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Virtual Dating Dance

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How do you encourage a cyber Romeo or Juliet to send that all important first eMail that starts the virtual online dating dance? Sure, photos are important. Let’s face it most people are hesitant to meet without a picture. (Yeah, I know the thing about men and visuals so please, don’t even bother to go there.)

Once it’s been determined that you’re not a first cousin of the Munster family, it’s on to reading The Profile. The Profile is the first glimpse into your soul, a peek at your sense of humor and a preview of what makes you tick. It takes talent and creativity to write an ad that is warm and fuzzy, projects a fun and interesting personality without sounding desperate or like a dork.

Question: What do you do if you’re a hot dude who is better at creating code than elegant prose? Or a cute chick who is having a blond moment and clever words are blocked? Answer: Hire a personal-ad coach!

The price of love is high. Be prepared, refinements to your online dating ad don’t come cheap. An ad can run the cost of a few drinks, about $30 for help from Match.com , to the price of a gourmet dinner chu ching! $150 for a telephone chat and full-fledged edit from PersonalsTrainer. The WSJ (subscription needed) has the story.

Me? I’m off to make an apple martini and watch Sex and The City!

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    next we’ll be subcontracting out intimate relations themselves – thanks and welcome Toby!