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Vinyl Archeology #6

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My cousin from Carolina dropped in for a visit a couple of days ago. His truck’s transmission went all kerphloogy out near Worcester, MA (for non-New Englanders, that’s pronounced “wuss-ter”), so he’s staying with us until it’s fixed (good thing he wasn’t delivering a load of meat or produce or something).

Anyway, we’re right in the middle of having all sorts of fun getting our house ready for sale. Good timing…we can sure use the help. Since Ray couldn’t lug all of his clothes with him on the bus (from the truck repair shop to our house) he decided to get himself some cheapo work clothes at the Salvation Army.

While he was there, Ray just couldn’t resist checking out the stacks of used vinyl. One of the records he brought to the house was Pablo Cruise’s Worlds Away. Now’s there’s a group I hadn’t thought about in a while. The hit “Love Will Find A Way” was on the charts during my senior year in high school. I’d bet my entire record collection that I hated it back then…which is kind of silly since these guys share a lot of musical common area with groups like Steely Dan and maybe even Hall & Oates. No matter. It’s kinda fun to listen to now.

Ray’s truck has been fixed but he’s staying on a few more days to paint part of our house. I think he’s heading back to the Salvation Army for some cheapo work boots. Maybe some more interesting records will find their way home too.

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  • Eric Olsen

    It’s good, classy, unpretentious pop-rock with some underlying soul. That’s flipping Peter Allen’s “I Go to Rio,” by the way. Ask Van Helsing about it. i actually like A Place In the Sun, with the title track and “Whatcha Gonna Do?” better.

  • the band photo on the back cracks me up.

    it’s SO 70’s…tight, flaired pants, the hair, etc.

  • Eric Olsen

    right next to Robert Palmer in my vinyl collection.

  • kerphloogy out near Worcester, MA (for non-New Englanders, that’s pronounced “wuss-ter”),

    Yeah, but how do non-New Englanders pronounce “kerphloogy”?

  • good point. 😉

  • Not to nitpick, but I thought it was “Whistah.” But Massachusetts also insists that “Peabody” is pronounced “Peebiddy,” so what the hell do I know?

  • could be “whistah”…depends where in mass yer from.

  • Currently the Noath Shoah, Home of, among others, “Pee-biddy,” (Peabody) “Glawstuh,” (Gloucester), “Swampskit,” (Swampscott) “Danvizz,” (Danvers) “Bevily,” (Beverly), “Woo-bin” (Woburn), and my favorite, “Ruhveeeaaaaah!” (Revere). What the hell is it with New England? Some people even insist on calling Northern Massachusetts “New Hampshire” and New York’s northern suburbs and landfills “Connecticut.” Crazy!

  • heh…that reminds me of a bit they used to play on wbcn way the heck back in the mid-80’s: it was about how to ‘boston’.

    they had this guy trying to read off a list:

    “wor-cess-ter”, “dor-chester-ter”, “gla-ches-ter”….

    oh, and you forgot Lowell (“lowl”) and Chelmsford (“chemsfid”)

  • The Pablo Cruise LP , on the rack it is right after Nitzinger and just before Poco … well, right now it’s on the turntable . That is a good LP …

    Worcester, MA (for non-New Englanders, that’s pronounced “wuss-ter”

    My uncle born and raised on the Mississippi Delta says “hand me that Wooster Sauce ” …