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Want To Be A Rockstar? Here’s Your Chance With Devola

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If you can play bass or lead guitar and are looking for an established band to join, this may be just the opportunity you are looking for. It seems New York indie band, Devola, has a need for what you have to offer. The band, in the middle of their already booked spring/summer national tour, recently found themselves unexpectedly in need of half the band.

Devola was founded in 2004 and has experienced a level of fan and critical acceptance many bands can only wish for. The New York Times said of the band:

Blending multiple styles in a fusion of jazz, funk, psychedelia, raggae, and rock, ‘Devola’ will have you partying all night long.

Womanrock said of lead singer Elizabeth’s voice:

Singer Elizabeth Seward’s vocals float to the surface of the mix in Amy Lee falsetto fashion, and the operatic quality in her voice fits well with the Love And War (title of their album) concept. Drummer Chuck Richard and (former) bassist Mike Merlino bring influences in to the Devola sound that take the band into the areas of thrash and hardcore as well as old-school metal and mainstream rock.

I talked to Devola lead singer Elizabeth (aka Nightmare) on the phone today while she and Chuck Richard (aka chuck dick, the other remaining member of the band) drove toward their gig tonight in Marietta, Ohio. She said that, minus their bass player and guitarist, she and Chuck are doing their best to continue the tour (booked through the end of September) by doing acoustic shows where possible so as not to disappoint their fans. They were taking turns driving when I talked to her so they could practice their own songs in the new format as they rode along. That kind of determination to live up to the concept of “the show must go on” is what separates the men from the boys (so to speak) in this business.

I asked her what had happened to put them in this predicament and she told me it was a combination of things. The band has reached the point where they are getting some preliminary offers from record companies and such and had to hire a lawyer to draw up a Band Contract. That being such a crucial point to reach in the life of a band, I found it hard to believe it was the same time half the act decided to bail.

In the end, it was a choice between love and money, I suppose. Elizabeth said their bass player, when faced with the prospect of signing contracts, suddenly mentioned he was getting married in December, had to settle down, “get a real job,” and take a shot at the white picket fence version of the American Dream. Their guitar player, childhood friend of the bassist, thought about it and decided that he, too, wanted to abandon the rock star lifestyle before any contract was signed.

I asked Elizabeth if there were any hard feelings on the part of the remaining members and she said there weren’t but lamented that something as simple as a two week notice from the departing members would have meant so much.

So there you have it. If you think you have what it takes, contact Devola, a rock band from New York City on their way up. They need you or someone like you to walk in and pick up the reins on the two vacant guitar spots. I can hardly imagine a more challenging but, at the same time, potentially rewarding opportunity. Sure it will mean learning the music very quickly, but the groundwork has already been done and the success that seems just around the corner for the band will be yours by default. That should be enough incentive for most people. As it is, Elizabeth said they have had no shortage of interested musicians contacting them, but she said she wants to take as much time as she can (little as there is) in order to try to find just the right people who will best fit into the band.

If this sounds like something you want to do and you want to talk to the band about the position(s) and/or set up an audition, you can contact them through their Myspace page. If you want to get a copy of their CD first, you can go through their site or buy it through CD Baby. Good luck to you and to Devola. I hope this story helps bring the two of you together.

(Photos supplied by Devola)

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