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Volvo Group is a Swedish manufacturing company that produces buses, trucks, heavy construction equipment and aerospace products. Volvo Group shares the name with Volvo Cars – its former division – that is more familiar to the general public via its popular brand of cars and SUVs and its famously safety-oriented advertising.

Volvo has been producing cars since 1927 and the brand has been well known for dependability and attention to car safety. Volvo designers’ unparalleled attention to safety has been responsible for introducing such staples of today's car safety as the 3-point seatbelt, laminated glass windshield (that prevent glass shards upon breakage), padded dashboards, side airbags, safety child seats and the list goes on.

Volvo's popular car models in the recent years include S40 mid size sedan, S60 full size sedan, XC90 SUV and others. In 2009 Volvo announced that it will start production of the first diesel-electric plug-in hybrid vehicle in 2012.

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