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Waiter, There’s a Bug in my Soup!

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Reuters reported on Monday, June 10, that one Edward Snowden high-tailed it to Hong Kong, after having leaked revelations that a secret espionage machine was spying on Americans. He revealed information about a program called PRISM. “I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under,” former CIA agent Snowden said.

Let us consider  the case of Leonard. He’s a hardworking, submissive sort. He loves his mother, and sends his kids to school clean and bright each and every morning.

“I can’t help it, Doc. I feel like I’m being, I don’t know… watched.”bb bord

“Well, that’s just ridiculous. Maybe it’s something you ate. Or maybe some remnant from your childhood.”

Meanwhile at Watchpost Central, Agent B continued to monitor his viewscreen, muttering to Agent C, “Hey C, this guy thinks we’re watching him!”

C says, “Oh yeah, that guy. I had him this morning. He wrote to his mother. But he didn’t mention anything about being watched. Hmmm. That might put his suspicion in the ‘secret suspicion’ category. We’ll have to work up a report.”

B moaned, “I already got so many reports to write up; I’m gonna need a report-report! Maybe we should let him sweat over it for a few more days. He’s practically broke anyway. Took 50 bucks out of an ATM, and grimaced.”

“Grimaced? Yeah, the poor schmuck. Let’s let the report ride for a while.”

Meanwhile, Leonard shifted uncomfortably on the coffee-colored couch.

“So how long have you felt you were being watched, Leonard?” 

“Hell, Doc… I always feel that way. I wrote a paper in school, you know, about ‘Democracy Today.’  Two weeks later a cop smiled at me and called me a commie. Never saw that cop before. I don’t know what to think.”

Back at Watchpost Central, Agent B bristled. “Get out the report book. Our schmuck just used the word “commie.’”

“So, uh, C… Exactly what did he say to his mother? This morning, I mean…?”

In the nearby central office, Supervisor M noted that Agent C was a slacker.

And back in the social jungle, Leonard’s shrink began to consider the report he would be turning in.

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  • We are having our debates here in NZ, about leaked reports and things relating to our GCSB…

  • John Lake

    Here’s a relevant quote from a major news source:


    “The Washington Post reports that the agency is collecting information about surveillance targets believed (with 51 percent certainty) to be outside the United States and about people one and two degrees removed from these targets. So the N.S.A. might focus initially on, say, a British
    journalist working at Der Spiegel, collecting all of her e-mail communications as well as all uploaded videos, photos, Web surfing data, social media posts — and then collect the same information about all of the contacts in the journalist’s address book and then about all of the contacts in their address books….”

  • bliffle

    Worst of all, the governments idea to spy on everyone is doomed to failure: it’s easy to evade even he best and most modern detection systems even when made by the most rich country. Furthermore, simple tools for such evasion are readily available.

    The real intention of PRISM is to frighten people into voluntary compliance.