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Vinxi Clothing Offers Style and Controversy

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I'm a little bit of a troublemaker. Not in a shop-lifting, coke-snorting, fist-fighting way, just in an "I like to voice my opinion on controversial topics to see whose convictions are stronger" way. I am firmly pro-choice, with a sense of humor darker than Heathers, so this design was calling my name.

This shirt hails from Vinxi Clothing, a growing Orange County (California) company started by a trio of guys. All of their shirts present pop culture, historical, and political imagery that hides – or flaunts – a subversive message. The stork design was recently banned from a Midwestern music/fashion chain due to customer complaints. I love controversy.

The shirt is delightfully soft 100% cotton. It's a girl's tee, but not as unforgivingly snug as a cotton blend. It's comfy, it's casual, it's funky. Wear with jeans to run errands; add a pair of rock-star stilettos and you are ready for a concert.

Living in Los Angeles, the bleeding heart liberal capital of the country, everyone I know is pro-choice. I know many people who have exercised that choice. So I wore it the one place that I thought might scare up a little annoyance: family dinner. As I was putting the shirt on, I realized that I didn't even know my parents' position on the subject.

My mom couldn't make out the design at first. I explained it to her – it was a stork, shot through the heart with an arrow, dropping the baby he was supposed to be delivering. My mother was vaguely horrified at this portrayal. I am pretty sure she is pro-choice, just not when it is presented in such a dark and, some might say, callous way. She rolled her eyes, she clucked her tongue, she said "Oh, Alyse," in that way she says it when she is exasperated with me but knows an argument is futile.

I really don't expect any further controversy with this shirt, but you can be sure that if I ever go to the Midwest, I will be packing this tee.

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