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Want to be valedictorian of Trump U?

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Trump University is a new education company founded by entrepreneurial mogul Donald “You’re Fired” Trump.

The school will be offering online learning courses, audio-video home study programs, and live events, focused on encouraging lifelong learning for business professionals and sharing the knowledge and expertise of experts from some of the world’s leading educational institutions, executives from Fortune 500 companies, and renowned entrepreneurs.

Learning areas include marketing, real estate, entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Through interactive sessions, students will learn how to better evaluate business plans, assess real estate purchases, and develop innovative marketing strategies.

Donald Trump’s personal teachings and philosophies will also be integrated into the curriculum. He will be featured in online video, the Trump U. website and multimedia learning programs.

Roger Schank, professor emeritus and founder of the Institute for Learning Sciences at Northwestern University and one of the world’s leading researchers of artificial intelligence, learning theory and cognitive science, has been appointed Chief Learning Officer. Three other distinguished scholars, one from Dartmouth College, and two from Columbia University, have signed on as advisors and faculty members.

While you’re at it, register to take the Trump Success Profile, which measures nine key personality dimensions identified by Donald Trump as being crucial for success in the business world. The final score, based on a statistical composite of all the dimensions, represents your overall success potential.

(According to Big D, yours truly have at least an 80% chance of making it into Trump Towers.)

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