard, have a home, a car and a family.

Well things did not quite end up that way for my generation of 20-somethings. Recession or not, we have struggled for years to get a lousy job that pays 300 euros a month; not enough for rent, let alone food, gas, (if you can afford a car), never mind a flat for which you have to pay 500 euros a month.

So people, please do me a favor and stop whining! Want to experience a nonstop recession? Come to my country. We’ll give you 500-600 dollars a month; all you have to do is figure out how to pay rent or make payments of 400 per month, put food on the table for another 500 dollars a month( we do not eat much, actually we can barely afford to eat, however the prices are at least 4-5 times higher than they are in other EU countries), pay for gas, which is about 400 dollars per month, not to mention other small luxuries, like dining out, going to the movies, clothing and so on, which will cost you another 400 dollars at least.

Good at math? You will have an income of 600 dollars and expenses to top that a few times. How do we do it? How did we survive for the past 20, no actually, 50 years? Come and find out but in the meantime stop feeling so sorry for something that you caused in the first place. Oh, sorry. Not you, your greed.

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  • Harri, I`m glad you like it! Thanks! Added you as well, have a very nice day!

    Melinda Z.

  • Melinda,
    a very interesting and intriguing article.
    I added you as a friend in blogcatalog.

  • Andreea Ioana, thank you for your comment, I`m very glad you liked my article!!

    I`ll keep posting articles, not because I`m a great writer or something, but because I have a lot to say!! Have a wonderful day!!

    Melinda Zerkula

  • Andreea Ioana

    You couldn’t have been more accurate about this, it was a real pleasure reading this article! I truly wish more people could be or become as open-minded, instead of focusing on silly, small things that aren’t enough to top what real living sometimes implies.

    Keep up the good job!

  • I`m glad you like it! Thanks!

  • zingzing

    ruvy’s a god. he knows it. he’s seen the future and it will be.

  • Melinda,

    This article was a joy to read. It’s tiring indeed to hear Americans whine. They haven’t a clue how good they really have it – and they haven’t a clue how bad it will get.

    Blessings from Samaria, ISRAEL